Monday, September 22, 2008

Working Together To Get The Job Done~Cider!

Family and friends....all coming together to make apple cider! It's a long and tedious process and also time consuming and exhausting! However, also enjoyable because you get the chance to laugh and talk with those you love!

We started in the evening...when everyone was done work. We all brought stuff for supper and people ate when they could. hubby is barking orders at his little bro in the pic below...;o) (But they "bark" all in fun!)

We worked into the night...I was there for over 4 hrs....but my legs were killing me and I needed to come home...I also needed to bring the kids home and put them to bed. As of right now (It's 9pm here) they are still making cider!

My mom and my SIL's mom pouring into jugs. I did this a while too...till my mama showed..then she started that while I wiped all the jugs clean and put the lids on!

Here are a few half gallons we did. We also did gallon jugs. They sell soooo fast at the fall festival! This was just when we first the time I left..we had done a TON!

A break and some chit chat....

My lil helper! ;O)

As I am taking pics of everything...I realized that it doesn't even seem as though I am there...there are no pics of me! Madelyn and I took a quick pic together at the sinks!

Everyone worked (and some are still working) soooo hard! We do it every year...and although exhausting (and sticky!!!) is a rewarding experience! Isn't that apple press so neat? I hope you have enjoyed seeing one of our family traditions! Thank you for sharing in it with me...and all you locals who are reading...I hope you will come out to the festival on Saturday and buy some of this cider! It is deeeeelicious!!! xoxo


  1. How neat is that! Do you sell your family cider? Looks like it was a lot of work but fun too!!

    Soak your legs in nice relaxing bath!!

    God bless,

  2. Wow...that is pretty cool! I've never seen anyone do that before....I bet they had alot of fun mixed in with the work and that it will be very rewarding!

    Happy Fall!

  3. Wish I lived closer...I'd buy some cider!!!
    You have such wonderful memorable family times...your kids will always remember these things!
    Take care

  4. Yum!! That looks delish. Kelli,Ian and I (and the kids) are going to try and make it out Saturday. See you there.

  5. How fun!!!! Can't wait to hear how the festival goes!

  6. That is the neatest family tradition, Katy! It looks like everyone had fun and I'm sure the apple cider will be enjoyed on many cool evenings!

  7. Whoa! You're NOT going to tell me that alllllllllllllll of those apples grew somewhere in your garden? It must be...........huge?! ;)

    We'd be happy overhere if we had one tree that would fit.. *lol* You Americans have too much space on your hands, hehe

    greetings from holland!

  8. i thought about coming out... but stayed home to take care of the kiln.

    happy anniversary!!!

  9. It all looks like so much fun, treasure these moments:)


    That looks like FUN!!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    Looks like a really messy and long process but it's worth it! Apple Cider is soooo yummy!

    Have a great day!


  12. What a fun time, Katy! I love all of the photos - and I could seriously dive into the computer and taste it all. I wish! :o) (PS - Love those camo pants! Grace used to have a camo onesie with lace on the butt, LOL)

    P.S. You are the winner of my Blissfully Domestic blog giveaway! Email me your snail mail address at weloveMG(at) and I'll get that out to ya!

  13. Ooooh that looks like so much fun, Katy!!!
    I wish I had a press.... I have 4 bags of apples sitting in my kitchen and me wondering what to do with them. Pies? stack cakes? Or just drying them? Hmmm... decisions, decisions... LOL

  14. How cool looks like fun. Sure wish we could come to the fall festival. Dont have to much fun without us! Blessings, Karen

  15. you know it's fall, when it's time to juice the apples. i don't know if the process is any different than just juice but we are juicing apples today. our juicer is electric and sits on the counter. we plan to make 6 half gallons for the freezer. i filter it twice through cheesecloth. we'll make a gallon for the fridge. then next month, the pears will be ready and we'll make a pear/apple mix and some pear honey. it is good--no GREAT to have family traditions that the whole group can enter into and pass down to the next generation. now that is americana!!!!

  16. I just love how you all jump in to help out!!! I hope you get bring some home!!! Have a fabulous day my friend!!xoxo Wendy

  17. Katy, thanks for sharing. Living i Kansas, I have never seen an apple press in action. they are usually in an antique shop. How cool to see your family put one to work and share the experience. What old fashion fun! Dawn

  18. happy anniversary!! have a great day:)

  19. What an amazing tradition. that looks like so much work. But anything worth having is usually worth working for. I would love to taste it. Have a great day. Julie

  20. Those are the days that your kids will remember forever, Katy... I hope the festival goes very well!

  21. Oh, wow! That looks yummy! I would love to have a taste. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a note! :)

  22. I love it! I bet that cider is so good. A warm cup of that by the fire in the winter is probably worth the work!

  23. Looks like it was aot of fun! and work! That cider press looks really neat!! Love the pi9cs too!! Thanks for sharing!!Blessings!!

  24. Awww, arent you 2 just the cutest!
    I LOVE her hair:) Mmmmm, ya got me craving cider now!

    Have a GREAT weekend,


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