Monday, June 23, 2008

I would walk 500 miles....

I thought everyone would get a kick out of this....I had a mix CD playing (upbeat stuff to keep me dancing while I am cleaning) and the boys were dancing. When I took these pics...500 Miles by the Proclaimers was on! Such a hilarious song and the boys were just dancing and TOOO cute! LOL ( living room is UNfinished...LOL...that's why it isn't "pretty" in there)

And....just because I love my dining room...I took a few pics of in there...notice my new table runner...i love it! The star things on it are actually hot pads that I just laid there! And an oil lamp...i LOVE those...aren't they beautiful?

Chris, the kids and I have tried to eat by oil lamp for supper (when it was dark out earlier) and let me tell was NOT an easy task! LOL You can barely see your food or each now it is just there for looks!

I am also including these pics so Chris can see some "home" while he is away!!! :) If you would like to see more pics of my HERE! (Chris...if you are reading this..make sure you go down to the next is especially for you!!! xoxo) I am having a home and garden party tonight. It's another great way to keep me busy! It should be fun! :)


  1. Oh I love that table runner!
    That song always cracks me up. Haven't heard it forever! Your boys are so cute=)
    Another day down girl!

  2. Katy,
    I love that table runner!! Did you make it?? I always love seeing pictures of your house. So love the country/prim decorations. You should make a book of how to decorate country prim - I would buy it! LOL - love the kiddos dancing...that song does make you want to move or at least shake your head. Hope you guys are doing great with Chris away...another day closer to his return. Hang in there girl!

  3. Home Sweet Home... I'm sure Chris is missing it -- and you -- so much. Glad you're keeping busy, Katy. Enjoy your garden party!

  4. Glad to hear your feeling better:)The kids are so cute dancing up a storm:)I love the pictures of your home:)I plan on doing our new dining room the same colors you have in yours.Thst table runner is very nice too.What a great idea to decorate with the hot pads!!I love it!You always have such great ideas!Enjoy your party tonight!!

  5. Hi Katy the kids are so funny, I love your dinning room and the shelf above is beautiful! Deb

  6. Katy I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!!! It is difficult but just remember there is a reason and a purpose!:0)
    I love your new table runner its adorable!! I hope your party went well and that you had a great time!! Your boys are so cute, they look like they are really into it!
    :0)..Have a very Blessed Tuesday my friend!!~Wendy

  7. Cute table runner. I'm glad you are finding ways to keep busy--hang in there. Julie

  8. The dancers are priceless! :)

    Blessings Katie and many prayers.

    You are such a good wife!!! :)

  9. Love your table runner! did you make it? And your house is darling, love all the primmy goodness, lol Cute dancers too!

  10. your dining room is cute!!! everyone decorates so country!!

  11. I love youe decorations in your home!

  12. hey i saw the pics tonight you were right i want to come home even more and miss you and the kids even more.i am not sure when i wil get home tomorrow night but will try to write to you again. my heart hurts for you. how are the dogs and all the animals. you are my whole life. CHRIS

  13. I give thanks for the gift of music-I can't sing or dance but me and my twins turn up the music when daddy's out and dance all over the house!! It is so distracting which is usually what I need!!! Hope all is going well while your husband is away-many blessings!!

  14. I want to go live with you OR have you come decorate my house? Either way I'm flexible LOL

    I just LOVE your house :)

    And I LOVE that song, it used to be one of my favorites at the time it came out and I still get a laugh out of it nowadays :)

    Hope this time away from Chris is not too hard for you and the kids, but being a military wife and having had to endure these separations often, I know otherwise. I'm thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.


  15. read again what chris wrote you here... and know that you have NO NEED to meltdown, kate. seriously...


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