Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Successful Party!

I think X's party went really well! I am exhausted...LOL. But I think he enjoyed it and it was a beautiful day!!! I was so thrilled about that! Above is the cake I made him...(it's a baseball....LOL) And below is a pic of mama and the birthday boy:

Here is a picture of where we held the FIL and his brothers built this pavillion just a couple weeks ago! Isn't it great???

The gift table...and everyone sitting around the fire. It was a bit windy...almost to the point of being chilly...but still...a gorgeous day!!!

We had hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, homemade mac and cheese, baked beans, potatoes sticks, and of course, cake and icecream!!! We tried to do a bunch of baseball foods...and my mom even found these paper holders for the nachos...just like they would have at a baseball game!!! I was so happy!!!

Here's X, blowing out his candles:


Finally! Gift opening time! (A kid's favorite part of the birthday party!):

He got a bunch of great gifts! One of the things was a bike helmet! He loves to ride his bike and so now he will have a GREAT helmet to wear and keep him safe!!!

And another pic of him opening a gift...(I wanted to include this pic cuz my honey is in the pic...hehe...isn't he so cute? LOVE that man!):

So overall, I think it was a great day and a fun party! Xavier didn't think he actually turned 5 till his party started. I had a hard time explaining to him the whole day was his birthday...not just during the party!!! LOL Thank you for sharing in these memories with us! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Wednesday and thank you for all your birthday wishes for X!!! :)


  1. Looks like a fantastic party Katy!!
    Glad it was a success!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! I love how he didn't think it was his birthday until the party started. Kids are so funny! ~Wendi

  3. So glad the rain held off. Looks like alot of fun. Thanks for including us in on the party. I sure would hate to miss it. Great pavillion is that on your land? I'd love to have something like that or I'd actually like an old barn but well....
    Its raining here this am. Hope you have a great day. Blessings, Karen

  4. The party looked like a lot of fun!! The cake and food was perfect. Perfect memories for a perfect day!

  5. Looks like you did a fantastic job on the party and your little guy had a wonderful time!

  6. So glad you all had a great time and the weather cooperated!! That pavilion is awesome such a great place to have a party!! You did a great job on the cake and the food sounded perfect for a baseball theme party!! I hope you have an awesome day my friend!!~Wendy

  7. What a cute party!! Great job on the cake!!

  8. Katy, looks like a great party, love the details. They always say, its all about presentation! The cake is perfect. Dawn

  9. Katy,

    That looks like alot of fun! I think the cake is so cute! You did a great job on it! It also looked like a beautiful day to have a party! X definitely has your sweet smile, by the way! :)


  10. It looks like it was a blast!

    Happy Birthday!

    Take care,

  11. I bet that was so much for fun for him, he looks so cute waiting by the table to open his presents! He is a sweetie :)
    Have a great day,

  12. What a lucky boy to have such a great Mom..that knows how to put on a PARTY! Beth

  13. That looks like such a fun party and I love the cake! Too cute!

  14. He just has the cutest smile, you want to squeeze him :)

    Great party and I love the cake!

  15. I'm so glad that the party went well, Katy! It looks like there were many sweet memories-in-the-making...

  16. your party looks lovely, thankyou for commenting on norman the tomato :)

  17. So cute! I love the cake and all the sweet memories you now have together!!

  18. Wow! Love the cake!!!
    I'll bet that was a great party!!!

  19. Looks like your son had alot of fun!! What great memories!!Thanks for sharing!!

  20. What wonderful photos and an amazing cake!!

  21. Oh, I'm so behind on reading my favorite blogs... It looks like you all had a blast and the weather cooperated!! THe food looks so yummy!!

    Great work mom...And dad!

    God bless,


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