Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Little Monsters!

Don't worry...you don't need to be scared of these monsters...they are the cutest monsters around! LOL My aunt got the kids these funny wax "scary mouthpieces". So we took some pics of my scary lil monsters....LOL.

After we took the first pic...we realized Madelyn had her mouthpiece upside down!!! LOL So we took another picture! Although...Jaxson was having trouble holding his in. I think it confused him! LOLI won a giveaway on Heather's blog last week and I received the prize in the mail yesterday! It is a book of Mary Engelbreit paper dolls with clothes! It is soooo cute and I was so excited to receive it! Madelyn will have a GREAT time playing with them!!! Thanks Heather!!!! :)

And we went to our picnic last night...it was nice! Picnics are always so fun! :) And...just because I love picnic baskets...I took a pic of mine that I carry our stuff to the picnics in!!! I just love it! It's such a great size and I don't know what it is....but I just have a love for picnic baskets!

M and X slept over at my MIL's last night after the picnic. They were "camping". My nephew stayed too! I hope it is going well! They are all going to play at my MIL's house today too...so I talked to my mom last night and asked if she would want to go with Jaxson and I to a small Amish town to do some shopping! They have the cutest stores over there! I have wanted to go all summer...but haven't had the chance and with us starting school soon...I thought today would be a good day since I only have one kiddo with me for the day! So hopefully that is what I will be doing today!!!! YIPPEE!!!! I hope you all have a GREAT Tuesday!!!! xoxo


  1. That sounds like a shopping trip I would enjoy. Have fun! ~Wendi

  2. Some of the cutest little monsters I've ever seen!! I think they might look just a little like their good looking mama and daddy! :) Have fun shopping!! Be sure and post your goodies! I'll be out doing that before you know it!! Thank you Katy....Sherry

  3. Love those scary monsters of yours. :) Have a great time shopping today! Be sure to share your shopping finds!

  4. I love picnic baskets too!
    Can't wait to hear about your trip with your mom and one kiddo....!!!
    Take care, have a great day1

  5. Morning,

    I'm glad that you like the paper dolls!

    Have fun shopping, look forward to seeing your goodies.

    Fun looking little monsters!

    Enjoy your Tues.

  6. Oh, I love Mary Engelbreit! Congrats on your prize!
    And have fun shopping today! I hope you find some treasures!

  7. Oh, you won! That giveaway was soooo meant for you!!!

    The kiddos are cute monsters :)

    Enjoy your day with just one kid. Small Amish town....I may know where you are headed? Kind of southeast of you a ways? Maybe I'm wrong, though....tomorrow is the big flea market at the sale barns???

    Have a great day!

  8. I would love to shop in Amish country!!! Have fun and can't wait to see your goodies!!!Your lil' scary monsters are so cute!:0) and I love your picnic basket!! Have a great day!!~Wendy

  9. Hey Katy-

    Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun shopping today!

    In case you not shopped out- There is a website that I love & when I was looking at it today, I thought of you. They have lots of really cute primitive/country style decorations and then of course a bunch of other stuff too. Its all very affordable too (the best part!)

    Anyways...take a peak! www.lakesidecollection.com

  10. Oh, what fun! Enjoy your shopping, Katy! Make sure to show us your new treasures...

  11. I love picnics! My hubs and I used to take pictures on Sunday afternoons after church. We have this one tree on our property by the lake where we used to make a spot (he actually kissed me for the first time and told me he loved me the first time under that tree as well!). He proposed to me while on one of those picnics under that tree a few years ago.

  12. Too cute to be monsters! How funny!

    Have fun on the shopping trip! Wish I could go...that sounds like fun!

    Congratulations on the paper dolls! Madelyn is going to have so much fun! Was she excited?


  13. You have some cute little monsters! I hope you have a great shopping trip.

  14. Those are the cutest little monsters I've ever seen. Love you post below by the way, especially when you talked about you little boy lineing up his cards. It's the little things like that that make being a mom wonderful.

  15. Cute lil' monsters!! You will have to let us know how the shopping went. Love your picnic basket, too!! I have a weakness for them.

  16. What fun! Hope you show us picks of your loot! Your little monsters sure are cute. Blessings, Karen

  17. Aww so much fun!! I remember enjoying them when I was a kid, and my kids (now YOUR age) loved them too!

    I love picnic baskets too - they have a sense of romance about them!


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