Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Beautiful Wedding...but EXHAUSTING day! yesterday was exhausting. We were busy the whole day!!! I am soooo pooped! I think everyone else in the bridal party is as well! Above is a picture of Madelyn after she walked down the aisle. Her and my nephew walked too fast down the aisle for me to get a good pic of them actually walking together! LOL

Below is a picture of the entire wedding party....doesn't everyone look fantastic? The bride's mother made all the bridesmaids dresses and the men's vests!!!

I think I am going to get this picture framed!!! My 4 favorite people on this Earth:

Chris and I....after the wedding...before the reception...this was while all the professional pics were being taken:
And a family shot! The boys were being stinkers...can you tell?? LOL

It was a beautiful wedding and I think Dan (Chris's brother) is really happy! Chris gave a heartfelt best man's speech at the made he and his brother cry...and of course...I cried! LOL
I went and taught Sunday School this morning...and now I am home...and we are all going to totally relax....we all need this day of rest to recoop for the week ahead! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!! xoxo


  1. Beautiful wedding pics. Its amazing how such an exciting day can wear you out. Hope you get good and rested today.
    When you get a chance come by my blog and get your name in the hat for the new giveaway.
    Blessings, Karen

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL family! Those dresses are adorable!

  3. Everyone looks so good and love those dresses. My daughter is getting married and we are looking for dresses, those are really cute - I will have to show her!!

    Have a restful day :)

  4. So glad the wedding turned out nicely. The pics are wonderful!

  5. Oh, wow, I love those dresses!! Makes me want to get married again.

  6. It looks like a wonderdul day with great day with great memories!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Everyone looks wonderful and i love the dresses! I know what you mean about being tired...I feel the same way! LOL

  8. Hi Katy, What a darling family you have!!!!! And what a beautiful wedding!...I love the brown!....Enjoy your week!...Heidi XO

  9. Love the picture of Chris and the kids. Very good!

    I can't believe that the mother of the bride made all the clothing. She was a very busy lady and did a fantastic job! ~Wendi

  10. What beautiful photos, Katy! It sure looks like you all had quite a memorable day!

    The bride's mom sure is talented!

    I hope your day of rest was truly that...

  11. Great pictures Katy!!Thanks so much for sharing this special day with us!!Hope you get a restful sleep tonight!!

  12. Hi Katy,

    Wow! You have a gorgeous family, mom included!!

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, I just love weddings!

    God bless,

    ps...get some sleep!!

  13. What a fun experience for your daughter. My girls would LOVE to be in a wedding:). And I love your family picture. Each of you look so nice in it.

  14. Katy, looks like a beautiful wedding. To make all of those dresses and tuxes. Wow! Dawn

  15. You guys are absolutely adorable! How blessed you are to have such a wonderful husband and kids. (I read the sweet post about the letter your husband wrote to you) It touched my heart.

  16. I loved all the pictures! It sounds like a beautiful wedding and I'm sure although it was exhausting, this day will hold lots of memories for your family!


  17. I'm just loooooooooving yours and your daughters curls! :D

    I used to have curls like that.. until I was 4, and then they all DISAPPEARED.... now my hair is as straight as a chinese woman's!

    (p.s. it doesn't help to have a daughter with a beautiful afro either, *LOL*)

    greetings from the netherlands!

  18. just got caught up on your blog. good for you about the is a little nerve wracking. My daughter is also supposed to be going into grade one. I went against the grain in kindergarten, and all turned out well though.
    It helps that the homeschoolers around here have a not going back to school pic nic on the first day back.
    oh....and beautiful wedding pics.

  19. Loved all the wedding pictures..just beautiful. For sure frame the picture of your kids and's perfect!

  20. Beautiful Katy! Love those family photos.



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