Friday, August 1, 2008

Can I Jump Up & Down & Stamp My Feet?

....Well, I probably could...but I would look ridiculous and it wouldn't solve anything! LOL I have to can beets today. My husband loves them and they are picked from the garden...and need done. I have NO desire to can them though...LOL. Apparently they turn your hands red! ACK! I am really NOT looking forward to that! So...I guess I better get going on that!

OH...and after posting the pics of my house yesterday...I think I have decided to go ahead...spend the $$$ and get a couple gallons of paint and repaint the front part of the house...yes, someday it will be made into a REAL open porch...but until then...why not have it look nice...right? So...I may try to start that today or tomorrow too!! Wish me luck! (I have never painted a part of a house on the outside before!!! LOL)

Hopefully I will have some fun pictures to post later!! Hope you all have a happy Friday! :)


  1. Okay, so glad it is YOU and not ME canning beets today! LOL I do like to eat them once in a while, but no thanks to the canning them!!

    As for your house, if it makes you happy sure, paint it, but you don't need you said, at some point it will be sided, etc.....and no tips on that...never painted an outside part of a house before! LOL
    So, in other words, I am of no help whatsoever to you today!!!!
    Take care...have fun...and DO show photos!!! (I'll be thinking about you canning.....heehee)

  2. Yuck! Beets I didnt know anyone really ate them. lol Im with Marion on painting the house only if it makes you happy after all it will have siding. Hope you have a great day even though you are canning beets,give praises to God for allowing us just to be able to have the food we need! Blessings Karen

  3. I have canned beets in the past and yes they turn your hands red! But, you could wear latex gloves!!
    I cant wait to see the pics of your home after you paint. Your house it very cute by the way :)

  4. Girl, get yourself some thin rubber gloves! :)

    (I need to can tomatoes and have no idea how... Ugh.)

  5. Hi Katy,

    Thank you for your encourgment and prayers!! Good luck with the beets...and PAINTING!! =)

    God bless and have a great weekend!


  6. Beets are not a fav of mine and there is very little I don't like! LOL Have fun canning and get those gloves like the others said and save your hands! :)

    I really like your little sun porch! I have always wanted one, I guess because we had one when I was a kid. It's my dream to one day have my own on my house. I was talking about this one day and Jeremy felt the same way..never knew it! LOL

    Anyway, if you want to paint, go for it but like you said, you're siding it in the future...I know you want a new front porch but could you do a porch somewhere else? The back...the side? It's totally you to you of course but it makes little sense to paint, then side and then rip it all off...

    Have a great day!

  7. Hi Katy, just get some of those surgical gloves and can away. I love beets. Tell Chris he's doing a great job siding the house, and that it's wonderful that he has the know how to do it himself. I think I would like to try those cheesy meatballs they look pretty tasty. Enjoy your home it's a beauty in the rough. Time is all you need. Deb

  8. My Mom always loved beets too. Can you wear rubber gloves to protest your hands? We keep a box of surgical gloves for really dirty jobs or staining.
    Good luck!


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