Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Celebrating 20 Years & Some Updates...


Today marks a blessed day for my husband and me! We celebrate 20 years of marriage today! I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for this man the Lord has given to me ~ the absolute blessing he is to my life. He is my very best friend. He is a great provider, comforter, and protector. He is talented (if something is broken...Chris can fix it!). He isn't perfect (nor am I) but he sure is absolutely fantastically mine. The Lord made him for me...and me for him. We fit together so well that I detest being separated from him for very long! 

I love how we take care of each other. We have traditional family roles in our household (as anyone can tell if you have read my blog for any length of time). I take care of Chris...and he takes care of me. He works hard to provide and works on fixing up our home (which he just finished the siding on and I will have to post about!). I make his breakfast and coffee every morning and pack his lunch for work. I homeschool the children and tend to the home chores (and make supper in the evening). I love my simple life. It's not perfect this side of heaven...but it is good. The Lord has cared for us in innumerable ways and I am truly grateful. 

I'm not sure if Chris read this post or not...but if so: Happy Anniversary Love! There is absolutely no one I would rather have spent the past 20 years with! I pray the Lord grants us many more years together! 

A few quick (but rather big) updates from lately...

Madelyn has moved!'s true. She's 19 and working and was ready to be on her own (sort of). She's renting a little house right next to my parents (that's the only reason we agreed to's affordable and her grandparents are *right* there). For anyone wondering ~ she didn't go to college. We don't think college is the correct path for children. We aren't against higher education but rather we believe it is best for young girls to marry, bear children and keep the home as submissive wives to their husbands. Of course, there are circumstances where this can't happen for some...but we believe it to be the way the Lord would have most young women go and that it is the ideal. 

I'm struggling a wee bit with it...she was gone a lot anyway with work and things...and X is gone a lot working too. He does his schooling, then helps at my dad's garage for a few hours in the afternoon and then works at a farm on many evenings. So...the supper table looks bare many evenings with just Chris, Jaxson and me around it. But this is how the seasons of life go I suppose. It's how it is suppose to be. My babies can't live here forever (and honestly...I wouldn't want them to! ha!). Madelyn is still settling in at her place but I will share some photos when I can! 

And in other news....due to a few reasons...I had to have a hysterectomy at the beginning of the month. My doctor who is also a Christian, called to check on me a few days after surgery (it was done laparoscopic and in and out of the hospital in one day). He told me we need to thank God I had my uterus removed for they found abnormal cells in my lining that were a step away from cancer!! Praise God for his care for me! He is so good! I don't deserve His mercy and love...but He gives it anyway. I am deeply grateful! Recovery has been good. Honestly, I have felt fantastic from right after my surgery...this has been bad though because I just want to do everything like normal...exercising, weight lifting, housework, mowing etc. I have over-done it in the past 3 weeks and am heading to the doctor today to make sure I'm healing okay. Although I hate insurance and all the garbage that can come from technology ~ I must admit that the technological advances in surgery are *such* an amazing blessing! 

I actually need to go finish getting ready for my appointment! I just wanted to pop on and share this little update! I hope you all are well. Thank you for stopping by! I hope to post again soon!