Friday, August 1, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

Yep...I am silly. I started primering. It's HOT out and I was sweating buckets....I haven't pulled a ladder out to reach up high...but this is what I have gotten done so far. I figure I may continue in the evening when it is a bit cooler out. My mom and chris think I should have chipped off all the old paint first...but that would have taken FOREVER. I figure..whatever I do now can only improve how it already looks...LOL. I plan on painting the front door (and maybe trim around the windows) a dark hunter green color. (you can't see the front door in the pic below cuz it is open...i'm not painting the screen door..LOL) Also...I had to trim our rhodedendron bush cuz it was in my way.
So...I decided to take a break from painting...and alas, the beets were screaming my name. I told them to be quiet...but they wouldn't listen. So...I had to get them...trim off the leaves and then boil them. Below is a pic of me...peeling off the skins and slicing the beets after they were boiled....and yes, I am wearing a glove...LOL~thanks for the suggestion girls! :)

Here's as I was filling the jars..I only ended up with 2 jars of them. After ALL those beets I cut and cooked and washed and everything...only 2 jars are being canned of them! Kinda feels like a whole lotta work for nothing. I probably should have used pint jars instead....ahh...hindsight....I always think of things after it is too late! I must say...beets smell kinda icky after they are cooked. They will probably stink while canning right now too...blah! I sure hope Chris loves me a whole lot!!! LOL you see what I have been doing today. As well as dealing with the dog, Cash...gosh he drives me nuts, and watching my kiddos and cleaning things as well.....I feel like I could take a nap! I hope you all are having a lovely day and have a wonderful weekend!!! :)


  1. Oh, nothing worse than working and working and working away and ending up with only a couple of jars for your hard work!! I always use quart jars - I have some pints, but haven't used them for anything in quite some time. With our family of 5 it just seems easier to open one quart instead of needing to open more than one pint LOL Hope it cools a bit so you can get back to your painting. I bet it'll look lovely when you're done!

  2. Ohhh, I think I will just buy beets--LOL!! You are amazing to do that--I'm impressed. Good luck with the painting---won't fall be nice? Have a wonderful weekend. Julie

  3. You go girl! My goodness you have a lot of energy...can you spare some...LOL... I think it's going to look darling. I'm with you...NO scrapping paint for me!

    Have a wonderful, restful? weekend!


  4. Hehehe You & I probably have a lot in common- get an idea in your head and its full steam ahead. Scrapping? No Way, lets just get right to the good stuff!!!

    My husband is always shaking his head at me. hehehe

    You Go Girl! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. House looks great!
    AGH, all that work for two jars! I don't think I will be trying it anytime in my lifetime! LOL
    When you get a minute....I have a post..second one today..and I need yours is most welcome!
    Take care

  6. Katy,
    Scraping is for whoosies! LOL I would have dug right in, too and then not worried until I hit a big spot with peeling paint. Then maybe I would knock it off a bit and keep going! LOL

    I tend to fly into something and then suddenly I get that overwhelming feeling of, "Why did I do this?!" LOL Like the day I started sanding my dresser in my bedroom and hours later made little progress! LOL But I found a simple solution and kept working and got is stripped, sanded and restained and it was worth it!

    It will all be worth it!

    And I'm sure your hubby will appreciate the beets. He best and best not say anything else, right? LOL

    Good luck!

  7. hunter green?? does that go with the yellow?? i can't picture it - but what do i know? i am horrible with decorating.

    i'm at The Cord.... bored. lol....

    i relisted some of my etsy stuff.. i am hoping to make more mittens.

    wish i could can veggies.. but oh well! maybe some day!

  8. Wow Katy!!You are brave to be painting the outside of your house alone!!I`m sure it will turn out great!!What a nice thing to do for your hubby by canning those beets for him!I`m sure he will love them!!Have a great weekend!!

  9. What were you thinking girlfriend!!LOL....Why do we always seem to get ourselves into pickles like this!!hahahaha!!! Your doing a great job it looks wonderful who cares if you didn't scrape it!!! And I know Chris will love you for your effort!!!(I don't like beets either!:0)) Have a great weekend!!~Wendy

  10. Oh I feel for you painting in that heat. I have done it too and it takes alot of you! And the beets not making as much as you would have liked - I am sure Chris will appreciate them twice as much!

    About clean homes - the funniest thing is that you should have seen the mess the day of the shoot. The only part of the room that was clean and orderly was what was in the camera lens! LOL It took me hours to get stuff put back when they left - but it was worth it!)

  11. Whew! It's so hot to be painting! My hat is off to you! That's alot of work in the hot! I hope it all goes well! I'm ready for cooler weather! :)


  12. Wow, you are amazing. You are doing something crafty in just about every post. I love to see that side of people. I have to say I do not like painting and I do not like beets so I am feeling for you. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for visting my blog.

  13. Hi Kady, I love that window on your porch, how are you going to paint it? Will you do a color for the trim and panes or will it all be the same color? Deb


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