Thursday, August 7, 2008

Simple, Country and Oh So Cute! out of nowhere....I took one of my canning jars and I thought to throw a tealight in it. I am sure many others before me have done this...LOL...but the thought just popped into my I did it...and oh my that not sooo simple but so country cute??? I was thinking about some evening that I am having people over or just for fun...putting jars up my front steps or along my stone wall outside...and put lit tealights in cute and country elegant would that be? And....not to mention cheap!!! update at my weigh in...LOL. I gained .5 lbs....but I drank a whole can of diet pepsi vanilla before I went...hehe (it's like my morning cup of coffee). So...I think that was all it was. Honestly...I think I am just at a plateau. I will keep trudging along with trying to eat much as my body craves a nice slice of pizza!!! LOL

I think a while back I posted about this...but I am going to again. Have you ever heard the song My Jesus by Todd Agnew?? If you haven't....or just want to listen to it can go HERE to see it on youtube. I love that song and it was on the radio when I was driving home from Walmart the other night. I bawled and bawled. It's such a wonderful song and always convicts me. Who am I trying to impress....why do I feel and get self conscious about things? Why do I try so hard to convince others that I am this or that? I don't want to be that way...but find myself doing it often.

I don't want to follow the "American Dream"...I want to follow My Jesus. I want to be set apart...I want to be completely humble and have confidence through Him. I want to have the strength and the courage to always do and say the right things and to live a life that is pleasing to Him. Wealth and good physical images are fleeting. So I don't own a huge brick home with a 2 car garage and a picket fence. Are they beautiful? Absolutely. Am I happy for those who DO live that life...absolutely....but am I truly happy with my life now.....ABSOLUTELY!

I have a husband that money couldn't buy. Who cherishes me and loves me. I know and love a Savior that died for amazing is that?? And no amount of money could buy that. I have 3 beautiful children that bless me each day. I have shelter and food....I have soo soo much more to be thankful for...and sometimes I seem to block that out to sit and wish I had the "perfect home" and live the "All American Dream".....LOL....Ironic, isn't it? I already have them! My perfect home is in Heaven....waiting for me....and my All American Dream resides in the love of my family.

This post completely went crazy...LOL...but I want to encourage you...if you happen to be a house gazer/drooler....stop. Don't let discontent cloud your eyes from what is right in front of you. Wealth doesn't make a, prayer, support, encouragement and kindness rooting a family together does! Maybe you are reading this...and you are able to afford living in a large and gorgeous house! That is fantastic!!!! Truly! :) But remember what makes a true home beautiful is the love within its walls!

Of course, I like to look at homes, see new ideas, decorating and such...but I know for me, I will be in much prayer about the spirit of discontent that sometimes creeps in for me. Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Friday!!! xoxo


  1. What a great idea,Katy!! It would probably be pretty easy to make one of those soap dispensers too,like they advertise at The Gooseberry Patch.You`d need a smaller jar of coarse.
    What you said about being content is so true!!That`s one of the things I`ve learned through the trials our family has faced over he past year.I love that song My Jesus.The first time I heard it was on your blog and it is awesome!!
    Don`t worry about the weight gain.I`m sure it was the soda!!I still think you are doing fantastic and you are a HUGE inspiration to me!!!! Hope you are having a restful sleep:)

  2. Oh I love that idea!!
    What a great post! I have had a hard time for many years with my husband's family...they all live in bigger houses, make more money, and unfortunately it is NOT my imagination when I say they look down on us. I KNOW what you say is so true, but sometimes in these situations it is SO hard to be on the positive side.
    Take care

  3. Hi Katy,

    You're post was beautiful and I watched the video from the link. You are so right, Money can't buy what the Lord gives us!! I love that I found your site, your faith comes through in all your posts.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Sisters in Christ,

  4. I love the tealights! :)

    In our old home, we used to have a couple of those (only in not such nice jars.. just store bought jars of jam) and we hung them around the balcony.

    If you wind some copperwire (or the silver kind.. gosh.. what's it called in english????) around the top (where the lid is supposed to screw on) and then make a handle out of the wire, too.. you can hang them just about everywhere :)

    greetings from holland!

  5. It is hard to be content in the world we live in isn't it. Thanks for you post its a great reminder to put my heart back where it belongs.(with Jesus)
    Your candle idea is so cute I will have to try that sometime.
    I am going to a extraordinary womens conferance this weekend. Im so excited Ive been once but mom has never been. Please pray it will be a time of renewal.
    I sure wouldnt worry about the weight because it didnt get there overnight and even though we'd like it to be gone overnight it wont. So keep up the good work it will pay off!
    Blessings, Karen

  6. Great post Katy! It is so easy for discontentment to set in. That is something that I struggle with. I know that I am so blessed but even so it is easy to want and want and want bigger and better. Great reminder.

    I love the canning jar idea. I am a huge fan of canning jars. They are one of my fave things. Have a great weekend!

  7. The simplest things are the best because I know they're doable and I can actually afford them! I love the canning jar with the tealight and it would make a great welcome lining the entrance to your home for company! :)

    How did you know I needed that post today? It's easy for discontent to creep in...that's for sure! I've been wanting to do some redos to my kitchen and unexpected expenses keep coming up...making it very discouraging...but everything you said is true and the MOST important! Because I can take a look around at my home, family and health and I have an abundance to be thankful for...and I am. Thanks for your words of wisdom today, Katy!


  8. I love candlelight so I always have candles going and I like to have them in glass, since I think it is so much safer. I also did a bunch of punch tin cans that I spray painted one year and lined the front steps with. The candles flickering was so beautiful!

  9. Hey Miss Katy!
    Great post today.

    I like to use a half pint jar, like the ones you use for jelly, and tie a pretty raffia bow around it. Then I put in a baking scented votive, like sugar cookie or cinnamon bun or something like that.

    I like to light it when I go into the kitchen to work. When I get tired I just gaze at it a moment.

    So pretty, so simple, so country, so me.


  10. I just loved your words! So inspiring! I have placed tea lights in jars and make a wire hanger around the top to place in low hanging branches on the trees around the patio at night. They are so pretty! Just loved coming to visit here! blessings, Kathleen

  11. Oh I love it! Such a wonderful heartfelt amazing post. I feel the same way and it's always encouraging to hear others who feel the same. Praise the Lord for your testimony!!!

  12. Love your tea light idea! And love your post about contentment even more! You are so right. I love that song too, and it always tears at my very soul, but it's all good! That's the point, right? :)

  13. You know I did the exact same thing yesterday LOL But I took a big canning jar, I mean one of those really tall ones and I threw in a bigger round candle...Love it :)

  14. What a simple but wonderful idea with the jar. We have a bag of 300 tea lights in our food/emergency storage. I will remember this the next time I need something country and cute. Also, your thoughts were inspirational and so true. Money DOES NOT buy happiness. We just need to be content--no matter... Thanks for the sweet post. Julie

  15. SImple things like that are the best aren't they?

    I so agree with this post. In America, most of us live in homes that are way more than the rest of the world. We have electricity and running water,and flushing toilets, heat and a/c, screens to keep malaria carrying bugs out and so so so much more.

    We need to be content with what we have and be grateful for all the blessing we have as well. The most precious things in life are not THINGS.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Oh Katy~ that was such a great post. For being so young you seem to have a real understanding of what is truely important in life and also know the right way to live. If only everyone had your wisdom ! I think you did a great job expressing yourself! Oh and I love the jars with the tealights...I have some jars that are colored and have wire around the neck for hanging on the deck ect....

  17. Yes, yes, yes!! Great post!!
    I also have used mason jars for lighting. I put green split peas in my and an electric tea light because they were in the bathroom and there were quiet a few children over. I also like the idea of birdseed in them. Simple is great too!! There's nothing a mason jar can't do.
    I do love your insight-I think you were preaching a little to me. Not that I need a big, fancy home or even want one, but a home of our own would be nice.

  18. I've done this too, so simple and cheap, can't go wrong there! The wedding lookded perfect, I bet your little girl had the best time! Such a sweet family! Don't stress over the weight gain, it happens, you'll get back on track again! Get some rest, you've earned it!

  19. Google aspartame, it will make one think..........

  20. Love those simple lights! I have also seen them where you take wire and wrap around the top of the jar and hang them in the trees when you've having an outdoor party or cookout. They add such simple ambience.

    You're doing great with your weight challenge. Enjoy that drink and then just keep up the good work!


  21. i totally struggle with this so thanks fo rthe reminder!!

  22. Hi Katy, I've been working my way through all your posts. I have been enjoying them all. You are an amazing person Katy and this was an amazing post. The Lord is working through you here on this blog and I just had to stop and respond. Thank you for ALL of your heartfelt posts...on to the next one! :)


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