Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Lil Makeover!

Yep, yep. I know. You are all rolling your eyes. LOL You have to admit though...I kept that last layout I set up for quite some time!!!! Months even!!! Woot! I still have some of those graphics on here...but also found a cute sight called Cosmic Handmade and oh gosh...aren't the chickens soooo me?? I love graphics from each place and I may change them around from time to time....but I've always got that sweet country farm theme going!

Last evening we shucked, blanched, cut and bagged tons more corn to freeze! It is rewarding...but soooo tiring! LOL The cookies were a hit even though my dog, Ruthie, had eated a plate of them :(. (She is a small dog....I must have had the plate too close to the edge of the table...but gosh....bummer!). Today....we did more schooling and afterwards I did some housework and still have more to do. Just wanted to pop in, change a few things on here and also say hello!

I hope you are all having an absolutely beautiful day!!! I want you to know I always enjoy each and every comment you each leave me! Thank you so much! xoxo


  1. Love the new look!!

    LOL at border collie is 10 and she would take the cookies in a second...however, she is generous enough to leave about 1. (like we would eat it after her..LOL) time she took some cinnamon buns....and she left she's thinking about the family..haha.
    It was an absolutely gorgeous day here.
    Take care.

  2. Looks great!!

    LOL I saw Carolyn's post yesterday when she found the trencher - she got a MUCH better deal than I did even with my coupon. And here I thought I did good to wait until I at least HAD a coupon!

    Oh silly dog eating your cookies! Sounds like something my grand doggy would do!

  3. Your profile looks great Katy, as usual. :)
    Rithie just had to have her share too, lol, I though kids were the only cookie snitchers.
    I bought everything today to make your granola bar recipe, can't wait to try them.

  4. I ment to type Ruthie, not Rithie. LOL

  5. Love the change! I sat down last night and found a new background for my blog... it's always fun to change things up a bit! My mom and I did corn a month ago or so and I got a bag of it out for dinner tonight! I'm anxious to have some but a word to the wise... those corn bags freeze into a solid brick. I actually dropped one on my toe a couple of weeks ago and thought I broke it. I STILL walk funny!

    A beautiful warm, breezy day here in Idaho! Thank the Lord for a break from the heat! :)

  6. My favorite is the little lady at the top with the eggs in a basket and eggs around her feet! Makes me think of you!!

    Question how do you get three columns? I can't figure it out!!

  7. Your little graphics are very cute. And I LOVE PA... have relatives there. Just beautiful.

  8. Your graphics are adorable. Are these the ones you buy? I love them. I change my furniture in my home a lot--I think we women like change!!!LOL Have a great day. Julie

  9. Gosh Katy! What a little stinker your dog is! I`m sure the kids got a good laugh if they saw him though:)
    I LOVE your new graphics by the way!! You are not annoying in the least bit! Change is good from time to time:) Thanks for the link too!! I will definatly check it out!! I`m starting to get the hang of the html codes now:)
    Also, I think it`s wonderful thatyou are able to preserve so much food for the winter! I`m sure it will feel good when the roads are icy to know you have fresh veggies:)Blessings!!

  10. Oh Katy, how cute!!
    I love the lil gal, and those sheep? I love your sheep!

  11. I KNEW what you did when I read the title of your post! LOL You do love to change the look but that's okay....I never know what to expect :) I love the little sheep! VERY cute!


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