Monday, June 16, 2008

Imperfectly Beautiful

A blog I really enjoy is The Nesting Place. She is having a linkathon....and it is about our imperfectly beautiful homes, selves..etc. :) I thought it was a wonderful idea! So I thought I would join in the fun! we go! we have a lovely pic of my imperfectly beautiful bedroom....doesn't it look so sweet here? Yeah.....not really....move on down to the next pic....LOL

What is this you may be asking? Why, my floor. YUP! My bedroom floor. We haven't had the money or time to put the wood flooring down that I for stays as such....surprised? Let's move on!

Ack! What is this? Yes...this is the light switch to my closet (we will get to that in a minute). It is a light switch that isn't even hooked up to a light yet. It will be though...someday. And...for reasons still does not have a cover on it yet...nor do any of the other light switches in my bedroom.
Moving is the border in my room....a border that I love....why is it peeling you may be wondering? Simple answer...I have kids. As you can see..the trim is not around the windows yet. Again...time/money issue. So they are as such and the trim should be holding the border's edges in place...but this is not yet the case here and you know when kids see a corner they can pull....LOL
Finally....I will show you my NOT organized well closet. I totally need to go through it...but since I am losing weight...I don't want to get rid of my clothes just yet..cuz I want to see what will still fit! I's a mess. You may be thinking..."why don't you just close your closet doors?"...well...that is a wonderful idea....except......

I have NO closet doors. The trim isn't done there yet either....and trim = no closet doors. LOL
I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my imperfect world. I have MUCH MUCH more I could show you in my world...however, I think I have humiliated myself enough for now! LOL I need to add, though, in case my husband ever sees this...that he does work SUPER hard and I am not angry that my room isn't finished. We kinda have 500 house projects going on at as long as the bedroom is functional....I am not too picky about it...for now..LOL. He does an amazing job and I am so proud of him!!!


  1. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! I could show my share of imperfects, too. It is nice to have so much in common with such great people. Thanks for sharing, Katy--it made me smile. One day, those projects will be done, and there will just be others--that's how life is don't you think? Have a great day. Julie

  2. When we first moved into this house 2 years ago, we lived on sub-floor for a couple months until my husband got the hardwood flooring done.

    My little guy just got closet doors this weekend, his room is in the basement and it's been a longgggg journey of getting that thing done (as you can see from my today's post the ceiling is still not complete)

  3. Don't feel bad, we still have blue painters tape up from when we were going to paint when we moved in (5 years ago) I am also surviving on "someday" :0)

  4. Thanks for stopping my by blog.

    Hey, no floors and doors? Wow! I don't know if I could live without floors. Kudos to you!

    Have a great day!

  5. tis better to have a plywood floor paid for with cash than hardwood paid with debt.

    good for you!

  6. Hear that?? It's me, applauding in the distance. I love seeing that the blogging world out there is actually living in their homes!! Woo-hoo!!

  7. we could be living in the same house! what is it with the closet doors. every room in our house doesnt have them! the ones i want we cant afford, so they will just have to wait!

  8. Katy,
    I don't think it all looks nearly as bad as you think. It's coming along nicely, I think.

    I went through a period just like that....heck, there are still places in my house that I look at and I could wring Jer's neck for not finishing the project! LOL (Like I have baseboard for in the hallway that he told me he could put down when he got his mitre saw...never done, had the saw for three years! Most of our windows have no trim around them and just rough edges for the paneling. Need I remind you we live in a trailer..with LOTS of imperfections that I try hard to cover up and fix! LOL) Yes, for a good year or two, we had the same beautiful flooring in our bedroom as you do :) We had a water leak in our bathroom that we did not know about until it soaked much of the insulation and the subfloor and we had a POND underneath the about a MESS! We were finally able to buy laminate and replace it and man was I HAPPY! I also was closet door-less. It wasn't the lack of trim or anything like that. Our doors are on sliders and the lady that rented from my Dad for 7 years, broke one of the sliders. Instead of telling Dad or repairing it, they put the door in the shed..thank goodness they didn't toss it like many other things! It took some time for me to get Jer to find something that would work and hang it. We had one door for about five years! LOL Oh, what a difference the second door made. (Hey, have you thought about a shower curtain tension rod and a curtain? You could at least hide it!) Oh, and the border...glue that baby back up there with a glue stick! LOL


  9. Oh, too funny, Katy! Don'tcha just love keepin' a man busy? LOL

  10. With a plywood floor, you just need to keep your chin up! :)

  11. My home is a work in progress also. The joy of owning a fix it up home! We had no wall in our bathroom for way too long. You know how cold it is to take a shower when the room is basicly open to the entire house?! Luckily that project is done, but the list of projects to complete just goes on.

  12. Katy,

    I want you to know that you made my day! I have so many "places" like that. We have so many projects like you said, and my husband is go good to work so hard, allowing me to be home with the kids, and then to come home and work on things together here around the house, that I have learned to just go with the flow and live with those imperfections. I have quite a few of those peeling borders and wallpapers too!

    Gosh, we've lived in this house since 1990 and just now making significant progress! Life just gets in the way and sometimes other things are more important, ya know?

    And let me tell you, if that's an unorganized closet, you don't want to see mine!

    ~ Tammy

  13. omg!! you make me feel so much better!! i used to have the same wood floor!! its great to be able to show the not so good stuff........ i got to find my pics where i messed up my pond and its full of bubbles...... or the chipped paint in the halwway. this is a super great post!!

  14. Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with 500 things on my to-do list!! It's nice to know that everyone else is the same way and don't have the "perfect" house like you see on HGTV.

  15. Love your wonderful shared life!!! We still have many long to-do lists here!!!

    kari & kijsa

  16. Well that's a post that warms the heart, Katy! Thanks for making me smile. You'll (we'll all) get those projects completed one day. In the meantime, live life and enjoy it -- imperfections and all. It's part of the adventure...

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  17. Just think Katy you have some exciting things to look forward to, and you'll get there. Deb

  18. Katy,
    Look what I remembered was on my blog! LOL I posted a picture of my beautiful OSB floor and then showed Jer replacing it and how it looks now :)

    My OSB Bedroom Floor

    You have me thinking and I will take some imperfect photos and share, too :)


  19. Hi Katy,

    Cute blog! I love your checkered background fabric. I used to have that fabric. No kidding, I used it to make a curtain in my kids bathroom.

    Brandee :)

  20. Oh, honey, we have a gazillion house projects going on, too. It seems like when one is completed, a few more get tacked on... Oh the endless list of things to do. Thanks for posting your imperfectly beautiful room!

  21. Hi there! We have tons of little unfinished projects around our house too! There just never seems to be enough time to get it all finished! Isn't it nice to know that others are in the same boat?!

  22. you are too funny girl!!! Don't worry we have unfinished projects as well. In my main rooms though. Living & dinig room & mine is trim as well! money issues too;) we can hang in there together!

  23. What a funny idea! I would show pics, but I live in a boring apt. right now and can't do much, maybe that's what I should show.
    Anyway, nice running into you today.

  24. This is the story of my life. Almost every room is my house is "ALMOST" finished. There are rooms in every state of completion. Unfortunatley, it doesn't get any easier to finish these projects with kids and summer vacation, huh? I am still waiting with pictures of my "perfect room" taped to the walls behind the doors. Inspiration or just wishful thinking??? Thanks for sharing!

  25. I love it Katy!!! Keeping it real! This is real living!! Thanks for sharing GF!!:0)~Wendy

  26. You know it's not all that bad. We feel it's worst but really it's not. Like someone in the previous messages...paid with cash and not debt. We did all of our home reno's with cash and no debt and proud of it ;)

    I wanted to let you know something I saw once that you could do with your floor. I seen it in a magazine stained a darker color and then varnished...all I can say is WOW! Looks like you spent tons of money but really you didn't. Also gives it that rich look. Just make sure it is sanded enough that there are no slivers, you then stain it a color you prefer. Once dry put a coat of varnish over it to make it a cinch to sweep and wash. Et VOILA...a cheap version of a hard wood floor. Solves the problem, looks good and easy to take care of.

    Just thought I would share with you what I saw.

    Take Care...Sandy

  27. Oh I just love that border Katy ... peeling or not. I would just lick the back and stick it back on! LOL


  28. We must have married brothers separated at birth because my husband is still working on the same sort of projects around our house too! Do you think they secretly know each other and are comparing notes on how to make us crazy with the unfinished projects? lol
    My dining room is subflooring as well as my hallway. Atleast yours is in your bedroom where no one would see it unless invited to. And I'm still without chair rail molding in the dining room, it's been over two years now. Same goes for the door that's missing on the cabinets around the refrigerator. And then there's the switchplate cover that's missing in the bedroom, I'm one up on you though there because mine IS connected, LOL But you've got me in that Prim border is up, I have one similar for the kitchen that he's not put up yet because the molding around the cabinets isn't finished yet. What is it with men and molding? I might just have to buy my own miter saw and see if I can figure out how to use it then I'll come to your house and help you with yours! What an idea...
    Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face today!

  29. Your post got me thinking of a ton of things I should of posted pictures of. I should have been more REAL. It's nice to see a Imperfectly Beautiful lived in house. Congratulations on the weight loss and Kudos to you for giving up your hubby so he could go help others in need.


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