Monday, June 30, 2008

Flashback to 1999!

I thought I would share a couple pics from my senior year in high school. LOL. No particular reason except that it is fun to do...LOL. Other blogging friends have done this before and I thought it was so cool to see what they looked like before! :)

Here I my senior journalism class :And here is a pic of my senior prom....sorry it is cut...I had to cut my ex out of the picture ROFL!

I am trying to get back down to my high school weight...LOL. Is that crazy? I am determined to wear the jeans I wore in high school (yes, i still have them..LOL).

I am working on Madelyn's luau birthday invites. I will be sure to share pics soon! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!! (TOMORROW I WILL SEE CHRIS!!! YIPPEEEEE!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Long Overdue Tribute To My Christopher!

Have you ever been so proud of someone that trying to put it into words was almost impossible and totally paled into comparison with how you were really feeling? That is how I feel about my husband right now.

Throughout our 8 years of marriage, he has made good decisions...even when I fought him on it because I thought they were wrong... (still learning how to hold my tongue...and getting better at it, i might add). He has been so selfless with me and always trusted me 100%. He loves Jesus and seeks to be a man of God and has always taken care of me and our children. He goes above and beyond what a lot of men do. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

And I the end of this long 2 weeks. I will see him Tuesday night...and words can not describe how happy and thrilled I will be to hold him. He went on this mission trip with a group of people that he wasn't really close with. Not in age or even in common interests. My uncle was going to go...and chris and he would have had a good time together...but ended up having to back out. Chris had a hard time still continuing to go on the trip...but knew and truly felt this was God's calling for him. He raised the money to go and he went....even though the night before he left...we both wished he didn't have to. We embraced and cried together forever.

Thankfully, he will be home soon...with lots of things to share with us. It saddens me that he has gone through this huge experience without me....I wish I could have been there with him...but as a mission field is here. Caring for my home and children so Chris could do what God asked of him. I cried all through church today...I miss Chris so much. (Plus...i am always emotional at church!) And I had a lady come up to me and whisper to me that she is jealous that Chris and I have such a strong and unbreakable love. That blessed me. Not that I want her to feel bad..but just that I am so lucky that God put Chris into my life. I pray every person in their lifetime gets to experience such a love as this. I know that is not probable....but if this is the love we feel when we get to heaven....then all of you fellow Christians will feel this way...even if you don't right now! HALLELUJAH!! are my husband, sharer of my heart, best friend and lover. God put you in my life because he knew how much I needed you. I love you and am so proud of you for following God's calling for you...even though it has been one of the toughest things you have ever had to do. I love you more than words can express....and I am so happy to be able to share the rest of my life with you. Forever...and ever...Amen! xoxo

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am absolutely giddy! (surprise, surprise...right? LOL) Only 3 days left till I see my love again! I don't know if I will be able to even let him out of my sight ever again! As much as I have hated this past week and a half...I have learned a lot as well. I am always thankful to grow in wisdom. However, I think I still need to realize that I have worth even without Chris being here.

I am just so so excited! Since he left, I have lost 5 pounds (and in 3 days...maybe I will lose a lil more as well) and I got a new shirt since I moved to the next size down. I also got some new perfume and plan on being as beautiful as possible for him! :)

Last night, the older two kids had sleepovers at my mom's and sister's it was just me and Jax. I let him sleep in my bed since I have the AC in my room and just so he wouldn't be out in his room, alone. Well....gosh...that was a mistake. LOL I layed and read and he sat there and talked and talked and talked and couldn't sit still. Finally...I heard his breathing get deeper and I looked over and he was out like a light! Then..I woke up in the wee hours to use the bathroom and he was pressed right up against my back. I could barely get back into bed after I went to the bathroom! LOL He is 2 yrs old and takes up almost the entire queen sized bed!!! ROFL! It was crazy!

My friend, Erin, is having her baby girl today!!! (She is being induced) She may have had her already...I am not sure...but please send a prayer up on her behalf if you want or jump on over to her blog and send her some well wishes!

Thanks so much for all your encouragement to me these past couple weeks. This has been such a difficult time for me and I feel so incredibly selfish because I am so focused on how I feel without him here. I appreciate you all still taking the time to read through my saga and comment! xoxo

Friday, June 27, 2008

I've gotten some questions...

Well... a few of you have asked how Chris is doing over in Romania. Honestly...I am not sure. I haven't really gotten to talk to him much..and when I do...I just keep telling him how much I love and miss him! LOL Hearing his voice is the sweetest sound you could ever imagine. My heart skips a beat when he calls.

I know they are busy doing a lot of outreach to the communities up there....but that is all I really know. Oh..and he said that they probably weren't going to be able to get to go to Dracula's castle because the roads to Transylvania were pretty bad. (I am not sure if they are always bad or if the weather has been bad there or what?) I was also told from a guy from church whose wife and daughter went..that they don't have speed limits over there..and apparently they just drive like crazy fast! ROFL! I think that would be a lil scary..don't you?

It is almost 5 pm here...which means it is almost midnight there. Usually...if I get a is around I am crossing my fingers. Hearing from him makes me smile for hours and hours. I can't wait to reunite. I feel like I am in love with him all over again. I pray that we both learn sooo much from this experience. I pray that I never ever forget how truly valuable Chris is to me and that I never take him for granted. Right now, nothing in my world seems important except getting him back to me. Sounds dramatic...i know. Some of you may even be rolling your eyes....but that's OK. Cuz if you have a love like know exactly how I feel.

I gotta make plans for this weekend...I just don't know what those plans will be yet...but i need to do something will make the weekend go by much quicker!!! Seriously....thanks so much for all your love and encouragement! You ladies are just amazing and special. xoxo

Who's that girl?

My daughter spent the night at my teen cousin's house Wed. night....and my cousin straightened Madelyn's hair! It looks so cute! (Her hair is naturally SUPER curly!) So...we took a couple pics to show people...and to show daddy if he sees this! the pic below...Madelyn is indeed trying to smile through tears. She was mad because I let X be in the picture with her! And then I told her to smile...and this is the face she gave me!!!

Then X and I started being goofy so we could get a real smile from her....and success! A real smile!
And in other news...only 4 days till chris gets home! Gosh I can't wait. I am sooo ready not to feel sick anymore. My stomach has been sooo nauseated the entire time he has been gone! It is horrible! I gotta try to stay busy this weekend....and hopefully it will fly by! Courtney's hubby is coming home TODAY!!!! I am sooo happy for your Courtney! I hope you guys have a fantastic reunion!!! Happy Friday everyone! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is SOOO embarrassing!!! I thought you all may want to see some weightloss progression pics. I haven't really taken "body" pics yet....but I will as I lose more...but I think it is definitely noticeable in my face! As of last week...I had lost a total of 19 lbs....but I weigh in tomorrow...and I think I have lost a lot more since then...I am hoping AT LEAST another 3 lbs. Anyway..this is embarrassing...but oh well. Trying to stay accountable!

So here is a pic from when I got my hair done at the beginning of May when I started Weight Watchers: And here is a pic I just took today (I think my skin looks soo much better in black and white pics! LOL):
I think you can definitely see a lot of the "puffy" look is gone...I am just soo soo happy. I am hoping Chris can see the difference when he comes home! I still have lots of weight to lose...but this is definitely progress!!! :)

AND...look what I got in the mail yesterday!!! I had ordered blocks from my friend, Kindra. She has an etsy shop and I just loved the blocks she makes so I ordered some!!! I was thrilled when they got here! They were an AWESOME price! I totally recommend her shop if you like country/prim decor!!! If you want to check it out...go HERE!

Over the hump!!!

YIPPEE!!!! Well....I am over halfway till Chris comes home! Finally! I have been trying to find things to keep me busy...but I have matter how busy you can't get the one you love out of your mind! has felt like torture and I NEVER want to spend time away from each other EVER again! LOL Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and encouragement to me. I have such wonderful friends and family. I have had a few lil (ok..maybe not little....more like, HUGE) meltdowns...and God has always provided someone to comfort. Mostly my friend, Heather. Poor girl....she has totally seen me at my worst! She talks to me and helps me to realize I am just creating crazy thoughts up.

You know that feeling you have when you are about to give a big speech in front of a bazillion people....or you are going to perform or something in front of people? That is how i have felt this entire time. Always sick! The one good thing about that is that I must be shedding some major pounds! LOL I weigh in tomorrow. I look forward to seeing the scale!

*** asked how the animals are doing...they are fine. Cash drives me a lil nutty...but you already knew that..hehe! Little Dan has been taking care of the chickens and Mollie. He also took X to "coach" the football team with him the other morning!
The kids are doing well....and I am OK...missing you is making me sick but nothing can solve that till you and I are together again. The kids miss you....and are using your absence to their advantage....they have been quite the stinkpots lately! haha! We pray for you daily. Everytime we see a red truck...Jaxson thinks you are home. And X always says "Is daddy coming home tonight?" about rips my heart out! We miss you a TON and hope God is using you over there and will be ready to send you home ASAP!!! XOXOXOXO

Monday, June 23, 2008

I would walk 500 miles....

I thought everyone would get a kick out of this....I had a mix CD playing (upbeat stuff to keep me dancing while I am cleaning) and the boys were dancing. When I took these pics...500 Miles by the Proclaimers was on! Such a hilarious song and the boys were just dancing and TOOO cute! LOL ( living room is UNfinished...LOL...that's why it isn't "pretty" in there)

And....just because I love my dining room...I took a few pics of in there...notice my new table runner...i love it! The star things on it are actually hot pads that I just laid there! And an oil lamp...i LOVE those...aren't they beautiful?

Chris, the kids and I have tried to eat by oil lamp for supper (when it was dark out earlier) and let me tell was NOT an easy task! LOL You can barely see your food or each now it is just there for looks!

I am also including these pics so Chris can see some "home" while he is away!!! :) If you would like to see more pics of my HERE! (Chris...if you are reading this..make sure you go down to the next is especially for you!!! xoxo) I am having a home and garden party tonight. It's another great way to keep me busy! It should be fun! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


♥Hi honey!

Wow...the lack of communication we are able to have is just horrible! Please know I am missing you sooo terribly and have been praying the days fly by! You are such a wonderful blessing to me and I truly value you. I never want to be apart like this again. Sometimes, I really take you for granted...and let me tell you..that will never happen again. You are such a huge light to me and my heart has a hard time beating when you aren't near. I think about you every second of every day. I wake up thinking about you and go to sleep thinking about you. Thank you for being such a wonderful gift to me. I love you! Come home quickly to me! I feel like I am always on the edge of my seat...waiting to hear from you and keep praying the day you come home will arrive quickly!

Cory gave me a calling card so I can call you. So if you can call me when you have time to talk..and then I can call you back. Or else message me through Gabbie's myspace or something. I yearn for you. I love you. Dream of me and we will be together again soon! xoxoxo

♥All my love,

PS....last night (Sunday night) I was at Chris and Heather's...and Pastor Henry came over to talk to me (since you know I have been struggling since you have been gone). We had a great talk and prayed and I want you to know that I am joyfully praying for you! I am so so proud of you and know that God is using your wonderful personality to bring more people to His kingdom! I pray in this short week ahead that more lives are touched for Christ. I thank you for being brave enough and selfless enough to go and do what God asked of you. I love you so much and am really soo soo proud of you! You do what God sent you to do and We are hear...missing and loving you GREATLY and will be here when you get home!!!! XOXOXO


Pics of the kids for you....(the first one is Jaxson not waiting for it to flash...silly kid..LOL)...X went with mom to the hospital to visit I only have pics of Madelyn and Jax!!! xoxo All three of the kids miss you so much and ask about you all the time! I can't wait till they ask "Is daddy coming home today?" and I can say "YES!!!!" I love love love love love you!!! xoxo

9 Days!

Wow...I know I have been super annoying lately with all these posts. It's just that I have such a hard time focusing on anything else lately. I don't know how I am going to survive these next 9 days. I miss Chris so much.

I will be real though...I have cried my eyes out...and even gotten angry that he is gone. Is that crazy? I have just gone through such crazy emotions. I miss him sooo terribly. I am not even half way through yet. I would pay any amount to have him home with me right now. That is how much I miss him!

This TOTALLY makes me respect and admire those women who have husbands who travel or are in the military....I don't know how you girls do it...AT ALL! I go to sleep miserable and wake up miserable. I try to take my mind off of it...but the second I go back to realizing he is not here, my heart plummets.

I am so thankful God has put Chris into my life. I am sooo soo blessed!I have such an amazing husband. I have always known this.....but him being away has brought this even MORE to my attention.

I also have been trying to pray and see what God wants me to learn from this...but truthfully it is so hard for me to concentrate on that when all I can think about is wanting Chris home. I feel so selfish. I never ever ever want to go through this again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this....I know I must sound like such a baby. And thank you for the prayers and thoughts...they mean so much!

Here is a pic the one girl took and posted on her myspace blog yesterday:
(my hubby is the bald one in front in the blue shirt and kaki pants)
In church, the boys sit on one side and the girls sit on the other side. That's how the Amish do it here in America as well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A super clean home and plans for tonight!

Well, chris saw our post. He left a comment on it. Thank goodness. I kept checking it all day...seeing if he had seen it yet. My gosh....I seriously don't know, those of you who have husbands in the Army or who travel, how you do it. I am soo sick to my stomach and have hives. My nerves are just killing me.

I have been trying to keep busy....but last night, I missed one of Chris's calls. I was sooo bummed. I was downtown (at our local festival) and started bawling! I was so I got the kids and just came home to cry in my own seclusion. I miss him more than words can describe.

My house is super duper clean though...I must say. I have been cleaning...I barely sit. I just try to stay busy ALL the time. I am so thankful for good friends and family who have been calling to check on me and reassuring me that they are here if I need them. I pray Chris is doing OK over in Romania. I am not sure what kind of meals they have to eat over there or how the water is.

Tonight, I am going to a class reunion. Nope...not my class reunion...LOL. Alot of my friends were in the class above me in school. Well, my one friend's husband decided not to go with her to the reunion and since he was already paid for....she called and asked if I wanted to go!!! WOOT! I am looking forward to it. It will keep my mind busy!!! yay!!!

♥♥♥Chris....if you read this....know I love you so so so much and miss you. I am counting the days til you are home. I hope everything is going OK for you. We are doing OK. We have had lots of support and been don't worry about us!!! I l♥ve you!!! xoxoxo Please Please Please call me....i don't care if it is 3am here...whenever....just PLEASE call me!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Special Message for Daddy!!!

Chris said, at some point during his trip, he should hopefully be able to get on the internet. So we wanted to send him a special message so he knows just how much we absolutely LOVE and miss him!!! (click on picture to see it bigger) If for some reason, he doesn't have a chance to get on the internet while over there...I guess he will see it when he comes home! LOL

Today we are going to a sidewalk sale, downtown. My sister is selling some of her jewelry and we will walk around some, with our friend, Heather, before she has to go to work! :) Not sure what else is going on today...maybe I will come home and clean..that will keep my mind busy! :) Happy Friday! xoxo

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Phone Call & Weight Loss Update!

Hello! I have some happy news! Chris called. They flew to the JFK airport and are boarding now! They will be in the air to Romania in about half an hour! It is a 10 hr flight. It was great to talk to him and super hard not to cry!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments to my family. It means so much to have such caring friends! It makes things easier knowing you have people lifting you and your family up in prayer! xoxo

I got weighed today....I have lost another pound. I was bummed that it wasn't more..but at least it is still a lost. That is a total of 19 lbs since May 1st! I am happy with that..although look forward to losing even more! Thank you so much for your encouragement everyone!!!

I am planning a fun blog surprise for when Chris gets a chance to read this! I will hopefully be able to post it tomorrow! I hope you will stop by and check it out!!!

All Cried Out!

Well, Chris left this morning. It actually went better than I thought. I cried...but we were so focused on making sure he didn't forget anything...that it wasn't too bad. Last night and even this husband cried. Chris never cries. Seriously...never. The only times he has probably cried in the past couple years was after he watched The Passion of the Christ and then last night and today! And wow...does that make me cry even harder!

Last night, he tucked each of the kids in and said his good byes. The kids (especially X) cried and cried! While Chris was tucking our daughter in....I was waiting in our room (crying) and trying to think of anything else he needed to pack. X came in (remember, he is 4) and came to me...sobbing with tears down his cheeks and says "Mommy, I don't want daddy to go to 'mania"! Talk about tear my heart out! I reassured him that everything was going to be OK and this is what God wanted him to do and we would stay busy and he would be back in no time! After sending him back to bed....I cried even more!

Everything is going to be OK though.....I know it is. Thank you all sooo much for your prayers and encouragement. While Chris is gone...he should have internet access at some points..and he is going to check my blog to see how we are doing and such. When I showed him how to leave me a comment...he saw all the people who left comments with kind thoughts and prayers for us and was just amazed at how many thoughtful people were praying for him even though they didn't know him! We both sincerely appreciate it!!! Thank you Thank you!!!

Well....I guess it is time to officially start my day! Today is weigh in day!!! :) I am hoping to lose at least 2 lbs so it will be an even 20 lb loss so far!!! *fingers crossed*

Chris....when you read this ~ I love you!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Heart Is Going To Romania

Bright and early tomorrow morning....Chris will be leaving for Romania. It will be such a great experience for him and I know God will use him. I am so proud of him for going. I will miss him soooo much (the anxiety of him actually leaving is almost worse than when he will be gone, I think!) They will be on a mission trip to help build a church, hand out food etc for those who need it and also going to help at an orphanage! As of 2004....there were 81,233 kids in substitute families or institutions. Gosh...I wish I could bring them all here to live at my house! I wish every child could feel loved.
While they are over there....they will have a day or two to go sight seeing as well. I think they will be going to Transylvania to Dracula's Castle. Definitely NOT what I would want to do....but guys seem to have a funny fascination with stuff like that! LOL It is a pretty neat looking castle though, don't you think?
I ask for prayer for Chris and their mission team...and also for me...I am not used to him being gone that long and I will have even more responsibilities around here than before. I appreciate every prayer and thought that you all send up for us. It means the world to me. :) I know God will use this time to teach us both things. I look forward to growing in wisdom and learning what God has intended for us. I also look forward to sharing with Chris what I have learned...and hearing all about his experiences as well. I am keeping a journal of what we do each day while he is gone...and I will give it to him when he returns home! :)
Here are some fun Romania Facts I got from HERE.

Romania Flag and Fast Facts
Flag of Romania
Bucharest; 1,853,000
238,391 square kilometers
(92,043 square miles)
Romanian, Hungarian, German
Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic
Life Expectancy
GDP per Capita
U.S. $7,600
Literacy Percent

Monday, June 16, 2008

Imperfectly Beautiful

A blog I really enjoy is The Nesting Place. She is having a linkathon....and it is about our imperfectly beautiful homes, selves..etc. :) I thought it was a wonderful idea! So I thought I would join in the fun! we go! we have a lovely pic of my imperfectly beautiful bedroom....doesn't it look so sweet here? Yeah.....not really....move on down to the next pic....LOL

What is this you may be asking? Why, my floor. YUP! My bedroom floor. We haven't had the money or time to put the wood flooring down that I for stays as such....surprised? Let's move on!

Ack! What is this? Yes...this is the light switch to my closet (we will get to that in a minute). It is a light switch that isn't even hooked up to a light yet. It will be though...someday. And...for reasons still does not have a cover on it yet...nor do any of the other light switches in my bedroom.
Moving is the border in my room....a border that I love....why is it peeling you may be wondering? Simple answer...I have kids. As you can see..the trim is not around the windows yet. Again...time/money issue. So they are as such and the trim should be holding the border's edges in place...but this is not yet the case here and you know when kids see a corner they can pull....LOL
Finally....I will show you my NOT organized well closet. I totally need to go through it...but since I am losing weight...I don't want to get rid of my clothes just yet..cuz I want to see what will still fit! I's a mess. You may be thinking..."why don't you just close your closet doors?"...well...that is a wonderful idea....except......

I have NO closet doors. The trim isn't done there yet either....and trim = no closet doors. LOL
I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my imperfect world. I have MUCH MUCH more I could show you in my world...however, I think I have humiliated myself enough for now! LOL I need to add, though, in case my husband ever sees this...that he does work SUPER hard and I am not angry that my room isn't finished. We kinda have 500 house projects going on at as long as the bedroom is functional....I am not too picky about it...for now..LOL. He does an amazing job and I am so proud of him!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chris' Father's Day!

I hope all your fathers, husbands and men in your life had a good father's day! Ours started out well! We went to Sunday School and Church and then came home for lunch. After lunch, we gave daddy our presents for him! We made him a book with the cover in the pic above...with the quote on it! :) Then the kids wrote out and colored (well, i wrote the boys' out) what daddy has taught them!

They were sooo proud to give it to him! He loved it! (No, Chris didn't wear this lovely outfit to church...LOL..he changed when he got home!)
We also got him a LED flashlight that has a holder for his belt. He LOVES those and the one he had got taken apart by our youngest, J, and a piece to it got lost. Chris was sooo we suprised him by getting him an even BETTER flashlight than he had before! He really loved it!

So then....I planned on he and I resting in the afternoon together while the kids napped....well....that didn't go as planned. My mom called. My dad is suffering from a HORRID migraine today...(It's making him sick) and one of the places they rent out was having issues with the water pipes for the bathroom. So Chris was out there all afternoon helping to fix it. My sister took the pics below of Chris and Cory working on it! (Chris got sunburnt too...argh).

So...when he got done with that..we all went for a picnic at my inlaws' place. He enjoyed that...which made me happy! I was pretty bummed that my dad wasn't feeling well though. I prayed for him and hope he is feeling better tomorrow. I look forward to giving him a big hug and giving him the presents I got him! :)

I hope you all have a GREAT week.
***4 days till Chris leaves for Romania!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bridal Shower Gift!

My husband's brother is getting married in August....and his bride-to-be's bridal shower is today. I got her cooking things needed to make a cake...such as a cake pan with lid, measuring cups, measuring spoons and spatula. I absolutely love to use brown paper (or even newspaper) and raffia to wrap gifts with. I think it looks so fun and country! My gift usually looks so weird on the gift table at a shower. Most of the other gifts are in wedding gift bags or pretty white or floral wrapping paper.....and then there is my gift. Brown and country....simple and sweet. I LOVE it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Outdoor Fun!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday....super warm but not sweltering and just a GREAT day! The kids just love to play outside and ride their bikes.

J's legs are too short he can't reach pedals very well on the he likes to pull the wagon that we have around or go in his little pedal car! :)

CHEESE! My kids are super talented at posing for pitures. LOL X is kinda making a wood chuck face....not sure why!
Then....since it was so beautiful out we decided to have a picnic lunch out in the yard! On the menu: bologna sandwiches, cheese nips and a fruit cup and water to drink! (I ate a weight watchers meal later!)

The kids really seemed to have a good time....which makes me happy! At the end of the meal, though, none of them had eaten much. The chickens enjoyed it all though! I guess being outside in the heat and such takes away your appetite?? I dunno! :)

And finally...the last picture that I added is from where we were sitting for our picnic. I took a pic of the back of our house. (Notice my clothes hanging out on the line...I LOVE hanging clothes out to dry!!!) Someday...I look forward to having a screened in back porch on there. With rocking chairs and such.
So that was our beautiful day that I wanted to share with you! I hope you all had a fantastic Thursday as well!

***6 Days till Chris leaves for his Romania Mission Trip!!!! AAACK! Please pray for us! My nerves are going crazy! I know we are protected by an Almighty God....but I am still going to miss Chris soooo sooo much!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

All I can say is ~ Simplicity!

I's drastic. I have changed my look of my blog so many times...people must always wonder if they are in the right place..then see that big ole chicken on the header and say "'s the country blossom"! LOL
I decided I just had too much "stuff"...I used to like it...and then I decided to get do away with "extras" on my blog. I want my blog to be more about the content than all the extra stuff on the sides. Maybe someday I will want to change it back...but for now...all I know is that I wanted some simplicity! I like how my blog looks right now! :)
If you are new to my blog...WELCOME! If you want to get to know some of my older posts! You will find the categories on the left! Or you can email me by clicking the link under my profile pic! And all you ladies who read here often...thank you so much and I hope I haven't annoyed you all!!! xoxo

I have a fun post for tomorrow morning! :) Hope you will stop by and check it out!!! Have a GREAT night! xoxo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hula Anyone???

My daughter, M, turns 7 in the middle of July this year! We decided to have a hula theme!!! Isn't that so fun? We found sooo many cool hula/hawaiian things! We have plastic coconut cups, grass skirts, fun decorations, hawaiian picks (to put in food and drinks), hawaiian plastic silverware, lays, and much more!!! (i added a pic above of just a few of the things I have gotten). I found a lot of stuff at JoAnn Fabrics, BigLots and Walmart....and my mom ordered some things out of a catalog too!

One thing my daughter will NOT be wearing is a coconut bra! She has a lil hawaiian dress that she will wear...and maybe have the grass skirt over top of it! It will be so fun and perfect considering her birthday is in the heat of July! As a take home treat...each child who attends her bday party will get to take home their coconut cup and straw!

We will have fresh fruit cut up and other little snacky foods. I haven't decided yet if I am going to make a cake for the party or do cupcakes. I will have to think up some ideas each way and see which would be best! Birthday parties are sooo sooo fun!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Candlelight I love candlelight! In the evenings, after the kids are in bed....I love lighting candles in most of the downstairs rooms. I love the beautiful glow it gives off! Most of the candles I have lit in these pics are the vanilla scent. I love vanilla!

In my dining room: The kitchen:
Downstairs bathroom (lavendar scent):

The "not refinished yet" living room...LOL:

I hope you enjoyed my little candlit tour around my house! Last night as I had everything lit...I thought...I just have to share this with my friends! :) It's too pretty not to! I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic Tuesday!!!