Saturday, August 16, 2008

Homeschool Binder

A few days ago I came along THIS site. It's called My Blessed Home...and I really like her site! I haven't been all through it...but I did focus on her homeschooling section. She talked about her homeschooling binder. I had one already started...but wasn't exactly sure what to do with it totally or how to organize it. I was sooo glad I found her site! Now, of course, hers and my binders are different...but I used her basic outline for mine as well! If you would like to see can go HERE.

For mine....I started with the most of you know, I chose the name for our school to be "Under God's Umbrella"....and I included our homeschooling purpose and also our base verse which is Colossians 1:10. I worked on this cover this morning and I think I like how it turned out! :)

Like My Blessed Home, I sectioned my binder off into 3 sections:

In this section I include my daily planner, my weekly goals checklist, a list of library books I would like to borrow, and a copy of my school objectives that I turned into the school district.

In this section I include a list of books Madelyn has read, a list of books (and dates) I have read to the kids, field trip log, and an extracurricular activities and projects log.

In this section I include a folder to keep all completed weekly check off lists in, a folder for completed tests, and a folder for completed worksheets and papers from the week (at the end of the week...I will transfer these to a seperate portfolio I am keeping of all Madelyn's work).

***And...something completely different than from My Blessed Home...I decided to start a journal. This is where I will record what we have done each day....things that were enjoyed and not enjoyed by the kids. It will tell of what subjects, activities and projects we have accomplished each day! Then...I will be able to look back and say exactly what happened each day and also see what my children enjoyed through the year. will be a total record of everything! When I turn things into my school district at the end of the year...if they have a question..I will be able to refer back to my planner...and also my journal to what got done and when!!!

I am no homeschool expert...just going along on this journey and sharing what I have learned. This is my second post for today....if you haven't yet...please check out my previous post today!!! Thanks so much!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wonderfully creative you are Katy! You should be a teacher! seriously! Sorry I've been a bad blog friend. My wk was crazy, as you've read lol. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great idea, Katy!! I may have to implement that one myself.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh, I had one more idea. More for my notebook, you may have done this already. Writing down ideas for field trips, unit studies, etc. I know I am always finding good ideas from other blogs and then forget them or misplace them, this would be a good place to have all my ideas and plans together.

  4. Wow, you are so organized and creative. I think you will be amazed at how good you're going to be in this new role. When does you school year start?

    Have a fabulous weekend Katy!
    God bless,

  5. The binder will be a lot of work this year but it will be a great tool to use for years to come.

    About missing won't. Keep your plans out during the day and check things off as you go through them. Some days you might not get all done that you planned but you will be surprised at the things covered when they are not in "school". Sometimes parents forget that teachers are not the only ones to teach their children, kids learn all day. You will get it all done, don't worry =)

  6. Very cool!
    I'm going to check it out.

  7. Katy,
    I am thrilled that you found Candy`s blog!! I encourage you to visit her often. She is a very talened women in many areas of life. She also does some really great bible studys. Your binder looks awesome Katy!! You are getting so organized and ready for school. I could cry when I think of all the wonderful memories you`ll be making with your children. And that journal is a fantastic idea. You should include photos as well. It could be like a year book for your children! Awe! I picture you going through it one day as a grandma with grandbabies on your lap... oh my gosh!!I just think it`s so fantastic that you will be homeschooling!!! Have a blessed weekend and thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Lol! I feel so silly right now! I thought you were talking about another blog!! There is one that I visit often called Keeping the Home,her url is,so that`s why I got confused. She homeschools four children and has a home management binder too. She does posts about how she organizes her binder and such.You should check it out. Her blog has taught me so much and has been a real blessing!! Take care:)

  9. What a neat idea! Come see me soon to pick up your award and happy Sunday!

  10. Katy,

    I think you're going to be a great homeschooling mom and you and the kids will have alot of fun and happy memories! You have a great outlook on everything! I think the journal idea is the best! Sometimes a list of what you're going to accomplish can be disappointing when the day doesn't go as planned, but when you write down what you DO get done, you get that sense of accomplishment! That's a good thing!

    I hope you all have a blessed homeschool year!



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