Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Little Tater Tots!

When I was younger (and still to this day...) my nickname was Tater. Now before you go scratchin' your heads and thinking I'm crazy....let me explain! :) Since my name is Katy....that turned into Kater....which then turned into Tater (and I even got called Potato quite often!). So...I guess that officially makes my children "tater tots"...right? :o)

Schooling is finished for the day (although schooling is more than just books....it's learning through life). So the kids played blocks and have been playing outside. Luckily, after a few dreary days of cold, rain and even some *ack* snow....the sun is out and it is in the 50's! Yippee! :)

I have done some cleaning...although there is still more to do. But I thought I would take a break and visit my blog! :)

Yesterday....in the mail...I received an absolutely wonderful gift package from my friend, Mya! We have known each other for years via the net. Never actually met in person...but maybe someday! We used to snail mail faithfully back and forth! It's so fun to have friends from different places! Well....I knew that she was making herself and me matching Mary Engelbreit aprons...but I didn't know what they looked like.....well....when I opened that box....my eyes almost popped out! Look at how beautiful it is:

It's ruffly and just absolutely PERFECT!!!! I can't tell you all how much I love it! She is even a beginner sewer and look at what a fantastic job she did!!! (Madelyn is modeling it at the moment...I have not showered yet today due to cleaning...so I thought Madelyn's cuteness would be much more suited to model than myself....LOL). She also packed a cute country notepad in there and candy and fun Easter items for the kids! Thank you soooo much Mya!!!!! xoxo I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

**Even though some days may not be great and you may come along people who aren't very nice and with the bad economy and many of us wondering what in the world our government is doing....know that there are kind, generous and loving people out there. I have had this displayed to me through online friends (who are still real people!), people around me and also just general people while shopping or being out for the day....who hold the doors open or who smile at me for no reason. For every one not-so-nice person I come across....there are 10 kind people in it's place! :) We should hold on to the nice gestures and reflect them to others. This is the main commandment Jesus has taught us....to love our neighbors! Right? :) I just wanted to share that as I have dealt with some *not so nice* comments lately and the care pkg. from Mya came at just the right time to encourage me. :) So...I want to encourage you all as well!

Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks so much for coming by to visit!!!!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Passion Play Dress Rehearsal

Our church's annual Easter Passion Play is coming up soon! I posted pics from a practice we had a few weeks ago. Last night was dress rehearsal. It really makes the play come alive when everyone is in full dress and make up! Anyone local....the tickets are free...come and watch! It will be a great show! :)

Jaxson...(don't know why he is looking at the ground..hehe)...

Miss Madelyn.....

Xavier was in the play the past couple years...but he has seemed to have gotten shyer lately...and didn't want to be in it and I wasn't going to force him. Maybe he will choose to be in it again next year! :)

Below...a pic of my Chris and our good friend, Chris. They always think the gang signs "east side and west side" are funny...and they say we aren't from the "east" or the "west"...they are from the "middle" and they made the M's....strange...? Yes! Funny....? Absolutely! It's all in good fun!

My Christopher plays dual roles....he plays Peter and also one of the thieves on the cross beside Jesus during the crucifixion. Our good friend, Chris, plays Pilate. Doesn't that spray on gray on this hair really age him??? It's so weird! LOL

I took tons of pictures...but am just posting a few! Jesus teaching on the hillside....

I took the pic below and thought it turned out soo neat! It happened by accident...because I never get my camera settings right...the angel standing by Jesus as He prays.....

Chris as a thief. I took pics of my uncle (who plays Jesus) on the cross but thought it to be a little too gory to post.

He's alive! :) Jesus was risen from the dead! :)

I have watched this so many times....and last night, I cried and cried at the crucifixion. To see a portrayal of what Christ did for each one of us really just tears at my heart. A mother cries over the broken body of her Son...it really affects one as they watch it!

I have lots to do today....so I best be off. Thank you so much for visiting with me! I started to Twitter...don't totally understand it yet...but I thought it may be fun. It is located on my right sidebar if you are a Twitterer and want to follow me! :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Bit of Wednesday Wisdom

No, no...don't worry...the wisdom isn't from me....hehe. I read a quote last night and it just sooo "hit home" with me. It's what I try to do anyway...but I thought it was a good encourager and I wanted to share it with anyone who happens to stop by!

"Correction does much, but encouragement does more."
~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

How true that is! I mean, of course we need to correct our children's behavior if it isn't right....however, how much more they learn and thrive when we encourage them when they are doing something right! They seek that so much and when they get the attention through postive behavior instead of negative...how much happier we all tend to be! :)

I homeschool my children and am continually trying to raise them in a way pleasing to God. I am not perfect, by any means, but through the grace of God...I do my best and trust Him for my strength! :) Our homeschool's theme verse is that we are learning and growing under God's umbrella of protection...."that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God" ~Colossians 1:10.

So I just encourage you to keep *encouraging* your kids!!! :) I plan on reminding myself of that quote at the top when I feel like getting overly angry about something with my kiddos. :) I hope you will too.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!! :o) Ta Ta for now! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can you ever have too many dishes?

I say the answer to that question is "absolutely not"! I mean, what if I have a HUGE gathering with like, 50 people and need good dishes? I will be all set! (Even though it will be in 3 different sets!)

I have 2 sets of dishes already that I LOVE....my red spatterware and my Warren Kimble Colonial Pattern dishes......But one of my aunts came up for my sister's bridal shower on the 15th and to my surprise, brought me some super cute dishes!!! Here's a picture of the plate and soup bowl......

And a closer pic of the pattern....

Aren't they cute? I love them! The dessert plates and mugs that come with them have this pattern as well but also have snowmen and are a blue color. They will be perfect to use for winter/Christmas dishes! :) YIPPEE!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! :) I am off to clean, do some schooling with Madelyn and clean some more. I also have some knitting to work on! :) Remember....if you want some hand knitted dishcloths...be sure to check out my shoppe! :) Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Few people know how to take a walk.....

.....The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The kids and I took a walk last evening. Chris wasn't feeling well after dinner...so the kids and I just decided to go. When we went out...the neighbor boy was out riding his bike and asked to go along...so we all took a walk/ride! :)

It was a beautiful evening! A bit chilly....but not too bad. The small back roads we walked on were perfect for the kids to ride their bikes on....no traffic and very safe! :)

We even took Ruthie (the dog) along! :) Jaxson and I took turns holding the leash. She is rarely ever on a leash and was quite annoyed by it and kept getting us all tangled up in it....LOL!

Here's on the way back home.....there's our house! (Notice the work that still needs finished...hehe! All good things take time!)

Home!!! :) Notice the little black truck in the yard? The boys each have one....they sit on them and lift their legs and ride them down a hill in our yard...it is sooooooooo funny!!!! LOL!

The Spring Break Youth Convention that Chris and I chaperoned this past weekend went really well....although gosh....we were all sooo pooped! Teenagers have so much energy! It was a great time of worship and fellowship as well! Plus, our church's previous youth pastor was the speaker this year so we were all thrilled to see him! :)

I fell asleep around 1am Saturday morning. I just couldn't stay awake any longer. Most of the kids (and other chaperones) were still awake. When I awoke later in the morning...I saw what pranks had been accomplished....lol! One boy's truck had been TP'd and they shrink-wrapped the youth pastors blazer!!!! rofl!!! I, as a sleeping target, would have been so easy to have been pranked...I am sooo glad I wasn't!!!!

I already have laundry hanging out on the line. I plan to do a ton of cleaning today as well! :) It looks like it is going to be a beautiful spring day, here in PA!!! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Monday!!!! :o) Thanks for coming by!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garden Stakes!

So...Chris's parents, his brother & SIL, and we share one huge garden on my inlaw's property. (Good thing it isn't here...the chickens would eat everything!) We all buy seeds and *most* of us help with it (I won't go into detail). The kids do a great job pitching in too! It is fantastic! And such a wonderful way for them to learn hard work and about plants. This year...my MIL wanted to make little garden stakes to put at the rows....so she made these ones so far...and aske me to paint them! I didn't paint them with *perfection*...they are suppose to look country and rugged!

Carrots and Radishes (located in the same row).....

And Green Beans.....

Wednesday night...we all were out working hard preparing the gardens and getting a few things planted (like the peas and onions etc). I still have more stakes to paint sometime as well! For onions and lettuce etc. The kids were filthy and exhausted! I was too! It is tiring..but sooo rewarding as well! You know that "good" tired feeling?? :)

Today (thursday)....the kids and I...well mostly Madelyn and I (the boys helped *some*)....worked at raking the yard and where leaves have pushed against the fence and such. We should have done it this past fall...but since we didn't....today was a beautiful day to do it! I have clothes hanging out on the line and the kids have played outside for hours! :)

When I told Jaxson it was time for a nap...he went up to his bed and got in without me having to take him!!!! He was that tired!!! hehe! I am soooo happy spring is here! I feel so happy when I am out doing yardwork!!! I look forward to getting mulch and flowers etc and doing more things around the yard!!! :)

Passion Play Practice is tonight! Busy Busy! :) But it's a fun and happy busy life!!!! Hope you all are having a great week!!!! :o)

My First Round Dishcloth!

I have knitted my first round dishcloth!!! It takes me a bit more time than the regular, basic cloths that I knit...but I really like it!!! I got the pattern HERE. I look forward to making more of them!!! I used a slightly bigger needle than the pic on the pattern link....so mine doesn't look quite as perfect....but will work nonetheless! :) I plan on making some to sell in my shop as well!!!

Thanks so much for sharing in my knitting excitement with me! :) Small accomplishments and things make me happy! :) I would like to try THIS pattern as well sometime! :)

Have an absolutely wonderful Thursday!!!!! (Tomorrow Chris and I are chaperoning a youth thing at church....I have to sleep on the floor....gosh, I wish I had an air matress....my body is going to ACHE! I will be contemplating all day today...how I can sleep on the floor and still be sorta comfortable....ack!!! :o)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This past weekend...my aunt (who lives a few hours away) came up for my sister's bridal shower. She couldn't resist bringing my kids a lil treat....and they were thrilled to receive it as well!!!! Bubble guns!!! They had a blast with them! (X was cutting wood with daddy so he wasn't there when they first got them). She even brought a container of refill bubbles! I am so thankful the weather is starting to get nice enough to be outside again!!! (Notice Jaxson's feet in the top pic.....no..he isn't a duck. LOL That's just what happens when he puts his own shoes on....winter boots (even though there is no snow) and on the wrong feet! Aren't kids toooooo cute????)

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!!! :)

Today is grocery day...and alas, I am fighting another headache! I think it is from my TMJ. It keeps getting worse. I am truly worried that they will have to fix it. To do that...they have to break and reset your jaw. It has to be wired! Ack! I can't imagine living on a liquid diet! :( But the clicking, popping, and pain associated with this is just totally NOT fun.

Anyhoo....again, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting. I know I don't always get around to each blog and comment...and I do apologize...but there just isn't the time in the day to sit on the computer too long. I do try to stop by as I can! :) Sometimes I do read but don't always comment! :) I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Surround Them

I am a fan of Fox News Channel. It's my favorite source of news. As I watch the news and see all this money being thrown around and the government getting bigger and such....it made my stomach sick. I am a firm believer in being informed and having knowledge about what is going on with our government.

So....I have been watching Glenn Beck. Anyone else watch him? He cracks me up...and he is sooo right on about sooooo many things! Have you all heard about the "We Surround Them" thing he has been doing...with the 912 project??? It is fantastic! Do you believe in THESE 9 principles and THESE 12 values??? It is time for us to realize that the government works for us! We don't have to just sit and cringe! HERE is the 912 mission statement. If you agree and are ready for this country to be how our forefathers began it....then I encourage you to join!!!

Is this for a bunch of crazy fanatics? No....it's for us Americans who truly love our country and our freedoms. Here is a quote from the mission statement:

This is a non-political movement. The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

So.....if you haven't already...I really encourage you all to check out the 912 project and even join We Surround Them USA! If you aren't really a news follower and aren't sure what all is going on...I encourage you to start seeking information. Maybe someday....this project will be in history books....telling of how the United States finally went back to their root beliefs and restored it's country!!!! :)

Thanks so much for coming by! I am hoping you will join in this with me and share with me!!! I would love to hear from you!!! :o)

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Shower of Blessings For My Sister!

My sister, Devon, is getting married in May. We had her shower yesterday afternoon. My mom thought up (and found things for) the theme...Frog Prince! (Devon knew we were having a shower for her but the theme was a secret!) After church, we did a lot of setting up. This is actually the basement of my mom's church. (I attend a different church!)

In the pic below...the frog ornaments are hanging from fishing line. It looked so neat! A picture doesn't capture the actual look though!

The food looked pretty....veggies, bread and dip and fruit. There were cupcakes and cookies and candy too!
And the cake table..... :)

Devon....arriving to her shower....

As matron of honor....I handed out jobs to the bridesmaids (it's fun to delegate...LOL!). I was the "thank you list recorder". In the pic below...our cousin, Marlena (a bridesmaid)...is the gift hander outer (hehe). Our cousin Alyson was the timer keeper (we didn't play shower games...we just set a timer and when it went off...whose ever gift Devon was opening, won a prize basket!), and our cousin, Meghan was the rehearsal bouquet assembler (out of the bows and ribbons from the packages).
Below...a picture of Devon with her rehearsal bouquet....isn't it so pretty? I think Meghan did a fantastic job with it!!! YAY!!!!

I think Devon had a great time and all went well. Today, though, I know my mom and I (and I am sure many others) are exhausted!!! Today I would just love to relaxxxx! But I have cleaning to do, schooling, knitting to do (I have an order of 5 dishcloths to do), and Easter play practice tonight at church. I am fighting a bit of a headache though....so rest will have to be squeezed in my day! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing in Devon's day with us!