Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Birthday Excitement....???

My sister and her boyfriend, Cory (who we all adore) came over for supper last night. He had ordered some things for my birthday (that was a few weeks ago) and they had just came in. He wanted the chance to give them to they came over for supper! My sister and I made chicken salads...they were so yummy! I think everyone enjoyed them (although Chris thought it has to be illegal to have chicken twice in one

Anyway...I had NO idea what he could have ordered. I was completely baffled and just appreciated that he got me something....(I figured the gifts my sister had given me on my birthday were enough from both of them!)

After supper...I opened the gifts....and oh my goodness....look what they were:

I was sooooo thrilled! I had to totally control myself as to not run around and hug everyone in the room!!! Aren't they just fantastic? I have looked through them some..but I definitely want to take the time and really go through them! Back before my birthday, I had mentioned to my sister that I had wanted them...but I never imagined I would get one...let alone both!!! She told Cory what I had wanted and he got them for me! Wasn't that incredibly thoughtful!!!??? I am just beyond excited and totally loving them! Have any of you ever read them?? :)

I have been keeping quite busy lately. After schooling and getting some housework done...I have been going down to my inlaws' meat market and helping out....I have been wrapping meat! :) Their fall festival is coming up in a couple we are just trying to get everything ready!

Also....I went to the bank today....and we were approved to get the loan so we can get the outside wood burner!!!! Wooooohooooo! Chris and I were so thrilled. We were approved almost immediately! :)

I know....I just said we are totally out of debt...and now it seems we are going to go right back into it...but actually....the payment on the loan will replace our ridiculously high gas bill because heating the house with the wood stove will be significantly cheaper than if we were doing it with our furnace/gas.

Anyway....praise God! He has just made everything fall into place and I truly give Him all the glory! He has provided for us so that everything has been able to work for us. We don't have a ton of money....but we tithe and try to be faithful in how we use our money...and I truly feel God is blessing us. I am just so thankful.

I hope you all are having a truly happy day! xoxo


  1. Those books look great! What a nice and thoughtful gift for him to give you.

    And the wood heater is probably better than the gas anyway!

  2. Congratulations on your loan! I really admire your accomplished goal of being out of debt. It does seem wise to get the loan and SAVE on monthly heating costs. Those books look interesting, I'll have to check them out. BTW, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

  3. Congrats my friwnd on your loan and your new belated Birthday books!! God is so good and when you work hard and do the right things you are rewarded!!:) Isn't it nice to go in and be approved immediately!! Thats what happened to us when we applied for our home it was approved in minutes!!! Have a wonderful night and stay warm!!~Wendy

  4. congrats on your loan approval Katy!! That was so sweet of your sisters boyfriend to order those books for you!! Thanks for sharing your blessings with us Katy!!Hope your evening is wonderful!!!

  5. Great gift! I would love to take a look at those books.

    Have a great day!

  6. Happy belated birthday!
    I've never seen the books before but they do look interesting:)
    So glad everything is working out for you and your family.

  7. What a nice suprise. The books look lovely, now I need to research and see what they're about. lol
    I'm glad you're getting your wood burner. You'll have a nice warm winter. :)

  8. I have the Mary Jane stitching book--love it and need to read it closer, too. What a thoughtful gift. Way to go on the loan. julie

  9. Now that was really thoughtful. Some guys are just that way. Some sisters tell/encourage their significant others to get the right thing. Either way, it is a great gift!
    I am green with envy on the woodburner. Our heating bill has reached outrageous heights. We have lived in this house for 15years. We are the first and only people to ever live here. The first year our heat bill was $108! This year our pre-pay bill was $1365! We were blown away. We had to take the 3 month payment plan. We use LP gas. I only wish.....

  10. What a great bday present!!! That's so awesome! Very thoughtful!

    That's terrific about the loan!! I'm so happy for you!

    Soon you'll have great heat and no more high bills!! That's wonderful!!

  11. Oh my, you are going to LOVE those books. I've had mine for over a year and I still can't get enough of them.

    So happy that you got approved for the woodburner. I think you will really enjoy the warmth it provides as well as the savings. We just begun stocking our wood pile. It's lots of work but well worth it.


  12. What a wonderful day! Those books look just lovely.

  13. congrats on the loan, and those books look fanTASTIC!

  14. What a nice thoughtful gift. That guy is a kepper I tell ya. I have both of those books and they are wonderful. I just ordered the stiching room and her new outpost book about a month ago and the other one I have read and keep handy to reference all the time and also I highly recommend them to all. Congrats the new wood burner, cutting wood in a fun family activity. Make some chilie and brownies and have some fun.


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