Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doing well...

Hello friends! :)

I am so thankful to be able to say that we are just fine. Our electric only blinked once. Some others in our town have lost their electric and I am not sure how long it will be until they will get it back. It's been raining all week (and will continue to). After it clears up, I need to go out and clean up around the house and yard where the wind blew things around.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. My prayers are going out to those who have lost so much in this storm. In the news, it says there could be billions in damage. :( I pray you all are safe and have not had much damage to your home and area.

X fell asleep yesterday afternoon, in the chair...

I wanted to update you all quickly. Thank you for your loving concern. Now we all need to pray and try and help those who *have* gone through the worst of this storm!

I need to finish getting ready to head to spin class this morning!
Thank you for visiting!!!


Monday, October 29, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is headed our direction. I am in western PA and even all the way in here they say we can expect 60-80mph winds. There is a high likelihood that we will lose electric. I have been working at cleaning, refilling and re-wicking all our oil lamps. I have also been getting laundry done so if we do lose electric, we'll have plenty of clean clothes.

The worst thing about it all (for us) is that our outdoor wood stove needs electric to run and keep the fans blowing. We don't have a generator (but have always contemplated getting one...just never have). Chris is going to look into getting one today, hopefully. Our house is with high winds and cold temps, it may get super chilly in here! I'm hoping we can find a generator to at least keep the heat going (and maybe the fridge too!). Luckily, our stove/oven is gas so we will still be able to cook and bake things to eat.

So...prayers are much-appreciated (even more so for those closer to the coast and the elderly). If I am quiet for a while, I could be without electric for a bit. Nothing is certain but I just wanted to let you all know what is going on in my neck of the woods.

I hope any of you that stop by and visit me here, that live in the path of Sandy are safe and well prepared! My family and I will be in prayer!


Friday, October 26, 2012

More Knitting & Visiting with a Friend!

I finished another pumpkin hat up the other day...a friend from spin class ~ who had ordered one for a baby boy ~ found out that the baby's brother wanted one I made one for him too!

I also began (and soon after *finished*) a winter hat for Madelyn. It is made from the softest, most beautifully colored yarn! I loved watching how it came along round by round!

Madelyn loves it and I am thankful it will keep her head and ears warm over the blustery-cold winter months ahead...

Yesterday afternoon, after schooling and lunch were finished, an old friend from high school came by with a fun fall-building-kit for us all to do! It was similar to gingerbread house making but with chocolate cookies instead! These photos aren't in the right order (Blogger's photo upload thing-a-ma-jig has not been cooperative the past few months...) but they do capture the fun of the day!

A fall *tree* with leaves all around!....

 Below, Allison helping the children (I watched joyfully...enjoying seeing my children have such a great my only contribution to the project was mixing up some more icing! I was also the picture-taker!)...

Finished, after two hours of extensive building and decorating! Here's a view of the one side...

And the other side (with the builder-extraordinares posing with their creation!) friend Allison, Jaxson, Xavier and Madelyn in the back...

Good friends are such a blessing, aren't they? :)

Weightloss update: 

I started spinning, now, five times a week. It feels great! I have lost a total of 43 lbs. so far. It seems to be slowing down a bit (the weight loss) but I am, so much healthier than I have been in a long time. I expected to hit a plateau or at least, slowing of the weight loss, anyway so I am just going to continue doing what I am doing. :o) It will come off in time.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you all enjoy your weekend ahead!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wallpaper Finishes and Some Visiting...

After a bit of procrastination, I finally finished up the wallpaper I was working on in the kitchen (remember THAT POST?)...

Today, we paused with our schooling for a bit to head into my dad's garage and have donuts with my aunt and great-aunt. Devon and the littlest bug were there too. (I also had my nephew that I was babysitting for Chris's brother and sister-in-love). They brought over some oh-so-delicious looking donuts...of which I had *none*. I *did* smell Madelyn's donut was pumpkin spice and smelled wonderful! ;) 

We had such a nice time visiting and enjoying each others company! Here are a few photos of moments I captured! 

Jaxson has a style all his own! ;)

Madelyn read to Eloise (while X looked on) was so cute, as she read Eloise would say the last word of each sentence! She *loves* that story book! Quite a memory that little one has!

Xavier moved on to other things and Jaxson moved in to hear a bit of the story too...

Xavier, taking off his tow-trike tires (to air them up)...

As we pulled into the driveway at home...we noticed Jack-the-Cat lazily laying out on this old bench in front of the garage! He looked so sweet and comfy, I had to pause in the driveway to pull my camera out of my bag and snap a picture. As soon as I called "Jack-Jack" out to him, he perked up and came to the garage to meet me (I've had him since I was 17 years old)! (Notice my great-big-old crock there beside the bench has cracked and split! I am terribly bummed about it but it was my own fault.)

It was a beautiful day here...temperatures in the 70's and sunny skies! It was glorious to have clothes out drying on the line and be out and about. Tomorrow promises to be another busy I need to get relaxed for the evening. It will soon be time to head to bed...I look forward to doing some reading (hopefully at least I'll get a *few* pages squeezed in before nodding off!).

Hope the rest of your week goes glory to God in all things!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent Happenings...

The other morning, I awoke early, as usual and found the house to be pitch dark (not a lit night light to be seen!). It turns out the electric was out up and down the road. I am not sure what caused it...but I still needed to get ready to go to spin class. So I enjoyed lighting candles and oil lamps and sitting, enjoying their glow. I spent time in prayer and then got dressed and ready to go to spin class by candlelight! 

The latest knitting projects I have finished were a baby apple hat and a baby pea pod...

In the kitchen, Madelyn and I made chocolate chip cookies and homemade rolls (and I haven't eaten any...of the cookies *or* the rolls...oh the torture!;)...

The children have been keeping busy too! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of X for this post...but know that he has been busy as a bee...and keeping this mama on her toes!

I have felt like a chicken with its head cut off seems like there is so much to do...and not a ton of time to do it. It's silly of me really...I need to just take one thing at a time but oh, how my mind gets a-thinkin' and feeling like I need to be getting much more accomplished. I am coming to that time in the year when I am ready to slow down a bit...sure, things will still keep me busy such as schooling and daily tasks...but I am finding myself ready for the days of being snowed-in and cozy...with nowhere to go. I don't want to wish this beautiful autumn weather away though! Looking out the windows and seeing the gorgeous colors that cover every inch of the trees and yard gives me such joy!

It's porkchops for supper tonight with mashed potatoes, leftover rolls and sweet corn from the freezer. :) The skies are blue and the sun is shining...a truly beautiful day. Alas, I found myself frazzled and feeling dis-com-bob-ulated. I need to spend *much* more time in prayer. I am attempting to wean off a med that I am on...and it is a struggle. I am truly hoping I can do it. With my weightloss and healthier style of living, I am hoping it proves to be enough to be just what I need to be med-free. :)

Well, as I said before, time keeps on ticking and it is quite precious. No need to waste any more of it on this computer than I already have! :) Later gators!

In Lovingkindness,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Visit with Eloise (and her mom)...

This past Wednesday, after finishing up our schooling, we got to visit with the Squeezle and her mama (my sister) at my dad's garage. :) Here are some photos of our visit....

Jaxson hard at work...

Madelyn and Eloise....Say *Cheese*!


Eloise loves the mail truck!

Trike riding...

A pretty mama with her sleeping baby...

When we got was pancakes (recipe from my Homestead Blessings Cookbook) for supper!

I have not heard back from the winner of the Kyle Sherman CD giveaway. If I don't hear from her tonight, I will be picking a new winner tomorrow (Monday). :)

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

♥♥♥More Autumn at Home♥♥♥

Impromptu photos in the house on a sunny October day...

(notice things are a bit disorderly...truly, this was completely impromptu!)

(notice my water bottles, ready to be filled the next morning for spin class...yes, I take two water bottles...I get quite thirsty during the workout!)

Outside, the colors of autumn...

Clothes drying in the autumn sunshine...

 A valiant warrior...

And a lovely cloaked lass carrying water to the goats...

And I can't think of a better way to be reading God's Word than wrapped in an autumn fleece!

Autumn carries more gold in its hand than all the other seasons. 
~ Jim Bishop

I have a roast (with onions and potatoes) slowly cooking away in the crock pot right now. It smells delicious! I have been working on knitting and the children have been playing the afternoon away. Rain should be on its way at some point this evening...I have every hope of sharing supper and warm talks with my husband and children tonight...followed by knitting and some time reading a good book...then, Lord willing, I will turn in for the night, tucked under a couple quilts for a nice, deep sleep.

We were able to visit with my sister and Eloise yesterday...I hope to share that with you all sometime soon! I pray autumn is as beautiful where you are as it is here. Thanks so much for stopping by today!