Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Few More Favorite Things.....

A few weeks ago...I shared a few pics of a few of my favorite things....and I have a couple more things to share with you as well! the pic above is a gift I got for my friends birthday. I love to put together little gift baskets. I put in all kinds of stuff....a candle, a loofah, potpourri, lip gloss, car air fresheners and a keychain. I think gift baskets are fun to put together...and also fun for the receiver....lots of things to look at and be excited over! :)

Below is a picture of my bluebird salt and pepper shakers that my mother got me for Christmas this past year! Aren't they soo cute? I know there are people who collect salt and pepper shakers....are you drooling yet? lol I think they are so sweet. We don't actually use them...I just have them sitting in my kitchen...although I don't know that a red counter really compliments them......
OK...this next pic is something neat! Our town has a sidewalk sale at the end of June. I always go...usually don't find much. However...this year, I found this little stool. Isn't it sooo cute? And it was only $7!!! I thought that was a fantastic price!!! While I was looking at it...I, at first, thought it was hand painted...but after closer examination...I discovered it was a wallpaper border!!! Seriously! Someone applied a wallpaper border onto the stool and then sealed over it! What a fantastic idea!!! I never would have thought to do that! And it made an adorable stool!!! Have you all ever heard of that before??

I want to thank everyone for their super sweet comments on my previous post. I appreciate you all sharing in my excitement with me and sharing with me about your relationships as well! I enjoyed all of the comments! :) (and if you haven't commented on it yet..but have time, i would love to hear your thoughts as well!!!)

Tomorrow is weigh in day! I look forward to that! Also my family and I will be super busy this weekend...starting tomorrow. Chris's brother (and best buddy) is getting married on Saturday. I gotta pick up Chris's tux tomorrow...and then tomorrow evening is the bachelorette party. Then friday I need to prepare food for the rehearsal dinner...and then the rehearsal and supper will be that night. The Saturday morning...we gotta go get Madelyn's hair done (she is a jr. bridesmaid) and the wedding is that afternoon!!! We will be soo sooo busy! And THEN...X's 5th birthday is next week!!!! ACK! LOL


  1. I think gift baskets make the sweetest can really personalize them. I have a weakness for salt and pepper shakers and think your birds are the cutest things! The stool is also wonderful. It sounds like we both have a busy weekend ahead. How is your daughter wearing her hair? Grace and Emily want theirs up! :0)

  2. I love that stool, Katy! What a clever idea.

    I hope you'll enjoy your crazy, festive family weekend!!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it...

  3. Gift baskets are so much fun!! I too thought the stool was painted but, what a great price, it is cute!! And your little salt and pepper shakers are so adorable!! I hope you all have a great time this weekend!! Take care my friend!:0) (((hugs))) Wendy

  4. Great finds. I especially like the stool. I like your header too. Very original. You commented on my post about The Shack. You probably did the right thing. I enjoyed reading it, but will admit I felt a little uncomfortable while reading parts of it, but it hasn't affected my faith in any way. It might have though if I was a new Christian. I've been around long enough to have seen and heard many challenges to my faith. Today it is stronger than it has ever been.

  5. What a busy weekend you have ahead of you!!I love that stool.You can use wallpaper to decoupage things.That`s probably what they did on that stool:)

  6. I know your friend is going to love her gift basket...that is so thoughtful and it is fun to get a basket of goodies to look through!

    I hope the wedding is lots of fun for all!

    I loved your post below on being a virtuous woman! That is so sweet! I don't know how couples make it without a relationship founded and based on God! I thank the Lord everyday that I have the man he made for me!


  7. What a cute stool!! I also love gift baskets-so fun!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Katy! So nice to meet you.
    Those salt and pepper shakers are just adorable.
    I love gift baskets too. I've put together quite a few over the years, and love coming up with different ideas for each one.


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