Thursday, September 25, 2008

Come, Enjoy My Humble Home With Me!

After schooling...Madelyn got to go spend time with my mom! The kids love to take turns spending time with their grandparents when they can. I know it is a time they each treasure! The boys were playing outside...and I took a couple pics...they were just cracking me up! preperation for my jewelry party tonight...I have been cleaning! I mean, I clean every day...but you know what I mean...reallllllly finding homes for things that are laying around and making sure everything is dusted etc......So....I took some pics! ;)

Come with me to the kitchen.....Not my fave place...but I have made it what I can till I can redo it ALL someday!

Now into the dining room!

Look at my sweet Ruthie sleeping under the table! She always lays her head on the rung of a chair....doesn't that look so uncomfy?

And my completely mismatched, desperately needing a living room! Please remember what I have said previous times when I have posted pics of my house....the walls are hideous and need redone...someday. My furniture is mis matched...but I am seriously happy anyway and feel blessed that I have a soft place to sit...pretty decor to look at and a roof over my head! :o)

Well....I have some last minute cleaning to do and such before my jewelry party tonight! I look forward to visiting with friends and having a pleasant and enjoyable evening! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! xoxo


  1. Thank you for letting me visit your home, its warm, colorful and cozy...and don't worry about your furniture not matching, that is not "in" not anyway...your home is perfect just as it is...

  2. I love your home. You have done a great job. I bet people love to come over for a visit. And I bet your jewelry party will be a fun blast. Keep in mind, most of us would love 'new' or matching furniture but we make beautiful what we have. Many of our things are gotten here and there and rarely 'new'. But we love our home and it is wonderful to come home to, Thanks for all the pictures.

  3. Thanks so much for givivg us this little tour!! I think your home is very warm and cozy!! Hope your party goes well tonight!! Blessings!!

  4. Having guests is when I do my big cleaning too. In between guests and picture taking, well it resorts to looking like anyone else's! LOL Cept with just two us, not as many TOYS!!

    All things come in due time. Right now you have 3 little ones to spend money and time on - the rest will come later. You are doing great for a young family!! You and Chris make a great team!

  5. Very Cozy! I hope you had a good party!

  6. Katy,
    I love the pics of your home! My favorite is the shelf in your dining room - all the way around! LOVE IT! and the ladder standing against the wall! LOVE IT!
    Found you while blog surfing and am definately adding you to my faves!

  7. You have a wonderfully inviting home! Mismatched doesn't matter unless it's in love! ~smile~

    May you always find joy in the blessings Our Jesus has given you!


  8. You have a very sweet home! It seems to be warm and inviting - a place where people feel welcome. I hope that you had a nice jewelry party :)

  9. Katy,
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your home. It looks so inviting and comfortable!!

  10. Katy, I think you home is charming! And who cares if the furniture doesn't match? Most designers will tell you that matchy-matchy is not a good thing! LOL! Your home is clean, neat and comfortable and that means more than anything else. Your sweet personality shines through in all you have done, so be proud!
    I hope the party went well.

  11. What a wonderful, cozy home you have made for your family.
    Happy anniversary!!
    That cider looks/sounds yummy!!
    Hope you have great weekend, Katy!!

  12. Katy,
    We are our own worst critics....your house looks great. It's very cozy and comfy and inviting!

    Matching furniture...that was my dream to one day to have all matching furniture. Then one day, I realized I loved old stuff and had lots of cool hand-me-downs and I don't like matching. I was looking for matching because that's what others think is "right". You do what you want. If you dislike something, fix it or replace it and hold on to those favorites :)

    Have a great day!


  13. Katy,
    If I came to your home I'd feel so comfortable and cozy:) I love the red in your kitchen and your other rooms are just wonderful, sure I wish I had the black, check camel back sofa and wing chair to match but that isn't going to happen so I just thank God for giving me what he wants me to have:)
    How did your jewerley party go? What did you prepare for food? I'm having one in January and would love to have some tips on food that you served! Thanks.Rondell

  14. Beautiful! I love your home, your family, your schooling...all of it :) Everything is so comfy and cozy with all of your prim decor!

    You have built a beautiful life with such joys in it. I am glad we have become blog buddies after so many years:)

  15. I love your home Katy!! You've made it soooo welcoming and pretty! Lots of inspiring pics...thank you!

    love, Tina :)

  16. When my kids were little, all I wanted was nice matching furniture, fancy artwork, beautiful rugs, new appliances.....Now I realize that we were all happy then and now I have grown to love my eclectic style. I prefer antiques and primitives. Oh, we have a flat screen tv and inside plumbing but I love my old hoosier and crocks and my $1 auction bed. I love the island in your kitchen and the shelf going around the room. I would love to have that--but then someone would have to dust it for me cuz I'm not allowed on the ladder--dr. orders....

  17. Katy, your home is charming. It looks like a country farmhouse. Am I close? It just reeks of charm and coziness!


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