Monday, April 29, 2013

A Beautiful Spring Day

 Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?
                                                        ~Neltje Blanchan

Although today's sky is full of clouds and bursting with times of rain, previous days have been beautiful. Blue skies, sunshine and comfortable temperatures! The children have enjoyed playing outside when our day's schoolwork is finished (they even seem to do their chores more joyfully when the sun is shining...and so do I!). I have been lining the clotheslines with loads of clean clothes...I love the wonderful smell of them as I take them *off* the lines (and fold them) when they are dry!

The boys have gotten their cars out and set up in the "dirt pile". They also have fun running and playing in the sunshine! 

Madelyn asked to go to the library for a bit the other we went and found lots of books to enjoy!

Mad and Jaxson dove right in!

Xavier was ready to go within minutes of getting there. He would rather be *doing* something than *reading*...which in one way makes me sad (that he doesn't enjoy reading) but in another way, doesn't...he is gifted in many areas and God will use those things to His glory. God made him and I am so thankful! We all have strengths in different things...and that is okay!


Schooling is finished for today and now I need to continue on with housework. I need to fold some clothes and finish some dishes...then get the floors swept (on this rainy day)! We are hoping for some sunny days ahead! :) Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Smiling ~ With a Little Help from my Friends...

These guys and dolls make me smile...a lot! Getting to visit with my sister and her girls is so much fun for all of us! Eloise just got a trike and helmet. She has been practicing her pedaling skills and now, when coming to visits at Pop-Pop's garage, she gets to ride her trike around with the boys! It's so cute watching her go! She's a pro!

I got to snuggle a sleepy Dinah (and Jax always likes to photo-bomb every picture he can..which is okay with makes me laugh!)...

Madelyn-the-Lovely, reading...

Xavier got to help work some on Aunt Nen's bug! He was showing me different things!

A love note...from Jaxson to my mom...

My children's *school* pictures (from our homeschool co-op)...

El's trike...isn't it incredibly cute?

Aunt TiTi (aka: me) and Dinah-mite... (and, yes, Jaxson-photo-bomber-extraordinaire!)...

A worker for my dad is leaving for boot camp in a couple weeks so we all threw him a surprise going away party at the garage (this was on a different day than when Devon and the girls visited). I snapped this picture of Chris and is definitely share-worthy!

And now I must go. It's an absolutely gorgeous sunshine-filled day here and there are lots of things to do! And if I get the chance, I have every intention of soaking up some sun and reading a good book at the same time! :) Hope you are having a great weekend so far!! 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Latest Busy-ness...

The pace of life of our culture can be frantic. Homeschooling gives us the precious gift of time with our children. 
~Zan Tyler, "Anyone Can Homeschool"

Even though we are still working through our schoolwork for *this* year, I have been getting our plans ready for *next* school year. We will continue using Christian Light Education for math and language arts but we are going to implement easy peasy for the rest! We may use a book "The Human Body" from AIG (found on ebay) for our study of anatomy next year (although easy peasy has anatomy to study I may incorporate both...I will just have to see!). We hope to make lapbooks next year and experiment with different styles of learning (online resources, continued attendance with our co-op, movies addition to our book work!). Although we are all looking forward to a summer break from our schooling adventures, I am also already looking forward to starting the next school season! 

I am also extremely excited because I found out that I get to teach my most-wanted teaching position in our homeschool co-op next year! I get to teach the Keepers of the Faith class! I will be encouraging girls to embrace their roles as girls/growing to be women. We will be working on homemaking and keeping as well as enjoying our femininity! I plan on using Proverbs 31 as a the girls will learn (and hopefully grow to love) those verses of scripture and begin implementing them as they grow and mature into young women! I will pray about this and will follow God's leading on what He would have me do. :)

Even *Bilbo Baggins* likes doing schoolwork!

We have had some beautiful days here...although most have been a bit chilly. I am so thankful for the sunshine though...I think I was starting to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency! My body longed to soak in some of those glorious sun-rays! Sometimes, when it feels like I just can't take a cloudy or snowy day any longer, the Lord just blesses me with an abundance of sunshine (I am quite sure this blesses everyone..not just me...but I can only speak from my experience!). 

I have taken advantage of this nicer weather...getting some good runs in when I can, doing some mowing and raking, and tidying/beautifying our yard...

I have wonderfully hardy lillies growing along the front of our garage. I decided to put a rock border around them and I really like how it turned out!

Mowing and raking, raking and mowing...I take the leaves into the chicken run. They love scratching around in them to see what they can find. *And* I must say that both mowing *and* raking our wonderful workouts. It feels quite wonderful to be exercising and getting things accomplished all at the same time!

The children and I are not the only ones soaking in the sunshine! Clothes are out drying daily (hooray for clothesline weather!)...

And Jack-the-Cat is so happy that the warmer temperatures have set in!

Inside, we have been going through winter clothes and putting them in space bags to store away until colder weather sets in again. (Although I must admit, if you don't get them sealed perfectly, they don't stay vacuumed out. That is a bit frustrating!)

Our hens have been laying nicely for us...although I can't wait until our new girls come too. When they are up-and-laying after the mature a bit, we will have eggs galore! :) You really can't beat fresh eggs. They are infinitely better than store-bought! If you don't get farm fresh right now, I encourage you to search around and see if anyone is selling any. We sell ours for less than store prices and ours are *much* healthier (and fresher)!

The days are full and busy (and when they *aren't* busy, it's nice having time to relax!). The children and I are getting ready to go help a loved one with their yard work (get to soak in some more of that beautiful God-given sunshine! Yay!). So, off we go! Hope you have a *great* day! Thanks so much for visiting here! 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Joy-Filled Moments!

We celebrated my dad's birthday earlier this week with a small party at his garage. My sister and her girls came too! (Yay!) It was Dinah's first trip to our small town (as they live an hour away from us). We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends...and enjoying delicious food (my mom made her homemade BBQ chicken, baked potatoes and corn she had canned last year from her garden)! 

Madelyn and Eloise had fun coloring...

I was quite blessed to get a *lot* of snuggle time with my littlest niece, Dinah! Isn't she just too sweet? She is always so full of smiles and joy!

Time for lunch! Eloise thinks her cousin X is quite silly!

My Madelyn and me...


Look! It's Bilbo Baggins! ("What's a Bagginses, Precious?") Oh ~'s Jaxson! He sure fooled me! :P

Jaxson is a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. He has wanted a Frodo or Bilbo costume for a long time. Grammie (aka: my mama) surprised him with one! He was over-the-moon excited about it! He will oft-times go only in his bare feet (and thinks he is a hobbit!). He has always hated socks and even through the freezing cold winters, I have to battle with him to remember to put on socks under his shoes!

The roses that Madelyn got for me are blooming beautifully!

Our family Jaxson...

And now it's time for me to go. There are more chores to be finished and laundry to go out on the line! I hope you are having many joy-filled moments of your own! Thank you for stopping by today! :)


It's all about Jesus Christ being first....and second and third and fourth and fifth. 
 What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first.
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank, He is everything. 
~Paul Washer

Monday, April 15, 2013

..::Comfort in the Commonplace::..

When tragedy strikes, as we pray for those affected, I find comfort in the little things...thankful for the commonplace in my life. To some, it may not be an adventurous, exciting sort-of life I live...but it *is* wonderful. I am thankful for it! As my heart fills with compassion for those hurting right now I know (and find complete comfort in) God is in control and He is good. 

I pray you find comfort in a bit of the commonplace in your life as we keep the victims and loved ones of those affected by the terrible bomb blasts in Boston earlier this afternoon in our thoughts and prayers.


Beautiful, fragrant pink roses...a gift from my Maddy-girl to me...

Simple things...such as a new over-the-sink light bring me joy! No longer blinded by bright, florescent lighting...I now tend to my dishes and things in the kitchen under a softer, warmer-sort of light!

Thankful for my sweet husband who took the time to wire and hang it for me!

A bit of a living room re-arrange makes things fresh yet still cozy and homey!

A lovely gift from a friend came in the mail the other day (it's so fun to get a package!)! Isn't this apron beautiful (the photo is not an altogether flattering one of me...but I wanted to share Roxy's thoughtfulness! She *made* this for me!)??
Thank you Roxy! :)

Thank you for stopping by. 
I hope you have found a bit of calm and comfort here today.