Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who Dunnit?

Notice the eggs sitting above. Also notice the leaves around it.....one of the girls..when let out to free range it seems....has been laying her eggs near the side of the house instead of in a laying box in the coop. The kids were playing outside yesterday and called for me and showed me what they found....eggs.
So...I thought I needed to go out and have a chat with the "girls"....

OK.....who was it???

Was it YOU????
Hey....I'm talking to you....don't walk away when I'm talking to you....

Needless to say...I didn't get many answers...those girls can be quite the stinkers, I must say! Gosh! :o) Unfortunately...the eggs in the top pic have to be thrown out....cuz we are unsure how long they have been there! :(

Look what the wind did to my gazebo!!! I was bummed! We are all the way up in PA...but the remnants of Ike were still pretty strong....

Today is another gift from God! We will be schooling...I have housework to do as well. Not sure what else the day holds! All you girls who are "following" me...thanks so much!!!! How exciting!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!!! xoxo


  1. Those girls need to start listening to their momma! LOL
    Sorry about your gazebo! We had really high winds here in Nova Scotia yesterday, was not expecting them either!

    Have a great day and hope "the girls" behave!!


  2. I hope the "girls" behave now that you had that talk with them! lol.

    The winds were pretty strong here. A lot still don't have power and won't for a few days since they sent the crews to Texas to help them. Crazy!

    Have a wonderful day!! :)

  3. I wish we could have chickens.
    I was wondering, how long are fresh eggs good for?

  4. LOL - that's just like the "not me" ghost that lived in my house when the kids were little. I hope the culprit behaves!

  5. Lol! Hope they understand the rules a little better now that they`ve been properly spoken to!
    I wanted to ask you...How do you get the pictures of the people that are following your blog? Thanks Katy!! I hope your day is very blessed!!!

  6. I love how to talk with the girls. I wish we could have chickens here.

  7. Around here we never get an answer either. The kids always say it wasn't them and Jer just blames the Tooth Fairy now. I don't know why he said the Tooth Fairy, but he does EVERY time the kids claim neither of them did something! LOL I hope whoever did it gets themselves straightened out! LOL

    We were fortunate here....the winds were less than they were in other parts of the state. The airport said like 50mph gusts but it was closer to 80 in Clearfield....closer to you! Scary! You know, I thought it was Ike's fault but I heard Joe Murgo last night saying it was caused by Ike but wasn't him. He passed off to the west of us and it was the storm meeting the front that caused the wind that we got here. Just a little info ;) Gosh, my brain remembers the darndest things!

    Have a great day!


  8. Ok it looks like you will need to write the rules out seeing as they are too busy to stop and listen!!LOL
    Hope you have a great day!!!~Wendy

  9. Hope the girls heard a little of your talk...but chickens are much like kids, they hear what they want to hear :)

    We had some horrible winds too. So sorry about your gazebo :( It is amazing how something that started so far away can hit so hard.

  10. *lol @ the chickens*!!!

    As for the wonderful tuesday.. pfff.... I'm soooooo not having one.. *lol* Chiara is just being soooo naughty today. We're probably going to have a storm around here too..

    I'll just be glad to rest my head in a few hours (it's 5pm now) and hope for a wonderful wednesday! :D

    greetings from holland!

  11. Well, I hope the chat worked :) Im so sorry about your gazebo! Hope it is fixable!! Have a great day sweetie!

  12. Our chickens used to do that once and while too, I guess they just like their privacy? LOL WOW, I didn't realize Ike got all the way up to you too? Glad it wasn't any worse! Have a blessed day!

  13. I get such a kick out of you gals who chat up the chickens---Paula and Pam do it, too. I do so enjoy the chats.....
    Bummer about your gazebo but I'm glad it wasn't something more serious....

  14. I love your posts! My favorite is hearing all about the schooling going on at your house! I just resigned as a special education teacher so that I could go back and get my master's. I can so relate to the hard work you put into every lesson you teach. Teaching wasn't about the pay or just another day at work for me. It was about my students and what I could offer to them. When your heart is in it, you give the best gift of all...an education. And an even better one when it is your own children you are educating! Keep me up to date!

  15. I hope you find the culprit so you don't lose too many more eggs. I'll bet the kids loved finding them in the grass, though. Have a great day. julie

  16. Oh those girls...

    Here's hoping you and the kids had a spectacular day, Katy!

  17. LOL ! We just found a nest of 6 eggs under our tiller from a gal who wasn't supposed to be laying until November. Tricky girl!


  18. Katy do your chickens go in at night? Do dogs ever try to kill them? Our neighbor dogs are awful... ! Gotta really be on guard for dogs more than any other critter!

  19. The post about your chickens reminded me a LOT of one of my very recent posts! Hehehee - gave me a chuckle! Great blog, by the way!


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