Monday, August 11, 2008

My New Purse!

Well, my birthday is not towards the end of the month...but I already knew what I wanted. I had gotten a Donna Sharp bag earlier this year. It is beautiful....yellow and green with bees and flowers on it. I love it...however, it is more for spring/ I will use it in those seasons.I asked Chris if he minded if I went ahead and bought the bag I want, as my bday gift. He said sure! :) So...because I am such an impatient person...and we were over in that town anyway, I stopped at the store that has them and got one. probably still is more for spring/summer....but I love it and figure it will be great for fall/winter. Then when next spring and summer come around, I can switch back to my other one!! I just wanted to share a couple pics with you all....for fun! Here is another angle:

What kind of purse are you carrying? Do you use the same one for a while or do you switch often? I would love to see it!!! Please let me know if you decide to make a purse post too! I would love to come and visit!!! xoxo


  1. Hi Katy, thanks for coming by my place today. I LOVE your blog....I can't wait to check it ALL out! Oh....and that purse is adorable! I have a purse very much like that...but in different colors. IO think it may be the country decorating in us....that makes us want a country looking purse.

    Come over again....I'll show you my purse.

  2. you and your purses!!!!
    i think the new one will work fine for the fall....

    i am still kicking myself for not having gotten that one leather purse in Erie when we were up there to pick apples. i still am looking for one like it though!


  3. I am a purse-aholic!! My husband always asks if "that is the purse of the week"?!! I have never paid full price for one though--always thrifties and yard sales and clearance. Your new purse is way cute. I love the colors. Have a great day. Julie

  4. Cute! I usually use the same purse year round. It is black leather. I know... boring! ~Wendi

  5. Nice bag!
    I have one purse at a time, and always, always throw the purse out after I'm done using it LOL. Not sure why, but I never keep them. I usually carry a purse for 6 months, then buy a new one. Usually with the winter/summer thing. In the winter I like black or brown. Summer I buy either white or something colorful.

  6. Hi Katy,
    Thanks so much for your encouragement to me on my blog.

    I really like your new purse. Now, be a good girl and put it away until your birthday. Then take it out and act surprised!

    Ha Ha!

    I'm usually a basket person. I cannot tell you how many of my friends have started carrying baskets after being around me for awhile. I have a couple of purses, too. I like to change.

    I'll have to take a photo and let you know.

    God bless!

  7. I think I need a purse like that, no you don't understand, it's not like I want it, I really think I NEED it LOL

    It's beautiful! I'm gonna go look for hubby and ask me to buy me one, after all my birthday was yesterday, it still counts doesn't it?

  8. I love your new purse!!! I love purses and have many of them!!! I love the purse I got from Leslie it has such great prim colors and patterns!!! Hope you have a great Tuesday!!~Wendy

  9. I love your new purse and it will definitely work for the fall. I like my fall/winter bags better than my summer so I'll do a purse post next month. ;-)

    God bless,

  10. Whoa! That looks so much like my purse! My husband bought it for my birthday too :D

    LOVE it! :D
    (don't you just love that it's a little bigger and can hold a lot of stuff?)

    greetings from holland!

  11. What a cute bag! I am fond of Fossil purses and have several that I change back and forth. And I confess most of them are black, and I don't care if it's spring or whatever! LOL!
    Don't call the fashion police on me okay? LOL!

  12. Now that is my kind of bag! Oh you lucky, lucky girl.

    I carry a fabric bag too, but it is backpack style. I always need both hands to keep up with Colton when we're out and about! LOL


  13. I ADORE purses!! I love your new one!!!!

  14. That is the prettiest purse, Katy! I love brown and pink together and it will definitely work in the cooler months too. I have a boring black and brown purse...I need to be more adventuresome! LOL

  15. Thanks for checking out my blog!! Your comments are so sweet....
    I ADORE this purse. I might have to get one similiar some time!!


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