Monday, March 16, 2009

A Shower of Blessings For My Sister!

My sister, Devon, is getting married in May. We had her shower yesterday afternoon. My mom thought up (and found things for) the theme...Frog Prince! (Devon knew we were having a shower for her but the theme was a secret!) After church, we did a lot of setting up. This is actually the basement of my mom's church. (I attend a different church!)

In the pic below...the frog ornaments are hanging from fishing line. It looked so neat! A picture doesn't capture the actual look though!

The food looked pretty....veggies, bread and dip and fruit. There were cupcakes and cookies and candy too!
And the cake table..... :)

Devon....arriving to her shower....

As matron of honor....I handed out jobs to the bridesmaids (it's fun to delegate...LOL!). I was the "thank you list recorder". In the pic below...our cousin, Marlena (a bridesmaid) the gift hander outer (hehe). Our cousin Alyson was the timer keeper (we didn't play shower games...we just set a timer and when it went off...whose ever gift Devon was opening, won a prize basket!), and our cousin, Meghan was the rehearsal bouquet assembler (out of the bows and ribbons from the packages).
Below...a picture of Devon with her rehearsal bouquet....isn't it so pretty? I think Meghan did a fantastic job with it!!! YAY!!!!

I think Devon had a great time and all went well. Today, though, I know my mom and I (and I am sure many others) are exhausted!!! Today I would just love to relaxxxx! But I have cleaning to do, schooling, knitting to do (I have an order of 5 dishcloths to do), and Easter play practice tonight at church. I am fighting a bit of a headache rest will have to be squeezed in my day! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing in Devon's day with us!


  1. What fun! A great theme, indeed!

  2. Looks like fun and I love the theme!

  3. What a lovely celebration for your sister and what a great theme!

    I love the timer idea for prizes - so many people are not crazy about playing games and this is a great alternative.

    Best wishes to Devon for her upcoming wedding - can't wait to see pictures!

  4. That looks like a lovely Shower!

  5. What a cute cake and I liked the theme.

    Congratulations on all the dish cloth orders. :)


  6. What a cute theme!!Glad to hear all went well!!IU`ve been diong some catch up reading on your blog.I`ve been out of the "blogosphere" for the past week. Lol! Alot has been going on in your life! I`m so glad you decided to oen an etsy shop!!Maybe I`ll open one too,someday!!
    Have a blessed day!!
    Love and blessings,

  7. Looks like alot of fun!!!!
    My invite must have been lost in the mail.....*sigh*

  8. That was a cute them! It all looked really pretty and like lots of fun! I know your sister must have loved it all!


  9. Showers are always so fun and I love the theme! Looks like a great time!


  10. how pretty everything looked..I am sure your sister loved the theme..
    hope you found a little time to rest some..

  11. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! I love my dish rags. I received them today and have already washed them. They look great I wish you the best of luck!


  12. LOVE the theme! Everything looked great! :)


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