Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day *at* School

Schooling has been going well here the past couple months. We have our difficult days as well....but overall, I still feel truly blessed to be able to homeschool. Especially hearing about some of the schools in the country that have children singing praises to Obama. :( I am all about respect...but THIS is ridiculous! And it's not the *only* video of schools having kids sing praises. But I won't get started. I *will* tell you, though, that if you don't watch Glenn Beck on Fox News...you really should. I am truly thankful for the freedom to homeschool and pray that I always have that right.

Madelyn works on a spelling test above as Xavier works on telling time below....

And as I try to move from Madelyn's desk, to X's desk, to my own....I *quite* often have a silly little cling on hanging onto my leg... ;) I figure this is good exercise for me...it's like walking with weights on! ;)
Language, arithmetic, American History, Health, Science, Reading/Phonics and Bible all fill up our days of learning as well!

Madelyn's 2nd grade courses are using the Abeka curriculum. It's a lot of book work...but it is good learning. :) Madelyn works hard at it and does well.

The other evening at supper, Chris and I were talking about things and I was telling him that when I was in 2nd grade...I was tested to be in the gifted program at school and one of the things I had to do was say the alphabet backwards. I could do it then and I can still do it now. Chris found this *quite* amazing about me. I was glistening with a bit of pride.
Of course, Madelyn wanted to give it a try...and did it with ease! I was so excited for her...although it did make me realize that I wasn't as *special* as I had thought a moment before. *I love those moments though. They remind me to stay grounded and be humble!*

Last week...with X's My Father's World curriculum...we were working on A-Apple. We talked about apples, made trees with apples on them, practiced the /a/ sound, thought of words that start with A, made up a story about a worm who lived in an apple (that's what X was drawing in the pic above) and we talked about the fruits of the Spirit.

Homeschooling is so rewarding. That time with your children is priceless. All moments aren't perfect....but everything is so worth it when you are the one teaching your child to read and tell time, to spell and to do arithmetic!

If you are nervous about what all is going on with our government, the indoctrination that is going on in some places or even if you just feel like your childrens' childhoods are passing in the blink of an eye...homeschooling is such a wonderful option.

"And as the mother is the guardian and guide of the early years of life, from her goes the most powerful influence in the formation of the character of man."
~John S.C. Abbott, The Mother at Home

I want to make sure we are the ones instilling the proper values and God-fearing principles in our children. God made us responsible for bringing these children up correctly...and I take that job very seriously. Of course, not everyone even has the option to homeschool...and I don't mean that it is a *must* for everyone. But, if you can...I highly recommend it!

(by the way..I totally recommend that book in the link in the quote above! I have it and although written in the 1800's...is really a valuable read!!!)

And....on a super cute note...my kiddos decided to dress themselves alike for church this past Sunday. I know it isn't typical *church attire*...but it was toooooo cute to refuse! :)

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! We are enjoying some truly fall-like weather here in PA! :) Hope you are too! Happy Tuesday! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Festival Festivities!

Well...the fall festival my inlaws have had for the 6th year in a row went...OK. Unfortunately...it was cold and rainy. But...for the weather..we still had a decent turn out and we stayed busy! The pics I have are from before everything actually got started...once things were going..I didn't have time to snap any pics. *My mom drew that picture board in the top pic....I helped paint it. Hehe...don't the kids look cute? ;)

Below is a pic of the meat market...before we had everything totally out. I sat on the right end *behind all the coolers* and was the cashier for people buying chicken dinners, hot dogs, hot sausage, apple dumplings, cinnamon rolls, apple cider etc.

My sister in law *I think* had the idea of setting up a *corn* box for the kids to play in (kinda like a sand box...but using corn instead!).....such a neat idea and all the kids *did* have a lot of fun playing in it! When it started raining too much...they put a small tent over it! :)

A couple pics of all the vendors. Oh...how much better it would have gone if the weather had been nice. I need to just stay positive though....

There were nice items there...bake sales, homemade soaps, pottery, tupperware, country/prim items, jewelry, artwork etc.

Although the picture below doesn't look like much...it's actually where they had all the chicken being grilled. The guys...*my bro in laws, Chris and X....(yes, Xavier went down at 4am with all the guys!)...went down and cooked the chicken...boy was it yummy! :)

A local church makes apple butter right outside their tent....

Here was my knitted items I was selling (at my mom's stand)....I only sold the baby hat and 2 dishcloths...but that is better than nothing! :) I was so excited to sell them!!! :)

Some local kids made scarecrows for a contest.....

Xavier....still chipper after getting up super early.... ;)

Everyone was sooooooo exhausted afterwards. I gave the boys a bath and after drying and dressing Jaxson..sent him out to the living room while I dried X off and helped him get dressed for bed. By the time I got out to the living room....here is what I found:

It was a rainy day...such a bummer...but being bummed won't change anything. We are thankful for the customers who did come and were able to enjoy things in between rain showers! :)

Today...I have been up since 4:30am...I just couldn't sleep. I am sure I will be ready for a nap early this afternoon. I *did* finish up another baby hat I was knitting though, this morning, so that is good ;). Schooling is done for the day. It's another rainy day here...even had some thunder and lightning. A perfect day for staying cozy and dry in our home... reading, knitting and playing games. Of course, I will need to do some housework in there as well. I hope you all enjoy your Monday....whether it holds sunshine or rain! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knitted Finishes....

So, last evening...I finished up my first baby hat with this pattern! I absolutely love it and have already started another one! (I have friends and family who are pregnant!) I just wish I had known how to knit when my kiddos were wee....then I could have made them hats like this too!!! :)

And below...another baby hat I made....either for a newborn or a doll. I will take this to the fall festival on Saturday to sell. I also have a stack of dishcloths to take with me and sell too! :)

My most recent dishcloth that I finished.....

Thank you all for the wonderful anniversary wishes yesterday! :) Chris and I didn't do anything *special* really....but he stayed home for the evening (many evenings he is off getting wood for the wood stove or helping at his parents' meat market etc.) and I made one of his favorite meals for supper....hamburger stroganoff over homemade noodles, corn, and homemade buttermilk biscuits! There was even enough left over for him to take with him for his lunch today!! :) So although it wasn't an overly exciting day....it was still a sweet day of remembrance for us both! :)

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you are enjoying your week! I am looking forward to Saturday! The fall festival should be fun (lots of work for us family though...hehe)! The forecast is saying rain as of right now for Saturday....I am sooo praying that changes!!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9 yrs with my very best friend!

Today, Chris and I celebrate 9 beautiful years of marriage. I honestly cannot imagine a more perfect union between two people than the one we have. It's just that God knew exactly who I needed and brought him to me. I will be forever grateful.

To some, 9 years of marriage may not seem like a very long time, but considering I am 28 years old....9 years is almost a third of my lifetime! :) He truly is my *very* best friend and I can't imagine my life without him.

When we got married, I was 19 and so nervous. Chris was 21 and I know he was so nervous too! Here you are...pledging your life and very being to another person...in front of God and family and friends! But I knew *he* was the one for me...I knew from the very first time I kissed him....and I actually told him that right then! Now...if there is something to scare a guy off...it's to tell him that you know you will marry him someday right after your first kiss!!! But he knew it too...and there was just such a sense of peace and belonging...and that has just grown over the years!

He makes my heart go *pitter-patter* and each day I continually strive to please him. Although, thankfully, it's not something I have to strive too hard for...he is so loving and understanding. Even when I think something I have done it not "good enough"...he thinks it is great. When I worry over something...he is there to give me peace. God is so amazing and wonderful. I could never thank Him enough for putting such a wonderful mate in my life!

I wish you each were here....to talk with Chris. Oh what a personality he has! The pictures don't give a true account of who Chris really is. He has a wonderful laugh...he has an awesome sense of humor and such a kind heart. He is such a hard worker and good provider for our family. I am blessed, truly blessed. As I hear him breathing as he sleeps behind me right now...I smile. A smile of thanksgiving, peace and joy.

And before I go....I want to add....if you are here visiting and your marriage has seen more bad days than good...or if your marriage has ended and your heart is broken...the ultimate Healer can make each day good again. He can do ALL things and loves you...He cares about you and the pain you are going through.
Marriages are under attack...and it breaks my heart. Seeing those around me heading for divorce or hurting literally makes me cry. I have a very "fix it" type of attitude about me. I just want to fix it all. Unfortunately...I have no power to do so....but I can and *do* pray....so if you need prayer...please email me (my email is on the left sidebar).
I believe God is saddened at each divorce that happens. (I know sometimes it just can't be helped due to certain circumstances) But isn't it wonderful to know that He still loves you and wants to heal your heart? Just keep your eyes on Him and He will be the light to your path!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Making Apple Cider

Sunday afternoon, after church....we all headed to my inlaws' meat market and started making cider for the fall festival they are having this Saturday! I tried to snap some pics in when I could...but for the most part...we all were sticky from the cider! :) Above is a pic of my sister in law's (who is married to Chris's brother) dad and Jaxson. :)

Below a pic of Chris and our brother in law, Dan making the cider. They were working really hard! There were others who helped who aren't pictured, also.

The kids helped some too! Madelyn and my nephew are here, helping to put the cider into the jugs. It's quite a process...from the *smooshing* of the apples, to straining all the juice a few times and then filling the containers, wiping the containers and then putting them all in the cooler.

After helping a bit...the kids were soon off to playing. They rode bikes, played with cars and just had a fun time together!

Xavier, enjoying some cider!

The guys, again, *smooshing* the apples... ;)

YUM, and a pic of the fresh juice being squeezed from the apples....

We have a good amount to sell at the festival on Saturday. It will be a long day. We are praying for good weather! I will probably be the *cashier*...when people come and buy chicken dinners, or hot chocolate or hotdogs or cider etc....I will be the money collector/change maker. :) We have been doing this for....hmmm...5 years now..? *I think* and each year, we all learn to make improvements about things and also where we are best suited to help. :) I'm really looking forward to it! :)

And...just a quick picture...my kiddos rode in a local parade on Saturday with our church. The parade was celebrating our local firemen's 100 year anniversary! Our church put this float in and the kids sang and had a good time! :)

Wishing you all a cozy and enjoyable day ahead. :) Thanks so much for visiting! :) I hope you enjoyed seeing the cider making!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Things on a Cloudy Day!

Everyday...I pack Chris's lunch for work. Usually it would have a sandwich or leftovers etc. Chris mentioned that he would love to have some soup in his lunches sometimes....so I found THIS recipe and gave it a go! It turned out pretty good! :) After getting more wood for our woodburner last night, Chris came in and had 2 bowls of it with some homemade bread. He said he really liked it! :) He ate so much that he was *stuffed* as he put it. ;) I love making food that Chris enjoys and can fill his stomach with.

Yesterday was a pretty cloudy day. I expected it to rain at any moment...but I don't think it ever actually did. So...I lit some candles and went around taking some pics of some *happy* things in case you are having a cloudy (or maybe even dreary) day too!

Here is a pic from behind my stove in the kitchen. I added the tray (that I painted with chalkboard paint). :)

In another spot in my kitchen is this simple pic of apples with a checkered cloth in an enamel bucket...plus eggs and a rolling pin to boot! :) All the things in this picture scream *happy* to me! How about you?

Coming out of the kitchen....if you will look to the left...you will see a clock I love. It's double faced...so you can see it from the kitchen or the dining room. I just love the old look of it! :)

Below is a prim picture....it hangs above my shelf in the dining room. I love it. In case you can't read what it says...I will tell you...it's worth hearing! "The best things about the future is that it comes one day at a time." Isn't that so true? We need to take things day by day and not let the lil bug of *worry* boggle us down. Jesus said that tomorrow has enough worries of it's own....so let's all heed the wisdom of our Savior and just take things one day at a time, ok? :)

Below is a picture that my mom found for me at a yard sale! Isn't it beautiful? It is of Noah's ark. I love it! It hangs in my living room...above the couch. :)

And....one of the last pics I took *although my home has lots of things that make me smile....I didn't take pics of it all ;) * is of this plate and willow tree figurine. Family truly does make the journey on this earth worthwhile, doesn't it?

It's been quite foggy today...but I am hoping to see some sunshine for later and the rest of the weekend. Our local volunteer fire company is celebrating 100 years of service to our area. They have some fun things going on this weekend...including a parade tomorrow afternoon (my children are riding in a float with some other kids from our church family), and events at our local fairgrounds in the evenings. Tomorrow, after the parade, I will doing facepainting at the fairgrounds while our church hands out goody bags and does a puppet show etc. :) It should be a nice time!
Friends are having a hoe-down at their barn tomorrow night...I would really love to go..but not sure if we will be able to make it since I have to paint faces till at least 7pm. I guess we will see! :) Either way...it should be a fun time and a great time for outreach! Also...it will be a wonderful celebration and way to thank our volunteer firefighters for all their hard work and service to our community!
Sunday afternoon, after church, we hope to be making cider with our inlaws for their upcoming fall festival. It should be a busy weekend...but completely enjoyable! :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! Let your light shine! ;)