Monday, September 1, 2008

A New Rug for the Living Room!

My sister and I went to Ollie's last evening (I am not big on shopping on Sundays....but I hadn't had the opportunity to go before then and I really wanted to try and get there before we start school tomorrow). It's about a 45 min. drive from my home.
If you have never been to an Ollie' has things at super low prices. It's a bargain outlet! (My favorite type of place!!!) The braided rug I had in my living room previously was cotton and not anytime something spilled or got on stained despite all the scrubbing I did to it. So, I found the rug in the pic above for $70. Normally....It would have been $100 or more. Our living room is a room I have not redone yet. I have been slowly pulling all the old, icky wallpaper off the you can see to the right of the pic!
I love that I decorate in the country/prim decor...because it makes having an older house perfect for the "look" I want. So...even though my living room isn't done still works in our house for now. :)

I am so excited that we are starting to homeschool tomorrow! :) Today is a day of getting some things cleaned and organized we are all ready to start tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!! I hope you are all having a lovely labor day weekend! xoxo


  1. Love the rug!!!
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you begin your homeschooling journey! How exciting for you and the kids!!

    I know about a home being a work in progress...ours is as well. I will be so glad when it's all done!

  2. Oh yes, school tomorrow!!! I know you will do great !

    LOVE the new rug, its perfect. Its also very Fall !!!
    Have a great day,

    ps- thanks for the nice anniversary wishes :)

  3. Morning,

    Good luck on the first day of school tomorrow, You must be so excited!

    The rug looks very nice, great find!

    Enjoy your Holiday,

  4. The rug looks great in there. Have a wonderful first day of school!

  5. The rug looks very nice in your living room Katy!! I love Ollie`s!! Can`t waite to hear how your first day of school goes!!Blessings!!

  6. The rug is beautiful! You are going to have such fun tomorrow. You will just love homeschooling and so will your little ones! Good luck and have fun, blessings, Kathleen

  7. I love the rug and it looks like you know how to arrange furniture and all th elittledecorations to their best advantage. I am so eclectic. I don't do any decor 100%. Everything goes here. *sigh* It's so sad............

  8. Yep we start tomorrow too.
    Your new rug looks great.
    Have a great first day of school, I will be thinking about you. Blessings, Karen

  9. love the rug. I love the black accents. Congrats on home school also, you will do a wonderful job. i will have to try and google Ollies and see if there would happen to bew one in my area. I need new kitchen rugs and we have to be very practical as to what kind we have because we are a working get down and dirty farm family who tracks in any and everything. I am constantly washing the ones I have and they are getting pretty shabby looking. I have thought of getting a lot of old deniem jeans at garage sales and cutting them into strpis and the braiding them and then sewing the stips together. sounds like a lot of work. it made my fingers sore just typing all the steps. i bought a used one like this at resale shop and it is made into a round rug and I totally love it and it just keeps getting prettier with each wash.
    Good luck tomorrow with the role of teacher, I'll say a blessing prayer for ya tonight.
    God Bless,

  10. Hi Katy! You got a great deal on your new rug and I love the colors! Have a wonderful first day of school tomorrow. We are all ready to go too. :0)

  11. I love the rug!! What a great deal!!

  12. Before I read where you got that rug I knew I had seen it before! LOL I have looked through the rugs at Ollie's many times...never found what I was looking for but I have looked. That's where our laminate came from for our living room and kitchen and bedroom!

    Your rug looks great :)

  13. Great find on the rug!

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Best wishes on your first day of school!

  14. Love your new rug! Best wishes for a great first day of school!


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