Monday, September 29, 2008

Odds and Ends!

So, with just having the fall festival on Saturday...and it being so time consuming....I haven't had anything else truly exciting to post about. And me talking about my daily routines would probably bore you all...(a lot of it includes laundry, cleaning and kids...LOL). So I thought I would just share with you all a couple of things I like.

When Chris came home from his mission trip to of the things he had brought me was this bag....

It isn't large enough to hold the stuff I need it to, to carry it as a it doesn't have a closure (which means all my stuff would constantly fall out of it) I was bummed that he found it special for me and I couldn't even use it. Well....I discovered my bible fits in there perfectly!!!!

How fantastic is that??? So now...the bag is my new Bible carrier/protector!!! YIPPEE!!!! I can't think of anything more precious to be carrying in it...can you??

OK....something a little silly here...but I was excited. I got a new ironing board cover....hahahaha! I totally NOT thrilling...but I had never had a cover on my ugly ironing board and when I finally remembered to get one...I was thrilled! So...I just wanted to share in my excitement with my bloggy friends...hehe!

Getting ready for bed looks like this for me each night....

I try to go to bed between 9 and 10 to read and pray and fall asleep. Then...the next morning, my body just naturally wakes me around 5. At first, I thought this was get up so early. I have always been an early bird..but 5 seemed too early for me. But I realized...with the time I go to bed and all, I get my 6-8 hrs of sleep per night and my body is just ready to start the day early. It is good. It gives me time to go down and eat while reading my bible...then I can shower and start some coffee for chris and pack his lunch for the day. About that time...the kids start coming down and I can get them breakfast and start the day! :)

Anyhoo...I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a nice and restful Sunday. After church....we came home, I made lunch and then we all napped for the afternoon. For supper, we went out to a fun food/icecream place and had a nice time! ( A little zaney with the kiddos..but totally fun too!)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! xoxo


  1. I too, am an eary
    ly riser. But I am also a night owl. So I don't get a lot of sleep. I have insomnia a lot and I started making myself get up extra early so I would be tired enough at night to sleep. Sometimes it works, other times not. I got through times when I am awake for 2-3 days without any sleep. It is torture! Thank goodness it only gets that extreme a few times a year.

  2. That's great that you found a new use for the bag :) Sometimes we have to think a little outside the box :)

    I used to let Shane stay up until he was ready to crash and then that's when I went to bed. Things changed when Aften came along and I really truly enjoy that they have a bed time! Shane and I also would sleep in until whenever in the morning. I would often wake at 9 or 10am and think nothing of it. Now I realize I wasted so much time! LOL I was also very tired all of the time, because I got too much sleep. I function just fine on 7 hours of sleep. I can go to bed at 12am and get up at 7 and feel GREAT and get through my day. Others I know sleep in and still need a nap...they don't have it figured out yet :)

    We do have some of the same theories and ideas, even though we have different backgrounds. :) I don't feel like I'm "serving" my husband as much as just being nice to him because I'm treating him how I want to be treated, you know? Here, we are equal. Neither of us always has the final word and we're okay with's not a competition and I like that. I lived too much of that as a kid!

    Have a great day!


  3. Wonderful use for the bag!!!

    I too am an early riser! I cannot stand to sleep in! Early morning is such a peaceful, quiet time and I love it!!!
    I need to have a bit of quiet time to get organized before the household wakes up!

    Have a great day Katy

  4. I totally understand the new ironing board cover... I need one, but I can never remember that when I am out shopping... too many other wonderful things to think about while I'm out and about!!
    I love your new bible cover!! It makes it even more special!!
    Thanks for sharing your day!!
    May God bless your socks off!!

  5. The purse looking thingy makes a perfect bible cover. I really like it!

  6. A new ironing board cover--you are easy to please! I don't even have an ironing board. I iron on bath towels on the counter. How sad is that?
    Oh, I do have an antique wood ironing board but I can't use that---or can I?

  7. Sounds like you have a wonderful busy schedule in life! Love the little bag and what a great idea for your Bible! Blessing, Kathleen

  8. What a great bag and a wonderful way to use it. Great idea!

    And a new ironing board cover -- ya know, sometimes it is just those little things in life that make us happy.

  9. Thanks for sharing your day with us Katy! I really enjoyed reading this post. I love that bag your hubby got for you!! What a perfect little case for your bible:)Wow! You get up at 5am. That`s my goal. I`m always rushing in the morning to get the kids off to school. I usually don`t have my devotions and prayer until after they`re gone.By the time I actually start my day it`s 8:30-9 am already.Ugg!
    Anyway..I hope your having sweet dreams right now:)Have a blessed day:)

  10. First of all, ironing board covers are very exciting!! Especially when the one you had was ugly.
    Oh, Lindanuts, you can totally iron on your wooden board. That's what the women used in olden days and I use mine a lot.

  11. I wish I would be 'glad' to get up so early! I really have to force myself to it..

    It seems that my body associates 'dark' with sleep. And now that the mornings are getting darker and darker (sun comes up at 7:30 now, but in winter it might be 8:30) I just want to sleeeeeeeeeep until I see some light..

    Now we have an artificial 'rising sun' in our room, *LOL* Just a lamp, but you can program it to start slowly and then get brighter and brighter over 20 minutes..

    It works A LITTLE.... *lol*
    Greetings from the netherlands!


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