Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Sleepy Bean

Last night.....Jaxson was so so sleepy...before I got a chance to put him in bed...he crawled on my bed. He does that all the time. When I went to get him to take him to bed...he had crawled under my quilt and fell fast asleep! It was so sweet...I couldn't resist taking a pic...In the bottom pic, i pulled the cover away so you could see better...but in the above pic is exactly how I found him...hehe!
And yes...he is sleeping with his "buggy" (His matchbox VW car just like Aunt Nenny's!) It almost looks like he is kissing it...hehe! He has a few of those and also a couple matchbox VW bus' and he just loves them! I think it is cute!

There is nothing more sweet than a sleeping baby...or even in my case, a sleeping toddler...who I still call my baby...;o) So peaceful and I love to just hear him breathe. It's so precious! Chris carried him to his room..and he didn't even wake up...that's how totally exhausted he was from running around and playing at the meat market while everyone made cider!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful anniversary wishes! I really appreciate them! :o) I am hosting a Premier Jewelry Party at my house tomorrow evening. It's all for fun and fellowship! I look forward to it! Although, if the lady who is doing the party knew..she may not like it...but I tell everyone who is coming that they don't have to buy a thing. I never want anyone to feel pressured. To is all about the visiting together....laughing and eating and sharing. And if during that..someone wants to buy something...then great! If not...that's just fine too! I just love being a hostess and look forward to having some friends and family over to talk with! I am going to make some food too! (What's a party without FOOD??) Not sure what all yet...but it will be yummy! :) Wish you all could come! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo


  1. That's very cute! I have heard of security blankets but never a VW Matchbox! LOL

    Good luck with your party...I am one of the "party poopers" who doesn't go to any sales parties...I hate the pressure to buy because I NEVER do!

    Have a great night :)

  2. Katy,
    Your children are so sweet!!
    I've tagged you for a meme!!! Please come over to my blog to play along.

  3. Adorable little "bean" you have :)

  4. Awwww how cute is he!!! They are so angelic when they are sleeping!! Hope you had a great day my friend!!~Wendy

  5. Now THAT'S a sweet little sight, Katy. I love those soft, sleeping faces.

    Happy Belated Anniversary ... and enjoy your gathering tonight!

  6. very cute picture Katy!! Hope your party goes well!! Blessings!!

  7. What a sweetheart.
    You are blessed.

  8. OHHHHH, he's so sweet. You're right, there's nothing more precious than a sleeping child--other than the fact that they are healthy and happy enough to get so tired--love it!! have fun at your party. julie

  9. What a sweet baby boy! I love the care...Too cute!

    Happy b-lated anniversary!! Hope you had a wonderful evening with your hubby.

    Enjoy your party!!

    God bless,

  10. He looks so peaceful!!!! Very cute! I will try to make it out tm. night but Im not sure my sister is having a party also, and I have ALOT of studying to do:)
    Your blog looks great too BTW!:)

  11. What cute pics of your baby I still call my youngest baby too and hes 11. Happy belated anniversary. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. lol. Hope you had fun at your party. Have a great day. Blessings, Karen

  12. Aww, how sweet. Happy belated anniv Katy! niki

  13. Sweet picture! He looks so cozy and sweet. I still call my toddler my baby, because... well she will always be my baby!

  14. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe!!

  15. I love sleeping babies! What a sweet little thing he is. I'm sure when I have my own babies I am just going to stare at them every time they go down for a nap!

  16. Oh, my goodness!
    How precious is that? ;-)


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