Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chris' Father's Day!

I hope all your fathers, husbands and men in your life had a good father's day! Ours started out well! We went to Sunday School and Church and then came home for lunch. After lunch, we gave daddy our presents for him! We made him a book with the cover in the pic above...with the quote on it! :) Then the kids wrote out and colored (well, i wrote the boys' out) what daddy has taught them!

They were sooo proud to give it to him! He loved it! (No, Chris didn't wear this lovely outfit to church...LOL..he changed when he got home!)
We also got him a LED flashlight that has a holder for his belt. He LOVES those and the one he had got taken apart by our youngest, J, and a piece to it got lost. Chris was sooo we suprised him by getting him an even BETTER flashlight than he had before! He really loved it!

So then....I planned on he and I resting in the afternoon together while the kids napped....well....that didn't go as planned. My mom called. My dad is suffering from a HORRID migraine today...(It's making him sick) and one of the places they rent out was having issues with the water pipes for the bathroom. So Chris was out there all afternoon helping to fix it. My sister took the pics below of Chris and Cory working on it! (Chris got sunburnt too...argh).

So...when he got done with that..we all went for a picnic at my inlaws' place. He enjoyed that...which made me happy! I was pretty bummed that my dad wasn't feeling well though. I prayed for him and hope he is feeling better tomorrow. I look forward to giving him a big hug and giving him the presents I got him! :)

I hope you all have a GREAT week.
***4 days till Chris leaves for Romania!


  1. I loved your kids' sweet cards to their daddy! Sounds like you have a really giving husband to help out like that! I hope your dad is feeling better...I know how those migraines can be! And I will be praying for your husband and your family as he goes on the mission trip!
    ~ Tammy

  2. Hi Katy! What a wonderful fathers day for you all. :) So sweet. Love all of your posts, I am just now catching up.

    I somehow missed though why your husband is going to Romania? Missions?

  3. Katy,

    I forgot to tell you that I really don't know anything about HTML coding, except that when I added my scripture and stuff to my blog, I copied and pasted that on and then it was just "there" for me. lol! (I may be a hopeless case to explain this to...I don't expect you to take alot of time!)
    ~ Tammy

  4. Your hubby's face was a picture as he opened his lovely cards and gifts!

    Sorry to hear your Dad has been sick with migraines...I know how horrible they are...hope he gets well quickly.

    Love, Tina :)

  5. Love those smiles, Katy! I'm so glad the latter part of the day ended with a family picnic.

    Only four more days?! How exciting!

  6. What a great father's day (besides the work)! I love the handmade book the kids made! I get terrible migraines too, so I know how your dad feels. BLAHHHH! Well I will test the waters out with the background for the blog, I hope I can figure it out. Thanks for the help!

  7. i know that this isnt about your blog.. but i just had to tell you how AWFUL work is!!! i am at this crappy desk set-up in the middle of the warehouse. i have to be all hunched over to use the computer and get info off of the paperwork for shipping.. AND it took them 3.25 hours to get things up and running for me!!!!! i was here at 6! UGH. I have a horrible feeling about this... and i'm in a funk. this is not cool.

  8. Yay for Chris!! I hope he had a wonderful Father's Day!

  9. Love Chris' expression in one of those photos!



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