Friday, July 24, 2020

2020 Formal

I was in charge of our homeschool co-ops formal this year. Because of all the Covid lockdowns we had to post pone the date. Usually it is held in May or beginning of June. This year we had to have it in July. Three days prior to the formal, our governor decided to put in a new mandate (despite the fact that our county  of 45,000+ has had under 50 cases of Covid and no deaths) that you couldn't have gatherings indoors of more than 25 people. I was not going to cancel the formal because of this crazy mandate put in on a Thursday! Everything had been purchased, the and we went ahead with it. I'm so glad we did. It went beautifully and the children all seemed to have such a great time!

My mom and Jaxson were awesome help. My mom has an eye for these things. I jokingly tell people that some women buy shoes and mom buys event decorations (oh look! Tea lights! Oh look, strings of lights at 90% off, oh look, floral garlands!)...haha! It has blessed numerous people though as she has used these decorations for wedding receptions, mother/daughter teas, dances and more! So, because of this, she saved our co-op money. We didn't have to buy decorations!

Ironing all the linens is such a pain...but thankfully, numerous moms volunteered to come the evening before when we were starting to get everything decorated and they brought their irons and ironing boards! (When all was said and done, I had to bring home all the linens....treat them for stains and wash them etc. Oh, how lovely disposable things can be sometimes...haha! My mom always stands by the fact that these linens...although more work...are much classier than disposable table coverings...and of course, she is right!)

The night of the formal, my mom and I had all the food prepared and some of the other moms dropped off cookies, which was fantastic. My mom and Jaxson kept replenishing the punch, water and food on the table!

 Table decorations were simple but pretty...floating tea lights in water and tissue paper flowers (we had to make each one of those...thankfully, I had some people helping me with that too. We had to pull each sheet of tissue paper away from the middle and fluff it. It isn't difficult, but tedious. We had a lot of them to make too! But it got done! :)

For a dj, we had one of the students who attend our co-op, as he is getting started doing that. It's a way for him to make some extra money and he did a great job! :) Our photographer graduated last year from homeschooling and she was also an attendee from our co-op. She took the next four photos:

Xavier (almost 17):

Madelyn (19), Morgan (Xavier's sweetie) and X:

X and Morgan (We just love this girl. She compliments X so well...and just fits with our family! We pray she is the one the Lord has to be X's wife one day. That's their plan!)...

 All the kids had fun dancing. They all liked a lot of the line the Macarena and the like! They even all loved doing the chicken dance! Hahahaha!

During slower songs it's always so sweet to see the boys (and every once in a while a bold girl asks a shy boy) ask a girl to dance. Not because of a crush or love interest...just as a gentleman...and as friends! Such a great group of kids!

These two aren't permitted much physical contact. X was so glad to be able to just put his arm around her and dance with her. We have some strict rules with our kids. They are never alone. Always chaperoned...even in a vehicle. Sometimes they think it's excessive...but one day, they will realize how much we love them and want to protect them. ;o)

As it got later...the lights around the hall looked so pretty!

The pictures of the food table looked so much prettier at night!

The pic below is quite blurry....but I wanted to get a pic of the sense of how lovely it all looked as night set in! It really was beautiful! Although you can't tell...standing back there is my love~ Chris (the short one) with our friend JJ. They were talking and laughing! I jokingly went up to them and told them they were horrible chaperones because they weren't even paying attention to the kids! haha! There were a few other parents there though and all was good. Plus...these kids, although not perfect, are good kids. They know Miss Katy will whoop 'em if they get into trouble! ;o)

And then, these two...just because. :o)

I had numerous kids come up to me during the formal...thanking me for everything, saying they are having a great time and how much they appreciate it! I had mothers tell me that too later. One mother even emailed me and was so grateful. She even sent my mama a thank you card! :o) Honestly...knowing that it all turned out so wonderfully makes it all worth it!!! Such great memories were made and that makes me smile big!

After cleaning up and getting home and things put away at home...I dropped into bed and was so exhausted. I didn't sleep till after midnight. For some people that is no big deal. I am an early to bed, early to rise gal and I was dead to the world once I fell asleep. We didn't even attend church the next day (although Madelyn still went). I was completely spent. Plus, our church starts at 9:30am...which typically is no big deal for me....but I just couldn't get moving that day!

Today has been sunshine filled and warm out. I have clothes on the line and have gotten a lot of housework done. I even vacuumed out my car! My workout was done this morning! I need to stop and get a few groceries then meet my family ~ as this is our week to go clean our church!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by! It means so much! I forgot how much I enjoy blogging! I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the formal I shared!


Thursday, July 16, 2020

"Trust in the Lord and do good...

...dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."

Psalm 37:3

May I recommend, if you feel a burdened heart and heaviness in your spirit because of the chaos in the world Psalm 37. I read it last night and found it so encouraging. Our Lord is sovereign...which means He is in control. We can rest in that! 

The Lord makes firm the steps
 of the one who delights in Him; 
though he may stumble, he will not fall, 
for the Lord upholds him with His hand.

Psalm 37: 23-24

Our garden is growing well. I'm really excited about the corn! It's growing quickly...these pics were taken a few days ago and already the corn is taller! It will only be enough for a couple meals....nothing to can or freeze...but that's ok. It will still be fantastic to eat something we grew! We've already eaten some of the green beans from our garden and they were delicious! How is your garden growing? 

This picture is from my it's not the best quality...but Chris made us a dutch door for between our living room and kitchen! We still have to figure out how we want to do the latch for the door...but for now, here it is! I love it! :)

I love this walkway when the hosta is grown and in bloom...

Just a quick picture of Jaxson (he's 14 now!). He has had to get can see them on the top of his head below ;) ....

Xavier did 4H this wasn't too thrilling though considering all the COVID lockdowns and restrictions...but he raised his sheep (he named him Stymie). He is showing him tonight and the auction is tomorrow! I hope it goes well!

I have been busy today with laundry, washing bedding, feeding the chickens, etc. I need to get to the gym soon and a friend is dropping off cookies for our homeschool co-op's formal we're having on Saturday. Many moms have offered to make cookies to donate which is fantastic. (My mom and I are doing the rest of the food and decorations. Some of the moms have offered to come help me iron tablecloths too! That sounds so boring...but oh, what a help that is! We are hoping to make it a nice time for the kids!) ....later today I have to get food to prepare for the formal and then have Xavier's 4H show this evening! I wanted to pop on and try to keep up with posting though! :)

Madelyn turned 19 earlier this week! She had the day off work so I took her to lunch and we had a nice time! It was nice just to visit together...sometimes I feel like we miss each other since she works a lot now. Xavier works a lot too....and Jaxson has been helping a lot at my dad's garage as well. He likes working on VWs and my dad has some in there that need attention. I feel like I'm starting to already suffer from empty nest syndrome! Ack! I love watching my children grow...but oh how I miss when they were little! I feel incredibly blessed to have watched them grow into teenagers/young adults. I know this is how it goes....God intends for us to grow and mature! But, I sure do miss them being wee and playing make believe! All seasons of life are such a gift.

I need to get going! I have much to get done today! I hope you are well! Thank you for stopping to visit! I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!


Friday, July 10, 2020

Madelyn's Graduation Party

From my camera...a few pictures from graduation and then some from Madelyn's graduation party! Above, that was Madelyn's little display for her reception after the graduation ceremony! girl on stage...

Madelyn and my parents...

A few quick pictures of the graduation party before a bunch of people arrived (that's Madelyn's little blue truck in the background)...

Food tables...we had a taco bar (per Mad's request)...

It was an absolutely gorgeous day...but super hot. Thankfully, my mom had a couple pop up tents to provide some shade. People sat in the shade of the trees and on the porch as well...

My mom made the cupcakes (we had more than this...she made 75!! We just kept bringing more out as the number got lower on the table!

 I made this little sign...

My sister and our family trying to find some shade under the trees...

It was a busy and exhausting day....replenishing food, greeting guests, running in and out of the know the drill ~ being a busy hostess! But it was great! Madelyn had a great time....she and a lot of her friends played Frisbee out in the yard. I wish I would have gotten some pictures...but honestly, I snapped some...then put my phone and camera down and kept busy managing the celebration! :) We had a lot of people in and out through the 4 or 5 hours. It was a good day! Now that it is past though....I am in charge of our homeschool co-op's formal this year. Normally it is held in May or June...but due to COVID, we moved it to January 18th. I have been busy preparing for that. I have helped for the past couple years with decorations and food etc....but this year, I'm in charge of it all. I pray it goes well and the kiddos have fun!

We will be celebrating my nephew's birthday this weekend. He turned THREE this week! He is the cutest thing. His smile (quite the cheese-y grin) lights up a room! You can see a pic of him on my sister's blog HERE but he had just turned 2 then. That's the latest she has updated!

Time keeps on ticking by....but I *am* trying to be a better blogger again!
Thanks for stopping by! I pray your week has been enjoyable!