Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some More Decor ~( & it's my anniversary!)

OK...my daughter isn't decor, obviously...LOL...but I am just so proud of her. When she cleans the schoolroom...she does a tremendous job! She loves to vacuum and just does a GREAT job with cleaning that room...and I am so thankful for that! The boys are....well, boys...and getting them to actually clean up is so difficult sometimes....but I call Madelyn my "super cleaner"...she just does so well!

Ahhh...here we go...some decor. This is a fall leaves banner that Madelyn made today during a craft time during schooling! I love it! (I know...it's kinda off to one side...but she was going to keep adding leaves after I had it hung...but then she stopped...LOL)

Oh...and this pillow. I went to a country store yesterday...not to buy anything, mind you...just to LOOK! But then I saw this..and have been looking for a pillow for "my" chair....and this was a good price and oh so perfect!

Helga, Sven and Dot....these are "ugly bunnies" I won in a giveaway quite a while ago. Hehe...aren't they cute...in an ugly sort of way??? teehee ;)

Another thing I got at the country store (really...I wasn't going to buy a thing!) but Jaxson just LOVES rocking horses....LOVES them...seriously. Well...we had a rocking tractor..that um, well...got all rocked out! LOL So when I went to this store yesterday...she had this one there...and it was only $22!!! Can you believe it? I thought that was such a steal! It looks handmade and is solid wood...so cute...and perfect for Jaxson!! This is something to pass on through the years as well!!!

In this pic below...he said "I'm not smiling".....LOL. I said "ok!" and click...took the pic anyway! ahahaha!
And...last but not least....today is Chris and my 8th wedding anniversary! We didn't do gifts for each other...but I did write him a letter (telling him my love and appreciation for him and quoting verses from Song of Songs) and got him some Lemonheads...he loves lemon stuff! And we went out to dinner after he was done at work.

Right now....he is down making cider. I was down there...but we are having a small *tiff* about Cash..the dog. (remember in one of my previous posts how I said Cash and I have a Love/Hate relationship...yeah...it leans more toward hate. OK..not hate...but strong dislike...he has a "howling" problem. It drives me BATTY! ~it is also bothering at least one of our neighbors...I am so embarrassed!) I should go back down....but I just needed some time to think and be by myself and pray. I want to handle this all the right way, pleasing to God and to treat my husband with respect...all while trying to make sure something gets handled with this dog.
So...off I go to pray and think. I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo


  1. Madelyn's banner is cute!I almost always find things when I am just going to "look" and then when I go to buy I don't find anything!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Madelyn did a wonderful job!!! AND I love that rocking horse! That would be perfect for my little guys! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!!! Minus Cash... :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Katy!
    Sorry but I can't stop giggling about the dog thing. :) OwwwwOooOOOooOOOooOOoooOOooOOo- that's me howling. heehee Laughin yet? No? OWOooOOoOoooOOOOOOOOOoooOooOOooOOo!
    heehehaooaoaao See you just thought CASH could be annoying... I'm good at it too! LOL Just kiddin. I know how annoying dogs can be. Our little "Zaccheus Francoise" the wee little frenchman... barks his fool head off when we start the tractor or four wheeler. Then he attacks Attie our girl dog... just because he gets so stupid-crazed when the tractor starts. ? I keep threatening him that I'm fixin to buy a SHOCK COLLAR! He just looks at me like... "You wouldn't dare." And no, I probably wouldn't
    Moral of the story? TURN UP THE MUSIC.... and crank the praise?
    Yeah, that and more chocolate.
    works sorta
    Love Lea

  4. Obviously I emailed you before I read your post. Yay, 8 years! And what is it about anniversaries and separate rooms? As I type this out, my husband is in the bedroom watching mindless TV. I'm a little on the cranky side tonight... but at least my dog doesn't howl! LOL He just jumps! Anyway, happy anniversary! To you and to me! :)

  5. This post was hilarious, your daughter is gorgeous, and CONGRATULATIONS on 8 years!!

  6. Oh, I just loved the pictures!!! And I know how a dog can drive you crazy at times. We had a new roof put on our home this week, and one of our labs was absolutely certain it was her job to bark with every single noise those men made on the roof....ten non-stop hours of barking!!! I adore my dogs, but that day was a test of my patience!


  7. That first picture of Madelyn is priceless, I love the look on her face and the sun on her hair.
    My grandpa used to make rocking horses just like that. The one I have is painted. (Black horse, red rocker, white mane)

    (Sorry I'm late)

  8. The banner your dd made for you is sweet! Loved your little guy on the horse, too.

    Happy Anniversary

  9. I loved the artwork my kids made to decorate the house for the seasons. They are treasures!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved! MANY MANY MORE!!

  10. I love coming here and seeing your pics and reading your posts. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. I love the first picture of Madelyn! Precious! Her banner is so cute!
    Praying for you about the situation with Cash. I know it's hard when a dog frustrates you to the point you feel torn. Your in my prayers!

  11. Madelyn made a wonderful banner and it's so great that she's a big helper :) I wonder if that is just a girl thing because Aften cleans well, too and loves to help, while Shane could care less and needs help doing everything, or so he thinks!

    I love your pillow and the rocking horse, too! That was a GREAT deal! The rocking horse reminds me of mine when I was a kid...I know my Mom gave it to my uncle for his oldest and I'm guessing they used it for at least the middle child but where is it now? I wish we had it, although, where would I put it?

    I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary. I hope you find a way to deal with Cash. I know barking dogs are annoying but I think what people don't always realize is even the owners get tired of it! LOL But there is only so much you can do sometimes.....



  12. found you thru country girl - i love your country/primative decor! so "homey"!

    i'll have to snoop around your blog some more!! =)

  13. I love, LOVE, that picture of your daughter! She is just so pretty! I, too, was a proud vacumer (is that a word?) when I was a kid. My grandmother used to get me up on Saturdays to help her and I loved it! Still really like a nice vacumed carpet. Odd, I know.

    And I love those ugly bunnies. So ugly they are cute!

    And please don't kill the dog (or your husband for that matter!). You do the right thing by being in prayer over it. Dogs and men where put here to challenge us so that we can become who Christ wants and needs us to be. Sometimes men can be more challenging than dogs though.

    And, lastly, I really want some of that cider! You are inspiring me to make some myself. Now if I can just find some fresh organic apples to use...

  14. Tell Madelyn I love her creation!
    And how wonderful to have a super cleaner in the house!

    Happy Anniversary to you two!

    Oh, and I love the pillow too!


  15. Well, Happy Anniversary! Love the pics and enjoyed hearing about your finds. Great rocky horse!
    May the Lord keep you and your hubby close amd happy for all time.

  16. Happy Anniversary! The fall banner is so cute and your little girl is such a good help! We still have our youngest son's spring rocking horse out in the storage shed. One day, maybe his little boy will play on it. Just loved your pictures. blessings, Kathleen

  17. Happy Anniversary, mine was the 19th, 16 years strong! LOL Love the banner too, so sweet!

  18. very cute banner!I love the rocking horse too! It`s too cute!! My kids are getting too big for that sort of stuff:( I also love that pillow!! Very cute! Have a blessed evening!!And Happy Anniversary too!!!

  19. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...
    Happy Anniversary!


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