Saturday, August 2, 2008


Oh my goodness....I am so excited...we were suppose to get storms today, so I didn't think we would be able to get any work on the house far it has turned into a gorgeous day! I have been out painting...and sweating...LOL. I am getting a nice tan though! LOL As you can see in the above pic...I got paint that completely matches the siding. I started painting over the primer! It doesn't look like a million bucks or anything...but it definitely looks much neater and crisper than it did a few days ago! LOL OH...and notice my door? It used to be white! I painted it a dark forest lake green!
I am still painting everything..that's why you see primer still. It is hot and I do it in shifts so I don't get totally zapped by the sun...know what I mean?

In the pics above and below...are Chris and his brother (who is getting married next weekend!), working on our siding! I am sooo thrilled! I just can't wait till it is all done and it looks like a whole house and not a house with an addition on the back...ya know? Right now I am hearing hammers, saws and such! It is GREAT!!! And...Jaxson is napping through it all!
Look in the sky in the pics....notice how beautiful it is?? No storms!!! YIPPEE!!! :)

So...that's our progress so far today....time for me to go back out and is so NOT a fun job...LOL. But I will be thrilled when it is will look a lot better!!! :) Thanks for following me on my journey of house revamping! LOL

OH....and your comment on my last said you hope we have a nice and restful weekend...I almost laughed out loud when I read that! Such a sweet comment...and here we are working our tails off!!! ROFL! I am TOTALLY resting tomorrow though! Ahaha! ;)


  1. It looks great!! I know re-doing stuff can be a job!! Get some rest tomorrow:) God bless

  2. Well, Katy -- I meant that MAYBE you could rest TOMORROW ;) Ha! Ha! I sure know how engrossing these projects can get though. It's exciting when things start to look crisp and "new" again. Your work will definitely pay off. Keep us posted...

    And I'm glad I could make you laugh, my friend!

  3. Looking good Katy!!
    Take care

  4. WooHoo its looking great!!! all fresh and pretty like a country house should!!! Great job my friend!!...We got to tear our bed apart today and fix it as our feet were higher then heads when we laid down!!LOL...when we moved the box spring and matress OH My WORD...I thought all this time when I "thought" I was ridding my house of the dust bunnies they were running and hiding UNDER MY BED!!!! Well needless to say I have a very clean room and a level bed again!!!LOL....Take it easy out there in the heat my friend!!~Wendy

  5. Katy, This is my first visit to your blog. I sure know the feeling of working hard to improve your home, I have been doing it for four and a half years and I'm still not finished!! It is a wonderful feeling when each section is completed though. Oh, what caught my eye on your blog was your son's name, Jaxson. I have a grandson named Jaxon, that's how I got my user name, jaxonsgram. Anyway, wonderful blog, thanks for sharing, and good luck with your home.

  6. Your house is looking awesome!! I wish I were closer and we could be real life friends.

  7. Looks great Katy! I always have a sense of satisfaction when I go to bed tired knowing that a project is coming along. Hope you have a restful Sunday.

  8. Wow, it looks fantastic! I know it's hard work but will it ever pay off!!!

    God Bless,


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