Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Up-Talk for ya!

Up-talk? What in the world am I talking about? LOL....I'm giving you a lil tour of my upstairs today. Thus "Up-talk"....ahahaha! OK...I's not that funny. Anyway...I have showed you pics of the kids rooms before...but I just thought I would update for fun. We have rearranged etc since the last time I posted pics.

Here is Madelyn's room.....I looks a lil cluttered...but she's a young girl and I let her do some of the "decorating" to make her room her "own"...So even though she has lots of long as it is put away decently and all...I don't fuss. I like her to be able to have a space of her own!
Yes...she has a sleeping bag on her bed as her comforter! It is Cinderella and she loves I don't fuss about it on the bed. We took the cute quilt off that I did have on there and let her have her princess one on I's fun for her to have a room of her own! She won't be little very as long as the bed is made...and looks decent...I am happy! :)

X used to have a race car bed...was it cool...? YES! But it was tooo huge for his small today...I said...BACK to a normal bed! So I set up the regular bed and took apart the race car one! Whew! Quite a work you gotta clean as you go cuz gosh....there was stuff in every nook and cranny on my son's floor (behind the racecar bed). Plus, I did some rearranging to give him some more room in there.

His room is NOT redone yet. It's just a plain old room. We haven't painted it or changed the carpet or anything. We will eventually. Just haven't yet!

And here is a sneak peek into Jaxson's room....

See the one lone sesame street pic on the wall? LOL...I have others to put up that my mom got me...but I had trouble getting the nail into the wall. That was the only one I got up so far! LOL I think of his room as the gingerbread room....doesn't it look like gingerbread with a light dusting of powdered sugar on it?? :)

And last...and most certainly least....I have here to show you..our upstairs mini bathroom. Is it pretty and fancy? Nope! Does it serve it's purpose? YES!!!

My upstairs isn't super fancy. But we keep it clean and it definitely is home! We are redoing our room at a time...slowly but surely. Jaxson's and Madelyn's rooms are redone...but X's isn't...and I don't know if I will even try to fancy up the lil bathroom. My bedroom (which I didn't show in this lil tour) is half finished...LOL. Anyway....just thought it would be fun to share. I always like seeing other's homes!!! Happy Wednesday!!! xoxo


  1. Yay! I love checking out other peoples homes too. In fact, I went around my little house earlier today and took some pics to post. I don't have a lot of rooms but I have walls! LOL I love your farm house and I love the 'lil' bathroom. Thanks for the tour!

  2. So much to comment on. I think the bathroom is cute. And your daughters room is adorable I love the murals. I went to school with a girl that wasn't allowed to sit on her bed. As a kid I thought that was weird. As an adult I thought it sad. I love how you make the room look decorated but allow the kids to be kids.
    BTW...I am de-cluttering my blog today and adding a blog roll and well...I am adding you because I just love your blog.
    Thought I would let you know!
    Have a great Thursday...see you at Iris's?

  3. Oh Katy, your house is just precious!! I love houses that look like homes! I love the murial on your daughter's wall, did you paint that?

    Thanks for giving us a "up-talk" tour!

    God bless,

  4. Madelyn's room is adorable :)

    Aften had a really cute garden nursery. She turned 3 and decided she had enough...yes, at 3! She asked for pink walls and I honestly was tired of the murals...even after all the work I put into them and left her have her way! LOL I just believe it's their bedroom so they should feel comfortable in it!

    I like your little bathroom. It's different and had a lot of character!

    So the racecar beds aren't all they are cracked up to be, then? Is your little one okay with the change? That's always the fun part! LOL

  5. I came from Kelli's blog. Thanks for sharing. I love your daughters room. How cool!

  6. I loved the tour, Katy! The kids' rooms are really cute! I like it too because you can tell that a loving family lives there!


  7. I'm LOOOOOOOOVING Madelyn's room! Wow! Did you guys paint all of those wall yourselves?

    greetings from holland! ;)

  8. I just hopped over here to say hi.....and when I saw Madelyn's room....I was amazed! The white furniture, the mural...just everything.....because I have a granddaughter, Madilen, and her room LOOKS EXACTLY like your Madelyns! The princes stuff, the white picket fence...OMG...everything! And My Madilen also had a hand in decorating hers.
    The rest of the upstairs is cute as it can be! (I have to call my daughter she can look at your daughter's room ....she won't believe it either!)My Madilen is 7.

    I'll see if I can get some pictures of her room. You won't believe it!


  9. Morning,

    Your house is so cute! I love to peek into others homes, Did you paint all of her room yourself? It's ADORABLE!!

    Have a Great Thurs.

  10. Love what you've done so far. I think you are very wise to let your kids have a say so in their own rooms it gives them a sense of "own" and lets them be themselves. I think your little bathroom is cute too. Cant wait to see the other rooms finished. Hope you have a great day. Blessings, Karen

  11. Hi again! I loved your tour... and your little girls room is precious!

  12. What a wonderland for the kiddos, I love the rooms, you did a great job! I've got a award for you to pick up and claim, congrats!

  13. I love your little girls room. Thats so cute! I bet she loves it!

    Your sons room is way cool too. I love the gingerbread men.

    Have a great day!

  14. Katy,
    Sorry it took me awhile, but I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog ( Courtney's Contemplations )the other day. With my wedding only 65 days away now, my blogging can get somewhat neglected. :S

  15. I love the white fence in the little girls room! So elegant and perfect for a girl. The antique dresser in the other room is wonderful as well.

    My grandmother used to tell me that cleanliness is next to godliness! Keep it clean and who cares how plush it is! :-)

  16. I really enjoyed your house tour. I love the picket fence and the happy sun in Madelyn's room. The gingerbread room is lovely and the quilt is beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you do with the other room. Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a cozy upstairs, Katy! Your daughter's room is so adorable with the white picket fence...I love it!
    P.s. Thank you for the sweet comment on my giveaway post!

  18. I love to see the homes of others. I find it very interesting! I think you have done a great job so far. There is so much that needs to be done in my home. One of these days is all I can promise! LOL!

  19. It's like peeking into windows and I love to do that. When we drive at night, I make sure DH drives thru residential areas so I can see in windows!!!!
    I have a quilt like that one.
    I love your daughter's room.
    looking forward to helping my daughter decorate her new daughter's room......

  20. i love the kind of home you have it has so many neat nooks & crannies!!! It is so cute:)

  21. OMG!!!Your little girls room is just awesome. I am new to your blog and have been reading for a few months now and I truly love reading your post. Did you do the painting on the walls. It is beautiful. I love your little practical bathroom. It looks so country and cute. How do you get your kids to keep their room so neat?????? is what I want to know!!!!


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