Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Perfect Little Desk

Oh my goodness gracious....I feel as though since deciding to homeschool...we have just been showered with blessings! From blog friends, family and friends here at home....we have gotten helped in so many ways. People sending us their old homeschooling materials they were done with that were still in great condition, friends and family...helping and encouraging us....this was 100% the right decision. I truly thank our Creator, God, for pointing us this direction and assuring me that this was the best route for our family. I was soooo scared and nervous and unsure all summer....but we are truly blessed and I am thankful.

Not that every day is smooth sailing....oh no! Definitely not! My boys are such stinkers and Mad isn't always in the school "mood"...but despite all is going so well and it is such a wonderful experience. We don't turn the TV on at all during the day. The kids may watch some Tom and Jerry after lunch for a little bit...but that is it. I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have the TV off. Seriously....once the kids realized I was sticking to my guns about it....they stopped asking as much to watch it. I love seeing my kids using their imaginations instead of staring at the TV. Not that I let them watch TV all the time before or anything....but I found myself quick to say "Sure...go ahead and watch TV" when I was busy...just to make it easier on me. How horrible is that? Homeschooling is teaching me to be more selfless...and I am sooo greatful to God for this experience. My kids are learning...but so am I...just in different ways. I am learning better patience and how to be less selfish!

Anyway....back to the title of this (got a lil side tracked there). One of the blessings that has been showered upon us is from Chris' uncle. He is a bus driver and janitor at our local school. He got an old desk and chair, they had at the school and were throwing out, and gave it to us!!!! Isn't it the BEST?? It's old....well used....and just perfect. I don't even have the urge to sand and repaint it. I think it is rustic and adorable just the way it is.

So....I did some rearranging in the school room...and this is how it turned out! (the white table holding the lamp...another treasure I found in our garage. It's rusty though. I used a Brillo pad on it..but I plan on painting it with rustoleum soon!!! And in the corner....near Madelyn's desk is a bean bag and pillow...that is our reading area!).....

And....hehehe....Here's my desk.....I looks crazy...but seriously....everything has it's's maybe it needs a little help...teehee!

I forgot to take a pic of our shelves...but they are now located behind my desk!!! :o)

Tomorrow (Thursday) is another school day! And after that, I hope to have the energy to start getting rid of things in my house that others could use and love more than I do. I have done a ton of decluttering....but my bedroom is lacking in that I will see what I can get done after school and housework is done! :o) I hope you all have an absolutely lovely day!!! xoxo


  1. What a gorgeous schoolroom. No wonder your children like going to school there.


  2. I love your schoolroom, Katy, and I do love that desk! How's the schooling going? I had a post Weds. about our curriculum arriving...what a happy day!


  3. Katy, though I've been offline for a couple of weeks, you've been in my heart and prayers as you begin the wonderful journey of homeschooling those precious children.

    I just love your schoolroom. What a fun and happy place to learn!

    Don't despair. Children often need a little while to get into the rhythm and adjust to the changes, but they are will. I'm so happy for you and how the Lord is blessing you my friend!

    Our days are as busy as can be! Honestly, it seems I don't have a minute to spare these days. But I can't think of anything I'd change except maybe to have a longer day!


  4. That is such an adorable little desk! The whole room looks gerat to me!

  5. Katy, you are just too cute. Your blog always makes me smile! The desk is absolutely PERFECT!

    Jill :)

  6. What a nice gift from someone! And it looks great all rustic like it is! Your kids will get lots of use out of it I'm sure! I'm glad to hear that homeschooling is going so well for you.

  7. Oh Katy, you've made such a nice job of your schoolroom! What a lovely way to learn!

    love, Tina :)

  8. The desk is beautiful! I think it looks perfect!

    The school room is adoreable. Gosh I'd want to go there!

  9. I love your school room Katy!! Everything looks so nice!! That desk is just too cute!!! It always amazes me the way God truly does take care of us and provide for us when the desire in our hearts is to do His will:)
    As far as M giving you a hard time goes, I`m sure she will get used to going to school every day again:) When I went to orentation with my daughter this year, they actually said it takes as long as 6 weeks for children to addapt to the new school routine! So hang in there!! It will get easier:)
    I hope you have a very blessed day today Katy!!!

  10. What a sweet little desk, I wouldn't change it one bit, just imagaine all the kids who sat there and learned! Love the school room too!

  11. Katy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back anytime! :)
    Your classroom looks great. I'm proud of you for making the decision to homeschool your children. It's not an easy choice, but one that will reap many rewards for years to come. I homeschooled my 3 children back in the days when everyone thought it was "against the law" to keep your kids out of school. There were no support groups - it was rough going, but I knew it was right.
    God bless you!

  12. Love your schoolroom Katy and that desk is just perfect :)

    BTW, I noticed your changed your look, I LOVE it :)


  13. Looks like you're all set to go, Katy!

  14. Hi Katy,
    I left you a comment on my blog, but didn't know if you would check back so I just wanted to say hello. How in the world did you ever find me?? I can't even remember the last time I saw you! As you can see from our blog. Ian and I are doing well and loving our little ones. It seems as though life is smiling on you as well. Your children are adorable. I give you major props for the homeschooling...such patience and organization to do! How is your family? I haven't seen much of anyone, but I heard Seth was married with 3 girls. How sweet! Thanks so much for dropping me a line and I am sure I will check in on you in the future!

  15. Love your enthusiasm--I'm sure it rubs off on your kids. I think that desk is perfect. julie

  16. It IS a perfect little desk! Love the school room too. My little one isn't two yet, but I'm learning from your homeschooling experiences.

  17. Cute desk!! I find that we do school all over the house though we have a room for it. Perhaps if it were actually de-cluttered and organized??
    Yours is looking so good!!


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