Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent Happenings...

The other morning, I awoke early, as usual and found the house to be pitch dark (not a lit night light to be seen!). It turns out the electric was out up and down the road. I am not sure what caused it...but I still needed to get ready to go to spin class. So I enjoyed lighting candles and oil lamps and sitting, enjoying their glow. I spent time in prayer and then got dressed and ready to go to spin class by candlelight! 

The latest knitting projects I have finished were a baby apple hat and a baby pea pod...

In the kitchen, Madelyn and I made chocolate chip cookies and homemade rolls (and I haven't eaten any...of the cookies *or* the rolls...oh the torture!;)...

The children have been keeping busy too! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of X for this post...but know that he has been busy as a bee...and keeping this mama on her toes!

I have felt like a chicken with its head cut off seems like there is so much to do...and not a ton of time to do it. It's silly of me really...I need to just take one thing at a time but oh, how my mind gets a-thinkin' and feeling like I need to be getting much more accomplished. I am coming to that time in the year when I am ready to slow down a bit...sure, things will still keep me busy such as schooling and daily tasks...but I am finding myself ready for the days of being snowed-in and cozy...with nowhere to go. I don't want to wish this beautiful autumn weather away though! Looking out the windows and seeing the gorgeous colors that cover every inch of the trees and yard gives me such joy!

It's porkchops for supper tonight with mashed potatoes, leftover rolls and sweet corn from the freezer. :) The skies are blue and the sun is shining...a truly beautiful day. Alas, I found myself frazzled and feeling dis-com-bob-ulated. I need to spend *much* more time in prayer. I am attempting to wean off a med that I am on...and it is a struggle. I am truly hoping I can do it. With my weightloss and healthier style of living, I am hoping it proves to be enough to be just what I need to be med-free. :)

Well, as I said before, time keeps on ticking and it is quite precious. No need to waste any more of it on this computer than I already have! :) Later gators!

In Lovingkindness,


  1. Katy, you are such a good mom and wife, highly organized and goal oriented. This time of year can be so difficult emotionally and you weaning yourself off meds is probably also having a major effect on you. The Bible will help you through that. When you look at your list of to-do's see if there isn't just one you can cross off and plan to do another week or month from now. Often we just need to give ourselves more time to accomplish our goals.

  2. I had just caught up on your blog!! Fall is such a beautiful season and your home is truly cozy with all the candle light. I am slowly collecting some sturdy candles:)

  3. I too love Autumn, and don't want to wish these Beautiful Days away ....but I also wish for the slowness of winter days being snowed in :) lately I have been so busy!! Prayers to You and Your Family!!!
    Lisa in Illinois

  4. thinking and praying for you...
    take care,

  5. You have such a beautiful blog here. I hope you don't mind me dropping in. Your photos by candlelight are so warm & inviting. I'm just getting over a very busy time as well and even though I love summer, this one was so hot, I'm really cherishing the cooler weather and getting back into the slower rhythms of our family life. Blessings on the rest of your week.
    Your new friend,


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