Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yummy Peach Pie!!!

One of the few true enjoyments I get out of life is being able to use foods that I have previously canned. It makes all the work canning them, worth it! Yesterday, I decided to make a peach pie. It was my first peach pie. I have made apple pie before...but never peach.

My little helper!

(Notice...I light candles while I cook...not only when I eat....LOL)
And below...the finished pie.

I should have rolled the pie crusts out more, I think. But gosh...they were super thin as it was....but it still turned out alright....also..I have NO idea why my little holes I made on top aren't centered. I did them...but guess I started too far over. Oh well! It still tasted great!

I got rave reviews from all members of the family. Chris loves his piece so much..he almost finished off the rest of the pie!!! LOL Madelyn ate all of hers. X liked the crust. He didn't want to eat the peaches (which was the best part!!!). Jaxson had a sleepover at my mom's last night so he hasn't gotten to try it yet! I know he is having a great time at grammie's though! :o)

Thank you all for your wonderful comments you all leave. I really appreciate them all. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo

OH...and the recipe I used for this pie is just out of a Betty Crocker cookbook! :o)


  1. Looks so good to eat...I remember my mom making peach pie and we all loved it:)

  2. I get that warm fuzzy feeling when I am using my home canned goods. I am glad to know I am not the only one who gets enjoyment from it!

    Your pie looks great. I haven't had much luck with pie crust. I usually use a Pilsbury crust... shh... don't tell anyone!

  3. mmm...peach pie sounds so yummy:) I`ll have to make one sometime. My husband isn`t a big fan of peaches,but I`m sure the kids and I would gladly take over his share!Lol! I`m sure the house smelled wonderful as it baked too!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!! Blessings!!

  4. YUMMY! That was one of my favorite things growing up. Nothing beats homemade. And even better when they come from your own garden. Canning and freezing is a great way to enjoy that.

  5. Looks yummy Katy! I have never had peach pie!!
    Your little helper looks like she's working very hard....good for her!!

    Take care

  6. Looks good to me, Katy! Enjoy and have a great weekend...

  7. Yummy!!! and its awesome that Madelyn likes to be your helper!:) Hope your having a great weekend!~Wendy

  8. Yay! Good for you! I have never made a fruit or berry pie and certainly never made my own crust. I do, however, plan on learning to make these goodies and I hope one day to have canned peaches too! Hooray for self sufficiency! Did I spell that right? Hmm.... ;)

  9. I think the pie looks great - the more rustic, the better!

  10. Hey, you can and you make pie crust. You are no beginner...It looks great. Peach is one of our favorites. Keep up the good work!

  11. If you need a good pie crust recipe...check out the Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe...I've been making it for about a year and it comes out perfect every time....
    here is the link
    I shortened it....
    Peach is so yummy....glad your pie came out great...I've struggled with pie making for years until I found the above recipe..try it, you'll like it..

  12. I wish we lived closer, I would come by for pie and coffee!!
    Your daughter is so cute helping out!!
    Have a great week :)

  13. You're a lucky woman, Kelsey hates to cook. I used to cook and bake with my mom all the time, but Kelsey has no interest at all. We always pick on her saying that all she'll be able to make her husband is Kraft macaroni and cheese and instant oatmeal, (her specialties). LOL
    Your pie looks delicious. :)

  14. Me again....I forgot to tell you that you have an award. Drop by my place to pick it up. :)

  15. mmm, looks yummy! You did a great job!

    love, Tina :)

  16. Looks yummy! Enjoy your MaryJane books, I have both and are treasures! Enjoyed catching up here, and congrats on the wood stove loan, I miss heating with wood!

  17. Hey Katy,
    The fall festival sounds great!! Is that right out at the meet market towards the bowling alley?? Ian and I are coming to town next weekend to celebrate Alivia's 3rd birthday with his side of the family! Maybe we'll stop over to that. She would love the face painting! If you can, drop me a line about what time it starts. Hope to see you there!

  18. Yey for pie! *lol* I just recently learned to make them.. we don't eat them in Holland really, for us it's either cakes or.. well.. cakes with fruit inside, but not like a pie.

    One of these would probably last a few hours here.. when my husband's around.... ;)

    greetings from holland!

  19. I have been looking for a yummy peach pie recipe...and I found it here! Can't wait to try it today!

  20. Canning is one of the things I really, really want to learn to do. We have so many fruit trees and bushes. I usually freeze everything. Your pie looks so delish!



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