Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Chatter

A blog I really enjoy is Kelli's Blog..."There's No Place Like Home". Now, although I have made my own homemade cards before...I haven't done so in a while. She posts often of some of the homemade cards she makes and it inspired me to start making my own again. I have a woman I know who lost her son who was my age, a few years back....on my anniversary. This lady is one of the sweetest is her husband. I think of her and pray for her often. Losing a child is one of the hardest things in life to go through, in my opinion. Anyway....I try to send her cards every few months to let her know I am thinking of and praying for her. I wish there was more I can do...but I just pray that she doesn't find it annoying. (Sometimes I worry that my personality is overwhelming and annoying to people).....Anywayyyy....above is the pic of the card I made her. I pray it gives her a smile and lets her know she is loved and thought about!

Last evening...we drove to a high school football game. My BIL coaches and likes when Chris is there. Jaxson got to have a sleepover at my mom's and Madelyn spent the evening with my MIL so X could have a fun evening with mommy and daddy! He seemed to have a good time! I am glad we got to spend special time with him. I think that is important to do with each child! :)

So that is some Saturday chatter for you! I hope you are all doing well and having a lovely weekend! I think I may have some fun things going on this weekend...I guess we shall see! xoxo


  1. I, too, have become lax in my card-making but with resolve, I plan to get busy and make some Halloween for all the grandkids and a couple very personal ones. Thanks for that!!
    The little one is adorable. Back when mine were young, as a single parent, it was difficult but I planned and executed special days foreach of my kids every month. They all looked forward to those days...Ahhhh, to be young again..............

  2. What a cute little guy! Sounds like you had a good time - he looks pretty happy! Card making isn't something I've gotten into yet. There are so many things I want to learn to do, I have to pace myself! Have a beautiful day, Miss Katy!

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us!! I have been wanting to make cards for a while now. Your hadwriting is beautiful Katy!!! It is so nice getting cards from people in the mail! Blessings!!

  4. Beautiful picture of the sunflowers!

    I think it is so sweet that you remembering the woman who lost her son. So thoughtful!

  5. I really enjoyed your "Saturday Chatter." I might try making cards myself. I see so much talent in blogland. It is so very thoughtful of you to remember the woman who lost a child.

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  7. How sweet that you send cards to this friend who lost her child.
    And a "handmade" card as well! You do a really good job Katy!
    ~ I don't see how anyone could be annoyed.. and your personality is a BLESSING.
    The "LittleGUY" IS CUTE!
    Bet he loves when Momma plays with scissors, glue, and cardstock. ;)

  8. I love the card you made Katy. I am sure the lady really appreciates your cards and the fact you care about her. Your son is so cute and the sunflowers are gorgeous.

  9. What a cutie you have! Just adorable. Very kind of you to make that card for her. I'm sure she'll appreciate the thought.


  10. hi! I have a new link to my blog... it's no longer kates kountry kottage it's now

    have a great weekend

  11. First of all, I think sending your friend a card every few months to say you're thinking of her and her husband is a beautiful sentiment. I don't think your personality is overwheling, I think it's thoughtful and Christ like!! Losing a child has to unspeakably, I cannot imagine.

    Secondly, Your kids are so dare adorable! Aren't Aunts and uncles the best!!! You're sisters blog is too cute, I love the green van.

    Have a wonderful weekend...I've babbled too long...LOL

    God bless,


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