Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love.......

Folded laundry in a basket...fresh off the line! (Our dryer is broken...guess who is hoping it doesn't rain for a few days while Chris gets it fixed?? lol) ...

Clothes hanging out to dry (although...right now..I have no alternative to this...LOL)....

Kids playing under and behind said clothesline....

Blankets to snuggle up in during the fall and winter, as well as this part of my dining room....

And last but not least for now....I love it when my son is playing cars and lines them up...I don't know why I love it so much....but I really do! He does this anytime he plays with his cars and it always makes me smile!

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday! We ran some errands this morning and now are home. I have been doing housework and such and the kids have played! Tonight we are going to a picnic at my inlaws! Who doesn't love a picnic?? Have a great rest of your day everyone!!!


  1. I love the smell of laundry from a clothesline... my Grandma used to dry all her clothes that way, and it reminds me of her!

  2. I love it when the laundry is all done!!!:0) Laundry is one of my least favorite things to do!! Have a fun time at your picnic tonight!!~Wendy

  3. Right before I read this, I looked up and looked back the hallway at my TV in my bedroom and saw Joe Murgo saying "We're in a dry pattern right now....warm days, comfy nights" :) So you may get your wish!

    I have been lazy about the clothes line. I wish I haven't been but I seem to be tossing the clothes in the washer in the evening and then just tossing them in the dryer before I head off to bed. They just need fluffed in the morning then and folded. I guess that's not really being lazy, is it?

    Who doesn't love picnics....well, with how things are lately, I wouldn't enjoy one that involved my in-laws! LOL But I think you don't have my problems ;)

    Have a wonderful evening with your family!

  4. Folded laundry ... topped only by laundry that has been put away :) Enjoy the rest of your day, Katy...

  5. When I was getting married, at my shower, my bridesmaid gave me something I got so excited over....a clothesline, clothespins, and a bag to put them in! Some guests just shook their heads, but I love laundry that has been hung outside!

    I miss the car playing days at my my DS plays with the ride on lawnmower instead! LOL

    Take care

  6. Oh I love the smell of clothes off the line too!
    Ty also lines his cars up like that & funny thing I think he has almost every car in your picture=)
    Have a great week!!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful time tonight Katy!! I love the smell of cloths that have been on the line swaying in the breeze!! Especially sheets:) I also think it is so cute the way kids play sometimes (when NOT fighting!)Thats really cute what your son does with the cars! Thanks for sharing!! Blessings!!

  8. Love the smell of laundry fresh from the line. I really need to have Chuck put one up for me. Hope your picnic was fun! ~Wendi

  9. What a great attitude you have. I would be a more than frustrated if the dryer went out. Thanks for your very positive post!! julie

  10. I need a clothes line, I love when clothes smell so fresh!!

    by the way.... +.4 this week :( UGH! I keep telling myself its only 4 ounces, but I was so good this week.... maybe its because of the bigger than normal loss last week ? I even walked more and ran... ok- Im dont trying to figure it out, its over & done with!!


  11. I love to put my clothes out too. I love the towels all kind of scratchy.
    Looks like you all had a fun day.


  12. I miss a clothesline, nothing compares to the freshness of sun dried laundry. I love your wall, so prim and that chalkboard was a great find, looks like your all ready for school!

  13. A clothesline is on my list of things I want to simplify. Gosh, it would have been nice to have it DURING the summer! And, isn't it funny how the silly things your kids do just make your heart all squishy? It's good stuff. :)

  14. My brother used to have so many hotwheels he played with. He would get so mad at me if I messed with them when he was playing. I just couldn't understand his order for them! Ahh, such is a big sister.


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