Monday, September 30, 2019

Pictures of Home, Field Trips and Life Lately!

 Hello and happy last day of September to you! I don't know where the month went! Life has been busy with homeschooling, a field trip, the start of our homeschool co-op class days, working out and teaching classes at the Y and more! Chris and the boys have kept busy in the evenings and on Saturdays working at filling our wood shed for winter (I have helped stack as well. Madelyn works a lot, as well as does her schoolwork and she's quite the busy girl lately!).

Some field trip pics:

Madelyn was there too...but she wouldn't let me take her picture (typical of an 18 year old, eh?)...but here is one she took of us (and obviously used a filter on..haha ~ I look so young and fresh-faced!)...

The photos below are from in my dining room. The doily runner along my table was made by my grandpop's mother, Sheena. I never knew her but I love the runner and am glad to have it! We use our dining room table a lot so the runner gets folded up and moved often...but when the table isn't in use, I like to see it out and displayed! The candlestick holders are from that side of the family as well. I forget who they are from...although my grammie would know. Although her body has slowed down with age, her memory is amazing! She can tell stories and recall details of things that surprise me!!

Here are some photos from the living room. The flash on the camera makes the room seem quite bright....but this room in actuality is usually pretty dark...only getting sun as it sets in the evening through the west window. Although I do love a bright, sunny, cheerful room....I like this relaxed, soft, dimmed room too. It is a nice place of respite! The dog bed isn't exactly a lovely piece...but our dogs need a place of rest too, right? And this one serves them well!

This is the window that the sun comes in as it is setting in the later afternoon/evening time...

Chris and I tried square dancing the other night at a local community gathering. It was hot, I got dizzy twirling so many times and I couldn't figure out where to put my hands quite often. I got anxious and overwhelmed easily and gave up. I should have watched videos prior to going so I could learn some of it. Madelyn and Xavier go quite often and have a grand time! They know what they are doing. They make it look fun! :o) I didn't love having to twirl and hold hands with men other than my husband just felt a little uncomfortable even though they were men I knew.

So, for me, that night was a disappointing fail. *But*...I had a fun time yesterday. Rarely do I miss our worship service at church. But yesterday I did since I was invited to go with some girl friends to a Pirates baseball game in Pittsburgh. That sounds silly and frivolous of a reason for me to miss church...but Chris and my children encouraged me to go since I don't really ever go out with girl friends and just enjoy time away. So four of us went....unfortunately I got terribly car sick on the almost 2 hr drive down (and also on the way back). I even sat in the front seat....but the road was wind-y and I wasn't used to my friend's driving. Thankfully, while we were actually at the game, I felt ok! We had awesome seats....just behind home plate! We could see everything so well! I don't like watching baseball on television...but in person, it was enjoyable! If I can go again, I definitely want Chris and I to go together! He would like it too....we would enjoy it together! :)

Speaking of Chris...we celebrated 19 years of marriage a week ago! I tried to get a few pics together...and Chris kept being this is what I got:

I made a Chicken Pot Pie Casserole earlier this week...Here is a picture of it and the recipe below if you would like to try it!

I'm still trying to recuperate after being so car sick last night. I still just feel *off* a bit....but I teach spin tonight and need to get a good workout I'm gonna have to just suck it up! ;) Maybe I need a bit of a nap and that will help? I don't know...we'll see!

And quickly...I wanted to share this photo...Jaxson saved up his money and bought a digital drawing tablet that hooks up to the computer. He drew these awesome housework/chore drawings and I made them into stickers! They are in my shop if you are interested! I think he did awesome with them!! :)

Thanks so much for coming by! I hope you have enjoyed your time here as I caught up a bit.
I hope your week is going well and that your moments honor our Lord each and every day. That is my own prayer daily....knowing that I always fall short....but thankful for His grace!