Monday, June 25, 2018

"It was June...

...and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside."

~ Maud Hart Lovelace

Projects around the house are getting done quite slowly. There are just so many other things that demand our time. I have more free time than Chris does...but alas, the projects that really need done are only things he can we wait. The man works hard and I am thankful when he does get a little down time (but I will confess that living in a fixer upper house for the past almost 18 years makes having patience difficult! I always remind myself that this home is temporary, truly...while we are grateful for it and do our best to take care of it ~ we are only here for the duration of our lifetimes ~ which is but a tiny dot in the midst of eternity. Having my home look magazine-pretty really isn't what I'm pushing for! I honestly am just big on things looking neat and tidy.)

Chris has been doing some *finishing* things on the back porch....and we have been discussing new windows for the upstairs rooms (dormers and the very front window). The windows there now are the original ones to the house and need updated. Once that gets done...we can finish the siding on the dormers and front of the house as well. I am *super* excited for that to happen! (I say "we" can finish the I am actually part of it ~ when I just try to keep Chris and whoever helps him with it hydrated and well-fed! I truly don't *do* any of the siding!).

I strive to keep the yard cut and tidy as well as flowers and plants planted around about to make things pretty. I took photos to show you but truly, everything looks *much* prettier in real life!

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."

~ L.M. Montgomery

The days have been going continually right after the other. Days filled with work ~ differing forms for each of us. Chris and Xavier are often working at my dad's garage (or at his dad's meat market). Madelyn babysits and also works some afternoons at the meat market. Jaxson helps with chores and is a great helper to his Grammie in her gardens!

My work is definitely that of a keeper at home. The mowing, laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, grocery shopping and more keep me happily busy. I am still keeping up with my daily exercising as well.

My raised bed is looking nice! Everything is growing beautifully....although I don't think anything grew in my second raised bed. Always so strange to me how sometimes things take...and other times they don't! Our corn down at the "big garden" didn't take at all.....but our green beans and pumpkins are doing great down there!

As you can see in the photos below ~ Chris has the wood to start finishing things on the back porch...

Now I am trying to decide if I want to *stain* the back porch....or if I want to paint it white. Ack! Decisions, decisions! Any suggestions? If I am going to put the money and work into it...I want it to look nice! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! :)

It's 4 pm right now....and I feel like I could fall over and fall fast asleep! It's been a busy day (not *overly* busy....just normal...getting things done sort of busyness). I taught spin this morning at 9am....then came home to mow and hang out some loads of laundry. After lunch, Jaxson and I went for groceries (then of course, you must come home, unload them from the car and put them all away which is another exhausting task! I was so thankful for his help!). I've done some other housework and then sat down to write this blog. I have some more things to tend to before I start supper so I best be saying my *good-byes* for now!

Before I go....if you like to listen to sermons, snippets, or read things I find interesting (I have a list of great sermons in a link on my right sidebar...but I've been too lazy to add more when I come across them!) I do share things I like on my Google Plus Page. You can find it HERE. Just if you're interested!

Anyway...I hope your day has been enjoyable so far and that June has been a great start to the summer for you! Please visit again soon!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Never give up praying...

...until the answer comes."

~George Muller

I am reading George Muller's autobiography (which you can find HERE). I'm not sure if I have posted about it here before or not. It's a really great book! To see his faith and how he waits upon the Lord...all while fervently praying and entrusting *everything* to Him ~ it is truly inspiring! Prayer, when it is along with God's will, is a powerful tool He has given us to communicate with Him! What a beautiful gift and privilege it is to be able to talk to the Creator of the universe and *know* He hears us...and loves us! When you are adopted into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ you can know for *certain* that you are His and He is yours. When you try to truly fathom is hard to wrap your mind around! I hope you spend time in prayer daily....communing with our Lord. A relationship *needs* communication ~ and that happens only through reading God's Word daily and talking to Him regularly! :) 

 Along with Muller's autobiography and my daily Bible reading...I read a little snippet from Joni Eareckson Tada's book: Diamonds in the Dust. It's a devotional and full of uplifting, convicting devotions! It's definitely worth reading and you can find it HERE if you are interested! Just be sure a devotional book doesn't take the place of your daily Bible reading. Being in the Word....and chewing on it in vital to your walk with Christ! :)

I am now home after a difficult workout this morning. It was good to do it....but my muscles are just exhausted! I'm happy to have gotten my workout done early though. I am now showered and have had breakfast! Laundry is going, dishes are started, and I filled an etsy order and put it in the mail! :) It's a great start to the day and I am thankful for that! I always love when I can get a lot accomplished!

I hope to be able to spend some time out on the porch (in my rocking chair of course) reading at some point today too! The weather has been so lovely...cloudy and rainy some days (but we need that!). The temperatures have been in the 70's usually with a nice breeze! Wonderful weather to have windows open and clothes out on the line!

As you can see...some of my hosta is out of control. I will be separating some of it and moving it to other areas at the end of the season! It is just getting *too* humongous for this space!

A nice breeze comes in through the open kitchen windows...

The raised beds are coming along nicely! In the first one I have sweet onions, lettuce and purple beans planted. Yes....purple beans! Isn't that so fun!? The package says they will turn green when you cook them! I'm excited to see them grow! I've never grown or seen them before! In the back bed I have a few rows of green beans planted (we also have green beans planted down at the big garden....along with sweet corn and pumpkins!).

We had to get a new washing machine. Our last one was only 4 years old and developed a problem with it that would cost over $350 to fix! We decided it's better to just buy a new one. These things are *not* built to last anymore! What happened to washing machines lasting 20+ years!? We never buy extended warranties on things because I am appalled that they would ask for another $100+ to buy a 5 year warranty for their product! They can't guarantee that a washer that we pay $600+ isn't going to last at least 5 years!? I think it's ridiculous! Our last washer was a Whirlpool. So this time we got a Maytag. It *does* come with a 10 year warranty on the motor and some other part. We didn't have to pay extra for I'm glad they at least stand by their products it seems! If this Maytag washer does well for us then when our Whirlpool dryer bites the dust....we may look into a Maytag dryer too!

It's so nice to have a well-working washing machine again! I definitely put it to good use! :o) (On the right side you can see that plant in the pot....that is Madelyn's Tom-the-Tomato).

Now I must go. The laundry probably needs switched and the dishes need finished!

I hope your week is going well. May June be a wonderful month for you and your loved ones! Encourage one another in the Lord and may your walk grow closer with Him each day!