Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking Gas Out Of The Equation....

I know you may not understand yet...but the title of this post DOES have something to do with these pictures! :o) Our gas bill jumped $100 in a month. That is ridiculous. We need to heat our home this winter and with the bill we have....we will be freezing alot. (We already keep our heat at 65* or lower in the winter.) So.....since Chris and I are officially out of debt now...WOOT...(We just paid off our car loan!!! We are indebted to no one!)....we decided to look into getting an outdoor wood burner.

While we are figuring out the logistics of getting one, prices, etc....we needed a place to PUT an outdoor wood burner. So we sat and thunk a bit. ;o) Finally...Chris decides that the best place is right where a part of our garage is located. The room in the pics above has a faulty ceiling and floor. We were just unsure what we wanted to do with we just left it there and stayed out of it. that the decision was was time to start working!

The above pics are Chris pulling boards off the roof. His brother helped the other night and my mom came out to help tonight. (We have some really great family members!) Even Madelyn and Jaxson pitched in!!!! (Xavier got to go with my best friend Heather to watch a soccer game that her hubby coaches!)I asked Jaxson to smile...and this is what I got...teehee.... ;o)

Such hard workers!!!
Look at the progress!!! Woohoo! See how old the room was? It would have been such a cute room too....great for storage...except the minor detail of a horrible floor with a coal shoot underneath it. You could fall through at any time....

Jaxson and his "bus". It's actually a VW bug car....but my sister has a VW camper...and Jaxson calls it her this is his "bus" too. Look at his tongue sticking out....hehe...he was making car noises!!!

When you're having trouble driving and all else fails...pick it up and pull it!!!

And cuz you know how much I love our "girls"....I took a pic of them free ranging this evening! One of our dogs, Cash, (Chris's dog who drives me NUTS) kept chasing the chickens. He just plays...never hurts them...but gosh! One chicken stood her ground after he chased the other girls to another part of the yard. She just looked at him and I could imagine her saying "Go ahead Cash...make my day..." ROFL!!! And he left her alone!!!! was funny!

So now do you see the reason for the title of my post? Hopefully soon we will replacing our heating with an outdoor wood that should drop our gas bill significantly!!!! I am absolutely THRILLED! :) I hope you all have a GREAT Friday! Yippee!!! It's my favorite day of the week!!!! xoxo


  1. Katy, I have to tell you that I absolutely love coming to your blog and reading and looking at your pictures!
    I think the wood burner is such a wonderful idea!! My brother in law has one and he loves it!!
    You have a wonderful family around you and you are so blessed.
    I'm so happy for you!

  2. I loved the picture of the inside of your garage. I know most people see them as old, musty places. I see the charm and it when I think about the history!

    The wood burner is a great idea. I can't wait to hear how it works out. We are thinking of ways to cut our energy bills.

  3. Great idea to help on the gas bill! And congrats on getting out of debt. Way to go!!

  4. I love how resourceful you and your hubby are! Doing your best to live off your's fun to watch and learn:).

    Enjoy your Friday!

  5. O0000000000000KKKK!! Now it all makes sense to me. I do the same thing and scan everyone's blog looking for other familiar faces! Glad you found me! I didn't realize you were still in the area. Sorry I didn't remember seeing you at the blood drive. That day was such a blur. Anyway...again, thanks for checking in. Please tell Seth I send my good wishes! I love your blog site. And I LOVE that you have chickens! I would love to, but at the moment can't sustain 6 tomato plants and 10 green bean plants. Better hold off any animals. Take care!

  6. What a great idea!
    I hope it all works out.
    I love the pics of Jaxson in his "bus". LOL
    You kiddos are always so cute.

  7. I would love to be debt free! Thats got to feel amazing!!

  8. The chickens don't bother getting chased by the dog?

    I remember my husband telling me that he and his little brother used to chase young chickens back in the caribbean.. and after a while, the chickens would just get so tired they'd drop dead on the spot.... :S

    Since then, he's become much more.. ehmm.. sensitive, luckily.. *lol* ;)

    Greetings from holland!

  9. What a great idea to keep the bills down, and well done on getting out of debt, any hints??? (Apart from our mortgage we don't really have that much, tbh)


  10. are so fortunate not to be indebted to anyone. I love coming here to visit as and Chris are a young couple with a purpose! You know what you want to do with your life, you have a fantastic life now....because you have purpose.
    Great idea for the wood burner! I don't know much about those, but have seen alot around here too.
    We turn our heat down and use our pellet stove...still cheaper than oil.
    Take care

  11. Looks like some hard work but it will be worth it.

    Congrats on paying off your car :)

    Have a great day!

  12. I hope everything works out for you repairign the room and getting the wood burner.
    Nad congrats for getting out fo debt. We were for so many years (other than our mortgage), and then our daughter went through a very nasty divorce and we borrowed money for her lawyer and just had to do it again for some other things, all concerning her dead-beat ex. Seems like sometimes it never ends!

  13. Oh Katy good for yall! OUt of debt! Hallelujah!!!
    I'm anxious to see your wood burner. I think I know what your talking about. Does it use pellets or do you put firewood in it?
    Love your pics... and want to see more when you have time!
    Blessings sweet Katy,
    Love Lea

  14. I just found your blog and love it! Love the pictures and love the posts!!! What a great idea, the wood burner! And I know you are feeling absolutely terrific about being out of debt!! We recently paid off some horrendously high hospital and doctor bills and are so thrilled to be debt free again!


  15. it was hard to see that chicken pic......

    are you cutting up the wood from the room to put in your wood burner?! you guys better start chopping! :)

    cory would've helped if he wouldn't have gone to boston this weekend!

  16. What wonderful news about being debt free!! It must feel wonderful not to have the burdon of debt.
    I don`t really know anything about the wood burners, but it seems like a great idea to save on gas. It`s going to be hard for us this winter as well.Love all the pictures Tpp!! That`s funny about the dog and the chickens:) Blessings!!

  17. Great idea! We have a wood burning stove in our fireplace in our house and it does wonders in the winter! We keep the heat on low but get a majority of our heat from the stove. It makes a different kind of heat, too. So wonderful! AND, i love those chickens!

  18. Katy, I hope your outdoor woodburner will keep you all toasty this coming winter. Our son has one and heats his whole house with it and it works wonderfully.

    I liked the pictures of your children "helping out". Very cute!

  19. I hope that your new woodburner saves you lots and keeps you toasty warm this winter!! Good for you--the feeling of debt-free is fab!! julie

  20. Great idea about the woodburning stove and being debt free is wonderful.
    We have a woodburning stove in the basement and hubby always wants to bring it up for the livingroom but I keep holding him off.
    I do so enjoy your "girls".

  21. Katy, You're family and blog are adorable!!! YOu have such a beautiful family, and I think it is great that you area enjoying homeschooling. I give you guys credit for doing it. I don't think I could. It's nice to hear from you!!! You guys are so blessed! SO happy for you.

  22. i love Jaxson's "bus" :D teehee!

    and how awesome about the wood burner... i hear you on the cost of heating your house, and i'm excited to hear how the wood burner goes this year.


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