Friday, September 5, 2008

Bye Bye Bozo!!!

Say hello to my beautiful "ugly walls"!!! Today after finishing schooling...I have been working at peeling wallpaper. Lots and lots of wallpaper...and I still have more to go...but I like to do it in sections. I peeled the wall beside the steps...yes, I know the walls are super ugly...but they are beautiful compared to what the wallpaper was...we will get to that in a second....My dining room walls looked like this when we first peeled the paper off of them...and now, after being redone...the walls look fantastic in my opinion!!! (if you want to see pics of my dining HERE and scroll down to the last couple of pics in the post! You can also see a pic of my dining room walls in the last pic of this very post!)
And here is a section I did in my laundry room.....

Why, when I don't really have the time to redo these walls right now, would I be peeling off wallpaper? The answer is simple really...I was so sick of looking at Bozo and his balloons....

It was like this when we moved in...(7 yrs ago)....but I do things as time allows. I hate the balloons...but I have learned to ignore them...although there are a few small spots of this same wallpaper in my kitchen! (I have been peeling those too!)
Here is a pic looking down my steps. I dunno why I took it...for fun, I suppose and I don't know why it is blurry. LOL I will be repainting here as well sometime...but one project at a time! ;)

Most of you know how much I love supper by last night...I lit a whole group of candles. Totally miscellaneous and with no exact point except that I love candlelight...and I was trying to pick ones without much scent. (It's hard to enjoy ham and potatoes while smelling other various scents...LOL!)

I hope you all have a truly lovely weekend! I am not totally sure what is going on for us...but I'm sure it will be enjoyable just being together no matter what! I do know that on Sunday...after church...Chris and the team he went to Romania with on the mission trip will be cooking us all an authentic Romania meal....I will probably eat bread....LOL. Chris said that is probably the only thing I will like out of it all!!! AHAHAHAHA!

***Blessings to you, my friends.....old friends, new friends and those I don't even know. Please let me know you stopped by! I love to meet new people!!! xoxo


  1. I think I would get sick of balloons too!
    When did Chris go to Romania? What a great time that must have been for him. My mom has gone to Honduras a couple of times and loved it there. Me my feet stay firmly planted. I dont fly. I figure if God intented for me to fly he would have put feathers on my back! lol
    Hope you have a great weekend too.
    Blessings, Karen

  2. Eww, I'm afraid of clowns so that balloon paper would have HAD to go immediately! But, yes, one project at a time. I LOVE a project, especially when it concerns painting walls... I wish I could come help you and meet the 'girls'! Thanks for posting so often. It helps break up my day!
    Happy Friday! :)

  3. Hi Katy, I admire what you're doing, I haven't began to remove the wallpaper from my kitchen but maybe soon. Deb

  4. The clowns and balloons are just freaky. lol. It would terrify me! I think it's wonderful your doing this one project at a time! Your doing a great job!
    I love all your candles! I'm a candle lover myself.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh yes, those walls look better than Bozo! LOL Getting rid of the wallpaper is the hard part. Then you can paint when you have time - like when the kids grow up - it really does get easier for that stuff when they move out ! I promise! ;-)

    Have great weekend!

  6. I really need to strip some wallpaper in both bathrooms and the kitchen, but not as desperately as you did! LOL! I know you will be thrilled to have it all done and painted. I just can't seem to find the motivation to even get started.

  7. This post made me chuckle, Katy. I too have ripped down wall paper here at the house -- even before we were ready to paint. Sometimes you just can't look at those walls anymore!

    Our dining room had terrible, heavy wallpaper when we moved in. The kids and I had a blast ripping it down one afternoon -- only to discover bright green paint underneath! It was still nicer than the paper though. And it got us motivated to paint.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I have to agree,I would have been very sick of that wallpaper by now as well. It kind of makes me wonder what the people were thinking when they chose a clown theme for their home.Lol! I love all your candles too!! Candles lit always make a home seem warm and cozy:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Goooo Katy!
    WOW, i know what a CHORE wallpaper removal is! Yuck! Royal pain in the rear... BUT! look at your BEEEAUTIFUL ACCOMPLISHMENT! IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HAVE NEVER EVER liked clowns. Never! Yuck... somethin about a man in makeup... and red hair... freaks me OUT!
    I'm happy for ya... and bye bye wallpaper!

  10. Want to come help me peel off my wallpaper?? I'm like you....a bit at a time...and it will all get done eventually....although...I'm not fond of the meals by nice!!!!
    Take care my friend...have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Katy. Sorry I've been such a bad blog friend. My week was very hard, after losing my puppy and all. I'm hoping next week will be better. HUGS to you. I love all the pictures!

  12. I can see why you are happy to get rid of that wallpaper, Katy! LOL It looks much better now! Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  13. Hi Katy, thanks for stopping by for a visit:) I think your blog got lost in my fav list when I tried to do something with blogger, I'll add it right now!
    In my bathroom I had one wall with wallpaper and then a border all round, took me days to steam it all off! My daughter is afraid of clowns and nuns:0 so she would have freaked at the wallpaper.
    I hope you have a great weekend and stop by again.

  14. Totally understand needing to get rid of others wallpaper mistakes LOL BTDT in our old house. I think it's a huge reason that I've done nothing other than paint the walls here and put up borders in the kids room and one small part of the kitchen. I don't think I could ever face an entire wall of wallpaper again after all that stripping and fixing and stuff we went through LOL It's a lot of work fixing up a house, but it'll look so nice when you're finished. Everything you've done so far really looks great!

  15. What is up with the balloons? Wow, its much better. You know, some people love the look of half torn down wallpaper. Seen it in Country Living or Country Home magazine. Maybe they were just too lazy to take the rest down!! Hahaha!!

  16. Oh my those ballons would have driven me over the edge! Fortuately this house didn't have too much wallpaper to take down but the last did and I remembe how exhausting it was. Especially if they don't use primer first. Mine was just glued onto the wallboard. Talk about nightmare. So I commend you for tackling this!


  17. I will never put up wallpaper in my house bc if you ever want to take it down, it's pure bad times! I had to take some down once in my old condo and I would promise that it was put up with super glue... horrible! I think that taking down wallpaper should be the punishment of criminals! That would teach for sure!

  18. I think the rough walls are so much better then the balloons. Okay, I can see this paper in a nursery (maybe), but not in the kitchen and up the stairs. Yuck! You have more patients then I do. I don't think I could have looked at it for 7 years.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  19. Oh Katy, I've been there, it's a pain! I do know that fabric softener mixed with water helps to take the old paper off real good. Or if your just going to paper again, most times you don't have to remove the old paper, I"ve done this many times with great success! You will enjoy the effort once done! lol


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