Wednesday, August 19, 2020

My New Home Office

 I couple weeks ago, I rearranged my home office area. It's where I check my computer, pay bills, plan in my planner, make stickers, plan school etc! It works wonderfully for me now how I have it set up. It's organized and cozy and I love it! I took some pictures to share:

The baby picture below (on my desk) is of Jaxson when he was wee. Now he's 14.5 years old!!

Our electric went out the other day. It was quite warm out and Jaxson, the dogs and I sat out on the porch for a bit. Everyone else was busy that night and didn't get home til a bit later. It came back on around 9:30pm...then went back out again in the wee hours. I must admit...having electric really does spoil us! 

There's Mickey on the porch and Cash out in the yard...(yes...Cash is still ticking! The old boy is closing in on 13, I think! You can see him as a pup HERE.)

Luckily for our family...I love candles and oil we just light 'em up when it gets dark! :)

I hope your week is going well! Chris has been working on siding the dormers in the's such a process! But it's happening...we are so, so close to be done! I can't wait! 

Veggie beef soup in the crock pot for supper last night....and tonight I'm making french toast! What's on the menu at your house? 

We started our homeschool year this past Monday. I can hardly believe Madelyn is done. She is off to work most days. The boys do their schooling in the mornings and then are off to work most afternoons. Seasons of life change so quickly, don't they? 

I gotta's been a busy day and I have more to do but I wanted to pop a few pictures and a post on while I had a chance! I'll share more soon! Happy Wednesday!