Friday, December 22, 2017

A Little Organizing in the Computer Room!

I am sure everyone is busy preparing for time with family and maybe no one will even see this post! But yesterday ~ I got the "bug" in me to get some re-arranging and organizing done in our computer room. It is not a well-lit room (I hate using the flash on my camera) so the pictures aren't totally perfect (which is good anyway...because this is the room that the walls need completely redone in! No need to see in detail! haha!)

Below is a built in bookshelf that was here when we moved in. I don't love the wood doesn't even match the trim but it *is* a great place to store books for the children to read throughout the year. My laminator is there too (I love that thing! I want to laminate *everything*!)...

The picture of Ruthie on the wall (below) as well as the star are *not* centered at all...honestly, I just hung them on nails that were already in the wall. We *will* redo this room one day (Lord willing, of course) and all will be nice but for works! Our first focus is to accomplish the things on the list so we are able to foster to adopt! So who knows when this room will get finished ~ and that's okay! :o)

It felt good to go through stuff, get rid of unneeded items and get things clean and organized! I love the feeling after tackling a big project! We moved some bookcases around and organized the books. Don't mind the children's school cupboard in the photo at the top (cupboard is to the far left). It isn't quite as neat as I like it...but I try not to get too worked up about it as long as it isn't crazy! isn't a really *pretty* space (although Madelyn's piano is on the opposite wall and pianos always make things look nice!) but it is super functional for the time being. You can see photos of the piano-side of the room HERE.

Jaxson and I just got back from the store to pick up a few last minute things! What a crazy time it was! Lots of people, long lines and busyness (and it was just at our local grocery store!)....I can't imagine how bigger stores are busy!

It is a nice, slow and relaxed day here today. It's so nice. Xavier did two days of schoolwork yesterday so he could go to work with his dad today (at my dad's shop). Madelyn went to do childcare for a couple hours at the Y this morning and then my mom was picking her up to go decorate cookies. The house is tidy, gifts are wrapped and laundry is laundering! ;o) I've got lunch cooking but need to go finish preparing it!

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead with your loved ones!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Sweet Tradition!

Every deer season I make caramels. The men-folk spend weeks processing the deer (at my in-loves' meat market) while a few of us women (and my children) work at wrapping the orders! It's a super busy season for our family! One year, I decided to make the men a treat. I made caramels. Ever since has become a tradition! If I try *not* to make them (because I always end up eating some which is torturous) the guys are always asking where the caramels are! :)

They are not difficult to make...but you must make sure you have a candy thermometer. You definitely don't want to over cook your caramels! I made two batches this year. The first turned out perfect. This batch I have pictured turned out too hard because my thermometer wasn't giving me the right temperature and I ended up cooking them too long!

If this is a tradition you'd like to try with your family and friends (or just want to make it *once*) can find the recipe HERE! :)

The days have been quite busy around here lately. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here. We're still schooling and will just take next week off for a break. I know the children are really looking forward to that! :)

We hope to have a joy-filled Christmas...enjoying time with family. We have many plans that span more than just this coming weekend! Although we don't really *do* Christmas (as I have shared in the past) we still purchase gifts and do all the Christmas traditions with family. (I am not a *total* scrooge....haha!)

It is time to officially get the day started! Breakfast is cooking (by the lovely Madelyn)...we will have prayer/catechism together and I will read aloud to the boys for a bit. Then they will start their school work! I don't know when I will post may not be until after the weekend so I wish you all a beautiful season with your loved ones and most of all may Christ be exalted (not as the baby in a manger only...but as our perfect Redeemer and Savior who lived a sinless life, suffered and died in our place and rose again! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!)

Until next time, Lord willing ~
Katy :o)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The *Baby* turns 12 and a Huge Update!!

My youngest turned 12 this past week! I'm not sure how we got here so fast....honestly, he seems like he was just in diapers a few years ago! We had a quiet evening at home to celebrate! I made tacos for supper and then Chris's parents and my parents came over afterwards for dessert! :)

 I was going to make him a cake but my mom offered to buy him an ice cream cake to which he heartily agreed! Madelyn and I had gotten him a fun hat at the Dollar Tree too, which he wore! He's such a good sport! :)

We spent the evening visiting and Jaxson did what he does most....draw! He loves to draw. If you check out my instagram you can see a picture of the grinch he drew! :) He and X took some of the cardboard from the box that housed our new couch which I posted about previously and they had fun drawing and coloring...

The days have been super busy lately....just so much going on! My poor husband has a terrible cold and yet he is pushing through! Luckily, the cold hasn't affected his sweet sense of humor!

Before I go....I have an exciting announcement!!

After deer season ends (and the busyness of the meat market with deer processing) comes Christmas....then New Years...and then normally it would be a time of rest for us. We would still have things to do, of course, but it wouldn't be quite so busy....but this year we will be spending time fulfilling a (huge) list of requirements for the newest calling we feel the Lord has placed upon us. We have applied and met with a foster care company....we are hoping to foster to adopt a baby/toddler! There is a list of things that must be done first though....such as a banister on our steps needs built (previous owners had removed it and we never built a new one), clearances need gotten (I have mine but Chris needs his and also we need to get our FBI ones done!), tons of paperwork and so much MORE!!! So, we have a lot to do....but we are looking forward to it! I was worried it was going to be a load on Chris and was not sure if this was a great idea (it all seems so overwhelming!)....but he said we just take one thing at a time and he is excited about this step we are taking! :o) I will be sure to keep you guys updated when I can!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are well!! I always appreciate your comments and emails! Have a great week ahead friends!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

A New Couch!

I am very excited to show you the new couch we got! Our last couch (more of a love seat) we had for a *long* time. It was well-loved. It was big and cushion-y (yes, I just made that noun into an adjective! haha!). It needed replaced so I have been on the lookout for something inexpensive but suited to our needs (don't worry...I had Chris's blessing with this!). I wanted something that wasn't huge....but allowed for more seating. I found this couch it at a *great* sale price AND ordered through ebates first (do you use ebates? This isn't an advertisement post...but if you just go through their get money back when you order online! It's great!! I got almost $20 back on this couch! If you want to sign up (it's free) please use my link: HERE!)

The top picture was taken with our regular lighting that we use. I took the bottom pics with the overhead light on so you could see things better! :) One thing I love about this couch is that it is small (takes up less space than our old couch) but it has more room to sit!! Another thing is that if the cushions ever tear or something, they can be re-covered! I'm really hoping it all holds up well though!

The children were sad about changing the couch! They were so used to our other one and didn't like the idea of changing it...however, Madelyn and I put this one together last evening and once everyone tried it ~ they loved it! There's more room to stretch out if they want to lay down...and it's just going to work well for us! :)

Mickey seems to like the new couch too! :)

Last night kicked off our town's Victorian Christmas. There are different things going on for it....people dressed up in Victorian clothes doing "living windows" where they act out scenes in store front windows around town, stores are open around town with sales, music, food....etc!

There is something called "Christmas Tree Lane" in our courthouse. My dad's business sponsored a tree that my aunt, Madelyn and Jaxson put up and decorated. You can (sort-of) see it below in the top window on the left. It is's a silver tree with blue lights! I had friends tell me it was their favorite tree up there...

Things have been busy around here with deer season. Chris, Madelyn and X are out hunting right now then will be busy skinning deer down at the shop. Jaxson had a sleepover at my parents' house to help decorate their tree. I just got home from teaching spin class at the Y. I'm showered and need to get something to eat as my stomach is growling at me! I have bills to pay and housework to tend to! I was just really excited to share our new couch. Little things make me smile!!! :o)

I hope your weekend is full of joy and cheer!
Thanks for visiting me here! :)