Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Gazing Ball

Let me start this post by offense to anyone at all...but I am NOT a fan of gazing balls. I just don't like them. My mom, who has GREAT taste and style with her decorating has one...and the kids just love to admire themselves in it....especially Jaxson. So....guess what my mom did? Bought one for him!!!! ACK! Actually...this is the 2nd one...the first one got broken soon after we got it...(it was an accident...but I was relieved I didn't have to have it out)...and so she got us another one.

I let Jaxson open it up...and he was excited for "my ball"! So...I took it outside...and placed it nicely beside the side fence...still accessible to the kids to gaze in...but out of normal seeing range of people who visit my home! LOL

The pic below is the exact reason my mom got it....LOL.

So...even though I don't like them....I guess we will have one...until the kids break it. (my kids are infamous at breaking this case, that may be a good thing! LOL) So offense to those who have them....they are just not my thing....but definitely a fave with the kids!!! haha!
I will update tomorrow (Thursday) on my weight progress....I soooo hope I have lost more!!! We will see tomorrow!!! :)
I know...I am posting this at night and this is the second post today...but I took these pics and just had to post them before I hit the hay for the night!!! LOL Hope you all have a restful sleep! :)


  1. I am so with you Katy I don't like them either, but your right you can see why the kids lov it and what a good mom to share your yard with them!!LOL Have a good night!~Wendy

  2. I there too dont see a need for one unless you have to entertain the kids. lol
    Talk to you tomorrow! Karen

  3. I don't like them either, not sure why they were made LOL. I changed my blog again LOL. I just can't get happy with it. lol

  4. Katy, I'm so sorry, but I too share in your dislike for the imfamous yard balls. My neighbor has several in her yard, and she usually has good taste. I checked out your site, cute blog. And you have real chickens, Im jelous. I have a chicken coop but no chickens! Cute site, I'll add you to my favorites!! Dawn

  5. Hi Katy,

    I'm not a fan of them at all either..but I know alot of people like them...they're just not my "thing" at all! Sometimes you bend a little bit with what you'll do for your kids, don't you? :) The photo of the kids making faces in it was cute though!

    When are you all starting your school off? We won't begin a full schedule until September, but we'll start easing into things the last week of August! Are you excited???


  6. Katy, I will you on this. My neighbor has one and it drives me crazy when the sun glares off of it. Oh the things we mom's do for the kiddos!

  7. Ahhh... the things we moms do for the kids :) I'm not a fan of gazing balls either, but who could resist that kind of simple happiness?

    Good luck with your weigh-in today, Katy!

  8. definitely cute!


  9. Katy, I love the gazing ball picture with your little guy. That is a picture to hold on to. Hand him a shovel and tell him to watch himself dig up the weeds! There you go! Thanks for your sweet post today!
    Blessings, Debbie

  10. You have the cutest kids!!

    Im not a fan of those balls either, they look good in other peoples yards, but not mine :)

    Cant wait to hear about your WI !!!


  11. Hey Katy! I totally agree with you about the balls, my grandma had one and I thought it was the crystal ball from Snow White! LOL... Anyway, the kiddos look so happy...the things we do for our kids, right? LOL

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  12. OMG, that's priceless!! I love those photos! I'll never look at a gazing ball the same way again! LOL
    Thanks for sharing!!


  13. I have never even heard of them!! What are they used for? I would throw out a couple ideas but do not want to lower my IQ by doing so! :)

  14. I'm not a fan of gazing balls either LOL

  15. Katy,

    You will be perfect for homeschooling! It's so wonderful being there for all those learning moments! I can't wait for you to get started! We'll start on a full schedule that same week as you but we will begin a couple of subjects the last week of August just to slowly move us into the school mode, although we've done some things through the summer! I've got to work on some organizational things between now and then...seriously! :)


  16. I don't like them either but the pics of your kids are cute!!
    Does your mom read your blog? Does she know that you don't like them?? I know sometimes the grandparents get my kids things that I don't like, I think sometimes to spite me. Maybe its just because they know the kids will love it. Like that drum set...

  17. Love the post. The kids look so happy--now I know why those balls are made...have a great day. julie

  18. Yep, had one of those......didn't replace afte my son put a baseball through it! haha!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


  19. They`re not my thing either,but the kids look like they`re having a blast with it!


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