Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Pleasant Home

"A pleasant home should be full of joy and full of beauty -- the beauty of holiness....Our homes should be pleasant, happy, lovely reflections of the joy we have received in Christ."

~Nancy Wilson, Praise Her in the Gates

I am always striving to make our a home a pleasant and lovely place to be. Not only in how it *looks* but also in the atmosphere. I believe we should keep our homes tidy and well-managed. As wives and mothers I believe this is very important. However, even *more* important is keeping an atmosphere of love, comfort, trust, joy, and grace! 

"The pleasant home is gracious. This means it is full of grace. If Christ is not present in our lives, He is not present in our homes...a pleasant home is where our families can laugh together, relax together, work together, eat together in harmony and love."

~Nancy Wilson, Praise Her in the Gates

I highly recommend the book Praise Her in the Gates by Nancy Wilson! I have read it numerous times and will probably read it again (It is full of highlighting and underlining!)! It is full of great, biblical advice on being a Godly woman, wife and mother! 

I am also reading Her Hand in Marriage by Douglas Wilson (Nancy's husband). I am doing a book study with some sisters in Christ on this book. It is about biblical courtship. :) I own and have read many books by Doug and Nancy Wilson. They are really great reads! 

The days have kept me busy. If I don't "have" to do something ~ I find something to do. There are always weeds to pull, grass to mow, gardens to hoe, and a house to clean! :o) Striving to have a pleasant home, for me, includes doing things to make it prettier...even if that just means tidying an area of our lawn that needs it...or adding mulch to areas to dress them up a bit. 

Here's a little bit of what I have been doing lately ~ 

I weeded around all the stepping stones...pulled them all up and then spread bags and bags of mulch...

I'm not finished with this project. I started it last evening and am going to go out and work on it today. You can see I still have extra stepping stones all on my rock wall...

I haven't decided if I want to leave the walkway like this or double the stones up (side by side) to make it easier to walk on...

Chris has still been working on the back porch! The roof is what is being worked on right now. Although that chair isn't there permanently, Chris and I have used it at different times just to take a bit of time and *sit* on our back porch!!! It is just so wonderful!

I have been keeping up with my raised beds (as you saw in my last post) and am excited to see the plants grow daily! (Those boards on the left were the support beams for the posts for the porch. Chris and our Brother-in-Love removed them....and now they are in a pile there. I'm not sure where they are going!)....

Clothes drying out on the line (I don't know *why* it gives me such joy to have clothes hanging out!?)...

A look at the backyard...

The evening sun...

I have been keeping things going inside as well. Here I was washing the dishes...

OK...I gotta run! The morning is getting away from me. I need to have a bit of breakfast and then get to accomplishing my TO DO list! :) I hope you are enjoying your summer days....all to the glory of God! Thank you for stopping by!

Katy :)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Raised Bed Gardening 2017

My raised beds are both doing pretty well this year! I am so excited to have things growing and thriving! I have been keeping them weeded and cared for as much as I can. I take time every day to weed, water and tend to them.

Madelyn planted the zucchini and I have peas, radishes, beets, green beans, pumpkins and MORE planted! :)

Some of my seeds didn't sprout, unfortunately. So, some of my plants are sporadic in areas.

 This was planted with rows of green you can see not all of the seeds came up but I replanted some more seeds and they are coming up now too! (We also have three LONG rows of green beans growing at our big garden! Our corn didn't grow *at all*....frustrating!)...

Gardening is hard work...lots of sweat and energy go into my gardens *but* it is SO worth it! Fresh food...and just seeing the plants grow is so rewarding!

While I was weeding and gardening last evening...Jaxson was drawing in the driveway!

Chris has been working on the roof phase of the back porch! It is super exciting! :) We both can't wait to get to sit on our back porch together and watch the children play out in the yard! It's truly the sweet, simple things that give us joy!

 The days have been busy lately but definitely joy-filled. It looks like it is to be a beautiful day here today ~ again. Chris and Xavier are working at our Brother-in-Love's auction (he and his father are auctioneers...Chris has been working with them for years and years...and now X is old enough to help too!). I have much to accomplish today as well! I best get moving! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for visiting me! I would love to hear about any gardening you are doing!

Katy :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Home Improvement Projects

Hello friends! I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time (not that you are waiting on the edge of your seats or anything! Ha!). The truth is that I have been so busy! Between graduation parties for some of our homeschooling friends, home improvement projects I have been working on, gardening/weeding, mowing our entire lawn (which is time consuming since I choose to push-mow it all) and just life in general ~ it doesn't leave much time for organizing a blog post in my mind! I have much to still get to this I must be quick in sharing this post! 

I wanted to just show some photos of some of the projects I have been working on. First are pictures of my bathroom that I painted. My shower curtain still needs ironed...and the parts that are blue are still in need of being painted...I just haven't picked the color I want to use there yet...

You can still see the blue that needs painted in the pic below as well. You can also see some of my Norwex cloths hanging...

I still need to decorate this wall. I'm just not sure what I want to put here yet (don't mind my shower *will* get ironed! haha!)...

Mowing has been a bit difficult as I am working around this big ol' thing and the supports for the porch...

Chris has made such great progress on the back porch. He is getting ready to work on the roof next...

I used leftover paint from the bathroom (a color called *woven jute*) to give the upstairs hall a fresh coat (or two) of paint...

This is an older house and the walls aren't pretty....notice the tape the builders had put on the walls? It's okay though....I think adding some color to the walls makes it look nice and I like to hang decor to make it pretty. In the photo above...the picture on the left (the lady's face) was done by my husband when he was in high school. Below is a painting I did while a senior in high school...

So there you have it....some of the things that have been keeping me busy, busy. I have also had the normal day-to-day managing of my home taking up my time (which I am definitely *not* complaining about!). Once I actually finish my bathroom ~ painting over the blue and decorating ~ I will make and updated post!

But now..I gotta run!!! Lots more to accomplish before I get to lay this weary body down in bed! I hope you all are well and enjoying the beginning of summer! Thank you for visiting today!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Porch Progress & Spring Flowers

Chris has been working so hard on the back porch! It is really looking fantastic! I am loving it! :)

Xavier has been a great helper! Hearing Chris teach him things and watch them work together is such a blessing!

Our Brother-in-Love (Chris's best buddy....other than me of course!) has been helping when he has time too!

Both of my raised beds are planted and I have been weeding them daily! I really want to keep up with it so it doesn't get out of control!

Cash is enjoying the sunshine...

I love planting flowers and trying to make things beautiful around my home...

 Madelyn and I worked the other day at clearing out leaves and putting rocks around the rhododendron. (I had cut the rhododendron back and it ended up looking just we tried to trim things and make it more tree-like. It looks a little better I think!

I placed rocks around this tree as well. I may plant hosta or something in here...

It's been raining a lot here in PA. I've been trying to get mowing in when I can to keep the yard looking neat! I think we are expecting more rain this evening so I need to finish the mowing I started yesterday afternoon (I push-mow our whole lawn so it takes me a while). I've been doing some re-organizing inside my house as well. It feels so good to have things neat and tidy. :)

I hope you are enjoying your week!
Until next time, Lord willing,
Katy :o)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Joy-Filled Memories

 I had some photos I wanted to share...they don't all necessarily *go* together...but wanted to post them anyway! :o) Above is a picture of Madelyn at our church's youth formal. They don't dance or anything...just have a really nice/classy meal and then change clothes and play games for a few hours! All the kids had a lot of fun! :)

Below are some photos from a picnic we had earlier in the month. Chris's dad and uncle have a birthday on the same day. We threw them a birthday party at the family pavilion! Madelyn and I worked on the cake. It ended up looking like my husband (with his red beard) made us all snicker!

 Speaking of Chris...there he is! :) I love to have photos of him. He makes me smile!

My Xavier....can you believe he is going to be 14 in a couple of months!? Where has the time gone!? If you have been following my blog for a while (or since the beginning) ~ are you just as shocked as I am that my children are growing so quickly!?

Madelyn will be 16 in a little over a month! My brain hasn't quite processed that information completely yet...

I thought this picture was funny! I caught Chris swinging and laughing...

Picnics at the pavilion will be *great* memories for my children one day! I am glad my Father-in-Love decided to build one. It has been a great blessing for so many people! There have been birthday parties, reunions, wedding receptions and more at this pavilion!!

Jaxson, stopping only for a moment so I could snap a picture really quick...

 I don't remember what he did...but our nephew teased Chris took off chasing him! It was so funny!

Last week, Madelyn, Jaxson and I took a walk (we walk, run, bike this way numerous times a week). My Father-in-Love's property is back off a road that connects to the one we live on. It's about a mile walk to get to the Meat Market and the barn (where we have a barn cat, Julian, who we love on and feed! He is the *sweetest* little thing!). It's a great path to go for a workout...lots of inclines and work for our legs! This day though, we just walked...

Madelyn was taking a pair of muck boots with her to work on something at the Meat Market and had them in a bag. Jaxson wanted to try carrying it on a stick like a hobo bag. It was awkward though and he gave up quickly! ;)

At the top of the hill (this is the hill I do hill sprints on! It's a great *free* exercise tool!). Isn't the view lovely? It is prettier in person!

I gotta run! It's rainy and chilly here today. I listed more stickers in my shop this morning (Use code: MEMORIALDAY20 for 20% off an order of $10+!), exercised (lifted weights), worked on laundry and dishes and then ran to the grocery store (Aldi).

Now, I have finished lunch...I need to finish dishes, fold the laundry and am hoping to get a little cat-nap in! Then it will be time to make supper! Chris has been really working on the back porch! I look forward to sharing pictures of it with you again soon! **I also have both of my raised beds planted! I am hoping all the seeds take!**

Thank you for coming by! I hope your weekend ahead is blessed!