Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Likes

Oh....I LOVE my wooden saltbox house!!! Isn't it just too cute? I bought the one above...but I have realized after looking at it...that it wouldn't be that difficult to really make...ya know? I may attempt that sometime...probably after getting some tips from my crafter friend, Leslie...LOL!

Below is a pic of a stichery I have displayed....isn't it GREAT?? I love it! "Long live love!" I didn't make that either....that was actually on sale at a local country store I went to a while back! And my electric candle...I love it too! Although...I don't actually turn it on much. I am kinda partial to my real candles! ;)

I think it is super obvious why I love the word decor below...isn't it? ;) The communication with our Heavenly Father is the most important kind of communication of all....and I love how this puts it so simply....
I know....kinda weird for me to take a picture of hand soap and lotion. However...I kinda have this thing about nice soap. Soap from these bottles makes it so much more lovely to wash your hands. And...to top it off...I got these soaps on a previous trip to TJ Maxx and got them for an awesome price! (Simple things make me happy!)

At my house....we don't watch TV much at all. The TV stays off all day...unless we are watching "Little House On The Prairie"....but that is rare as well. Sometimes I let the kids watch "Tom and Jerry" as well...but that's about it. There is just so many negative shows and things I don't like...even on the Disney Channel!!! And...even if the TV show seems to have a good message...even the commercials can be trashy! Those are images I don't want my kids growing up around. I don't stand in judgement of anyone else's choices concerning TV....this is just what is best for my family! :o) Anyway....today I let the kids watch this DVD we have gotten recently "If I Only Had A Green Nose" by Max Lucado. We love the Wemmick stories and they teach such great lessons! This story is about self acceptance. I asked Madelyn what she learned from it and she said, "Just to be yourself." :o)

Isn't that such a fantastic message? God made you and loves you for who you are. I just love that He accepts me...flaws and all. I want my kids to grow up knowing they don't have to be like someone on TV or in the movies. They can be the people God created them to be and not be shaped by the world's views! :)

Anyhoooooo....gotta skeedattle...Chris will be home from work soon and we are still working at tearing off that room of the garage to make a place for the wood burner we plan on ordering soon!! I hope you all have a great evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! Sending HUGE hugs your way!!! xoxo


  1. I love your idea about TV, I often have that fantasy but it rarely works out like that. I also want to say I am so proud of you for raising a Godly girl who can think of that kind of thing after watching the DVD :)

    Be blessed, be happy

  2. I love, love, love that you blog so often! Makes me want to do more!! Um, TV is on a lot at my house, but it's mostly ME who watches it! My son is in school all day so I get the house and therefore the TV to myself! We are, however, big Veggie Tale fans... they are fun for the whole family! AND, I have a saltbox house too! I didn't know that's what it was called but I saw yours and got all excited! I'll have to go around my house and take some pics of a few of my favorite things to post soon. So, check in! Have a lovely evening! :)

  3. Katy! Thank you for your prayers.
    I got the job!

  4. Thanks for the mini tour of your home! Love all your little treasures!! And no you are not weid for taking a picture of the soap:)I love scented soap too!!
    I think it`s wonderful that you guys don`t watch t.v. that much. I wish our family didn`t watch it so much. Have a blessed evening:)

  5. That sounds like a wonderful show, Katy! I also enjoyed seeing some of your favorite things. The house is too cute!

  6. Love your "likes". I really like the letters "pray".
    I think we all need to go visit Leslie and get some inspiration!!

    My children did watch TV when they were younger...certain shows, but the only one that really watches TV now is my youngest...and she really doesn't pay attention to it for very long. As for me...it's usually on during the day when I'm here alone, but do I sit and watch it...no...LOL..I guess it's just the "sound" I like sometimes.
    Have a great evening.

  7. I love that you took pictures of some of your favorite things. You can come decorate my home anytime!

    Making Saltbox houses in on my to do list. I also think they look fairly easy. Once I give it a try I will let you know how it turns out.

    Have a great day!

  8. I love the simple things in life, too. Also, nothing is better than the silence of our home when the tv is off. We watch very little of it, and my girls really enjoy entertaining themselves. We have movie faves and family shows we watch and that's about it. Have a great day. julie

  9. Okay, I chuckled about the saltbox house. I want one, too but I keep thinking I'll ask Jer to do it. I could actually do it, provided that I had a new scroll saw. Mine burnt up last winter and I never replaced it.

    TV isn't an all day thing around here. The kids watch a lot of the popular show on the kids channels but they actually do learn stuff from it. It's funny that they DO see the message in there. Shane prefers to watch Animal Planet or Discovery, and he's always teaching me something new! I'm not really picky about what the kids watch. They seem to choose what's best for them on their own. There are things I don't really like them watching but sometimes I see things that I watched as a kid (Like Dirty Dancing that I watched 100's of times) and I realize now what they're saying/doing but back then (I was 8), I was just confused, you know? I turned out okay...at least I think! LOL I also played Cops and Robbers and watched wrestling with my Dad and grew up around hunters and I'm not killing people! LOL I won't talk about video games either because you would die! LOL...Anyway...

    Hope you had a wonderful evening :)


  10. Oh...and I totally forgot to say that I like your stitchery and other stuff, too. :)

    Also, I thought about my comment and I don't want you to think that I'm saying your view is wrong. I was just rambling and telling you mine...lol Being at home without any kids during the day gives me too much time to myself! LOL And the darndest thing happened...I used to get phone calls constantly and now that I'm alone, it like never rings so I'm here thinking too much to myself. I have to talk to someone! LOL


  11. Love all your sweet prim touches, Katy.

    I'd love to make a whole village of saltbox houses. They are so pretty!


  12. Ohhh Katy you inspired me with the letters. I usually do letters for names but the PRAY is great.
    I'm so happy you are careful what yall watch on tv. I totally agree.
    Thank God that television has an OFF button !
    Love L

    Be careful little eyes what you see

  13. When my kids were little there wasnt much I would let them watch. I didnt like the Disney Channel either and now they are old enough that they choose to not watch the Disney Channel!
    I like the computer, for blogging and I read craft & cooking magazines.
    We never bought video games or anything like it. My kids never felt left out even when their friends talked about Nintendo or whatever. They read books, played outside or watched what we let them. Little House is still a favorite here! I wish they were still making those shows!!! LOL
    Have a great evening,

  14. Okay so you know I really need that saltbox house! LOL!!! I love your house and all your treasure that it holds!

  15. *love* the saltbox house! I'm thinking of making one myself, too.. but then the thought of sawing out those little windows keeps me from doing it.. hehe..

    As for TV.. we don't own one.. we haven't owned one for a few years now. At first I thought we'd miss it, being brought up with TV ourselves.. but we don't even notice.. so much more free time to do fun stuff!

    We do watch an occasional DVD on the computer. Chiara loves the 'Dora and Diego' series.. and I don't know if you know this in the US, but the series of 'Nils Holgersson' (it's a swedish fairy tale, obviously translated) I absolutely detest Tom and Jerry though.. *lol* I mean.. just imagine these were two real people smacking eachother over the head with baseball bats.. then the series would be R-rated.. ;)

    greetings from the netherlands!

  16. I love all your treasures and your wonderful cheerful post!

  17. Katy, I love all your pictures.
    Your starting to turn me towards the prim and country type decor. It really is a beautiful and simple look. Very homey and comforting.
    When I was at the Maple Fall fest craft show this weekend, I kept seeing the cutest primatives. I just kept saying, "Katy would love that".
    There was a wall hanging candle holder that I really liked and talked myself out of. I just wanted to kick myself when we got home. It would have been the perfect starter piece.
    You're a good influence. *HUGS*

  18. Always love your posts!
    I have a saltbox too but never entered my mine to make one:) I have mine sitting on an overturned barrel and looks cute lit at night.
    I'm glad tv wasn't as violent and trashy when my kids were little...they loved Sesame St., Electric Co., Sonny & Cher and Carol Burnett.LOL
    Have a great fall day!

  19. i just heard on the radio today... that an average child sees 30,000 commercials a YEAR. that's a lot! if you think about it... say your kid watches 5 TV shows a day for 365 days. thats 1825 shows a year. times, say, 6 commercial breaks - which has about 3-4 commercials per break. That's about 33,000 commercials. PRETTY CRAZY. i think its good not to let the kids watch too much TV.

  20. Love your new things, and I also love your ideals. TV can be such garbage! There are some good things on, like on PBS, but not much else. We also love Little House. :)

  21. HI Katy (:)
    I found you through Lea..
    Love your darling blog.. will be back,
    hugs, Patty

  22. Hooray for limiting tv! My husband and I cut back watching tv before our daughter came along... and then it was none. We finally GOT RID of the family room tv and keep a small one in a bedroom for date night dvd's. There's just too much on tv that I DON'T want to see - including commercials. Most folks look at us like we have a third eye when we tell them that we avoid tv. But our daughter loves books and I'm proud of that! Really enjoy your blog.

  23. I love your little saltbox house - it is so cute!!


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