Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sharing The Experience

My husband, Chris, went to Romania on a mission trip in June. (One of the hardest times EVER for me...being away from him for 2 weeks was dreadful!) Today, after church service...they shared an ethnic Romanian meal with us and showed pics etc. If you want to read about the mission trip and see some pics in my past can click HERE.

Impromtu pic of us....teehee....

Yesterday we had a lovely evening. Friends came over and we had a fire and had fun talking and laughing together! I made tatertot casserole (soooo yummy!) and homemade granola bars for our lil picnic...I took pics and will share the recipes with you...hopefully tomorrow!

My MIL has more peaches for me to I may be doing those tomorrow after schooling...and I would also like to make a peach pie to take to an older couple from our church. I have all the lessons for next weeks schooling already today will be a wonderful and complete day of rest for me. My honey is watching the Steeler football game and I will join him in the living room and do some reading. The kids are napping (well...hopefully they are dozing off...) and then, for this evening, I am not sure what we will do...but definitely spend time as a family! I hope you all are having a wonderful and restful Sunday and I will talk to you soon! xoxo


  1. Thank you for sharing the photos Katy!
    I especially love the last photo of the kids....too cute!
    Have a great afternoon, and hopefully a restful one!

  2. Hi Katy, Just wanted to stop by to say hello! You have a precious family...thanks for sharing your pics!

    Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!

    Love, Kim

  3. The photos were all great, Katy! Is that your church's fellowship hall? It's so big and I see instruments up on the stage! My son plays the bass in our Sunday morning & evening services and sings and plays guitar in the youth Wednesday night services! I just love the music!


  4. Thanks for sharing these photos with us Katy!! I can`t believe how long M`s hair is getting again.She looks so cute in pig tails!!
    Our church also goes on a mission`s trip in June every year. They go to Jamaca to minister to the children there. We also have a Jamaca night at our church where they have food samplesand talk about the trip and stuff.
    Hope you have a bklessed Lord`s day with your family Katy!!!

  5. Such a sweet post. I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday, Katy...

  6. Don't you just LOOOOOOOVE those stuffed grape leaves??? ;)

    greetings from holland!

  7. What a wonderful day! God bless you and your family! Great pics!

  8. There is nothing better than spending a day with family.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday!

    I would love those recipes. I haven't made tater tot cass in a long time!!!

  10. that food wrapped in a leaf looks totally GROSS!


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