Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First Round Dishcloth!

I have knitted my first round dishcloth!!! It takes me a bit more time than the regular, basic cloths that I knit...but I really like it!!! I got the pattern HERE. I look forward to making more of them!!! I used a slightly bigger needle than the pic on the pattern mine doesn't look quite as perfect....but will work nonetheless! :) I plan on making some to sell in my shop as well!!!

Thanks so much for sharing in my knitting excitement with me! :) Small accomplishments and things make me happy! :) I would like to try THIS pattern as well sometime! :)

Have an absolutely wonderful Thursday!!!!! (Tomorrow Chris and I are chaperoning a youth thing at church....I have to sleep on the floor....gosh, I wish I had an air body is going to ACHE! I will be contemplating all day I can sleep on the floor and still be sorta comfortable....ack!!! :o)


  1. That's beautiful, Katy. It's not just a dishcloth; it would look lovely as a doily anywhere in the house.

    I hope you don't feel too sore in the morning.

  2. Thats so cute, kinda looks like a pinwheel...great job! I really feel for you having to sleep on the floor, my body is aching just reading about it:( Have fun!

  3. That is simply beautiful!
    I can't believe that you just learned to knit not so long ago!
    You are doing very very well!

  4. Great Job!! Love the way the colors lay.
    Take lots of blankets to lay on.. might help a bit.

  5. That's Adorable!

    Maybe take some extra blankets and sleep on top of them? Hope you have fun!

  6. Katy,

    I love all your dishclothes! Hope you will consider making some in single colors...maybe, cream?

    I have been a long time reader...first time comment! :o)

  7. Katy, that is the sweetest dishcloth I've ever seen! Love it.

  8. Love the dishcloth Katy!! Hope your body feels better than you expect tomorrow!

  9. I've never seen one like that. It's really pretty!

    Sleeping on the floor is always a challenge. Hope you come up with something comfortable!


  10. Congratulations. It is lovely too.
    This is my first time to visit. I am going to look around.

  11. Nice job! That's really cute! And wonderful that you are learnign so much more about knitting! Good for you, girl!

    About sleeping on the floor, I am just too old to do that these days! I hope that somehow you both will be comfortable! Have fun!

  12. Too pretty to wash dishes with! :)
    I'm loving mine and I hope sell many more.

    Have fun sleeping on the floor.:)


  13. Jeepers Katy! That's way too pretty to be a dish cloth! :)

    Good luck with your shop!!

    Happy SPRING (tomorrow)



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