Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes Sharing is NOT a Good Thing!

I had mentioned HERE about how X got sick on my birthday. Well....the rest of us ended up getting it too. Tuesday night...Jaxson started throwing up....then an hour later...Madelyn started...and then I started as well. It was horrible. I was in bed most of the day yesterday....still sick. I must say...this is definitely an instance when sharing is not good! LOL

On Tuesday....before getting sick, the kids and I ran to Walmart....look at my helpers...hehe:

Then...I come around the side of my van to see this:

Isn't that just horrible??? People can be so rude! The cart collection place was not far away at all...and people just left these carts here....right up against my van. Let me tell you the good thing about this happening gave me a great chance to talk to the kids about how important it is to respect other people's property and not be lazy.

And just a couple pics of 2 of my kiddos! Since X was past having the flu mom took him for a couple days so it was one less kiddo to watch. Today I will be changing sheets and lysoling things. It's hard though...cuz I still don't feel I will just have to take it easy.

Hope you all are well and having a great week! :)


  1. Oh that shopping cart thing irritates me too!! Why is it so hard for people to just walk a few extra steps and put them in the cart corrals?? Neat you used it as a teaching moment though :)

  2. In Holland, we have the perfect solution for that shopping cart problem.... the carts are now locked, and you have to put a euro-coin (say, $1,50) in it to unlock one..

    So when you just leave 'em like that, you'll lose your money and nobody wants that ;)

    greetings from holland!

  3. Morning,

    I hope that ya'll start to feel better soon, It's no fun when your sick and have to take care of everyone.

    Take care,

  4. Hope you all feel better soon! That doesn't sound like fun!

    I would be so upset about those carts! I know people can be so lazy and leave them right by their cars and take off. The cart corrals are not too far away...

  5. Oh, sicks kids are bad enough, but a sick Mommy too! Yuck!

    I know what you mean about the shopping carts and respecting other people's property. Huge pet peeve of mine.

    Hope you all feeling 100% soon.

  6. Hope you feel btter Katy!! I hate that sickness, but I always tell Mark "at least I lost some weight!" I know I have issues!! Have a great day>:)

  7. Sorry you're not feeling well. It's hard to be the Mom when you feel yucky too! I was sad yesterday when I didn't get my daily dose of The Country Blossom! Now I know why!

    Could your kids be any cuter? Your daughter looks just like you! Lucky girl. :)

  8. Katy,

    We turn experiences like that into "lessons" for the kids too! That's what is meant by teaching your kids when you rise and when you lie down, I think...even in the little things.

    Hope everyone is feeling better there at your house!

    ~ Tammy ~

  9. I just noticed your Answers in Genesis link to the left. I love them! As a matter of fact, we use their Science curriculum...God's Design Science Series. When we start next week, we will begin the one called Our Universe! That's a great website!


  10. Oh Katy you poor babies!! I absolutely hate to throw up!! Oh I hope you and your kiddos are feeling better soon!!
    I too hate how people just leave their carts everywhere but where they belong!! Take care my friend!!~Wendy

  11. That also bothers me when people don`t put their carts back. Ithink Aldi`s has the right idea about locking up their carts and paying a quarter to use them:) Sorry you guys were sick:( Hope everyone`s health returns quickly!! Blessings!

  12. the kids are getting so big! and yeah, i'd be ticked about the stupid carts!! argh!

    weightloss update?

  13. I hope you all are feeling better soon!

    The shopping cart thing really makes my blood boil! How rude indeed! One time I took my Mama grocery shopping and we had just gotten everything in the car and I was about to get it. All of a sudden, a woman slammed her shopping cart into my car! And I do mean SLAMMED! It put a big dent in my fender and she ran to her car and drove off. I got her license plate number and reported her. I still get angry when I think of it. If she had just apologized, I would not have turned her in. But she was not sorry at all, only sorry that we saw her!

  14. That shopping cart thing drives me bananas, I get so frustrated sometimes.

  15. Just wanted to say hi Katy and wish you a lovely weekend. Hope it is awesome!

  16. Katy,
    I hope you are back to 100%, and I hope this helps, you have an award waiting on my site. So please go over and check it out.
    Kim in OK

  17. Sorry you all have been sick.

    I LOVE the look for your blog. So appealing with all the clip art, etc. Did you design it yourself??

  18. Aw, I hope you all get feeling better soon. I know it's tough to be sick when you're a mommy. Take care of yourself girl!

    Yeah, the shopping cart this is so frustrating! My car has been hit a few times. UGH!


  19. Hi Katy
    Sorry to hear you have all been ill. Hope you are all feeling better. We have to put a pound coin in our shopping carts at some stores in England like your friend in Holland explained. It must be a european thing. It does work but is annoying if you don't have a pound. You have to go in and buy something, get change and then come back out for your cart!

  20. Hi, Katy, thanks for stopping by & peeking at my laundryroom. So glad you liked it & thanks for the note.

    Please come back again!


  21. The shopping cart thing makes me mad too. We used to shop at Aldi's (when we had one) They had you put a quarter in for a cart and then you got your quarter back when you returned it.
    I hope your family is feeling better soon!

    Have a blessed Thursday!

  22. On a list of things that are not fun is throwing up--so sorry you have been sick. Luckily, "this too shall pass...." have a better day. Julie

  23. the shopping cart thing drives me nuts too! why do people do that! =(

  24. OOOOH! That would make me mad too! People just have no respect for others. I see that happen a lot in the supermarket parking lots. It's so nerving when the cart collection spot is just a few spots away. People can't seem to be bothered putting them away. I hope your van didn't get all scratched up or anything.

    Hope you all get over the flu soon. We've all had it too, and I still do, after 2 weeks!



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