Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gotta Share My Loot!!

First, I want to share with you some earrings I had won in a giveaway at One More Thing To Do a couple weeks ago...aren't they beautiful?? They were made my Sassy Jewels! I encourage you to check out her site! She has a lot of cute stuff!!! :)

Next...real quick...I wanted to let you know I weighed in today...and lost another pound!!! WOOHOO! I am thrilled (especially since I ate a small piece of birthday cake at X's party! YIKES)!!!

And...yes...I am BACK from the teacher's supply store!!! It was like teacher heaven in there! I could have been there for hours but we had M and J with us so they got a lil antsy! I wanted to share with you the things I got. The pic below is an overall pic of the stuff I got...(except the globe...we already had that given to us previously by friends).

Some of the things I got included a Mary Engelbreit Activities is REALLY great..and you all know how I love M.E. stuff!!! And I also got a social studies workbook and a math workbook (my aunt bought the math workbook...wasn't that sweet of her?) All the pages are I can make copies and save each book for each child that I homeschool!!!

I also got a geography terms poster since we will be learning about that..and a weather spinner. I just need to cut out and attach the brad and arrow to it!

And I also got a calendar...gosh I LOVE that weird? LOL It has the months and seasons and days and all! I will have to show pics of the school room when I get it all set up! I will be spending this week and next working on that! :)

I also got "Telling Time" flash cards and a Brain Quest game for Madelyn's age. My aunt said my cousins loved Brain Quest! I look forward to using it. And again...these are things, over time, that I can use for all three kids! :)
I was sooo excited to share this stuff with you all...and now I need to go start organizing it...and also need to get supper started and such!

***Alaska Family.....You commented on my last post and asked about homeschooling...but you didn't leave an email for me to contact you and your profile says it is restricted from the public! I would be glad to talk to you about it...just leave me a way to contact ya!!! :) xoxo

I hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful Thursday! :)


  1. I am inspired! I have some things for homeschooling this year, but it would be fun to go down to the local teachers supply.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Katy!

    I know EXACTLY how you feel...I love teacher supply stores....we have two....The Knowledge Tree & The Learning House and they are both near by where Joy takes dance, so guess where I like to visit?? It's so fun!

    I like calendars too and we used to keep them and record the weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc) and then for math, we'd graph how many of each type day we had in a certain time period....motivation! :)

    You're going to have so much're going to be a great teacher and have fun times together! :)

    I just sold some of our old curriculum and I'm ordering our new Sonlight books tonight or tomorrow and when they come's like Christmas...we get SO excited!


  3. First of all,I love those earings!!! Congrats on winning them!! I think they will look beautiful on you! Secondly,congrats on the weight loss!! Wooh hoo!! Also,looks like you`ve got a great selection of activities for the kids to start school. I`m so excited for you Katy!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Have a blessed night!!

  4. Congratulations on your earrings and your weight loss!!WooHoo
    Isn't it exciting setting up for homescholling!! You got some great things!! Come by my blog for my news!!! Talk soon!!xoxox~Wendy

  5. Looks like you're getting it together!! I need some of that here, I haven't even ordered curriculum yet. We are hoping to hear good news tomorrow about a house we put an offer in and depending on how that goes, I will either organize our schoolroom or start packing!!

  6. What fun! It's always great to get new supplies. Enjoy!

  7. I'm excited for you! You'll have a cute little country school!! How sweet is that!

    Great finds today and I love the earrings.


  8. Hey Katy, what fun things you got at the teachers supply store. I have a 2 math books, 1-5th gd and 1-6th grade both are little workbooks. I know you stll have a long ways b4 you get there but I'm going to get rid of them they are brand new if you would want them I'll send them to you. Just email me if your interested. I know if you are like I am you like to buy boos that you can use for all the kids. I dont know if you have ever heard of Spelling Power, but its a great spelling book that you can use all the way thru high school.
    Anyways thats my 2 cents worth for today. Hope you have a great day. Blessings, Karen

  9. Wow! Seems like you got some great stuff! Wish I had a store like that nearby.


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