Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deeeelish! ;)

The other day...I found THIS amazing recipe for soft pretzels. They were sooo good! They didn't *look* completely perfect...haha...but they tasted just like the ones from the mall. Deee-li-cious!
They were gone pretty quick...the neighbor stopped over and my mom as well...not to mention my clan....and so they disappeared in a hurry!
These are definitely a fave at our home. If you give them a try...let me know what you thought of them! :)

We had my inlaws over for supper the other night. I made beef and noodles. *Homemade* noodles are the best! We had green beans I had canned, for our veggie...and also homemade biscuits with some of my freezer strawberry jam I had made. Oh my was superb...not to sound overly proud of myself...that isn't it at all. It all just tasted so wonderful and knowing it was handmade...made it all the better. I enjoy making things from scratch. It's a little more work...but worth it! Don't you agree???

I needed to borrow 1/2 c. of milk the other night from our sweet neighbors (we love all our neighbors!) and her son *who is 14* brought it over for me and saw me making the noodles and such. He told me that I should live somewhere..."30 miles away from everyone else"!

I was kinda confused...and was like "whaat?"....and he said because I like to do everything from scratch and the "harder" way...that I could just live in my own lil section of the world and not need anyone else.....LOL!!!

I just smiled and told him "I'm a country girl!"...hehe...Isn't he sweet? I took that as a total compliment. I still have quite a ways to go before our family could be totally self sufficient....but I just keep working on it. The more you can do for yourselves...the cheaper it is to live! :o)

Yesterday I struggled with a super terrible headache...probably on the verge of a migraine. It was just horrid. It started around 3am and still hasn't *totally* gone away. I will survive though. We are having a yard sale at my house the next two I have been busy preparing for that! Also...Jaxson got out his stitches in his toe. It healed nicely! There is a scar...but no biggie. It's on the bottom of his not noticeable at all. :)

Full days are keeping us all busy here as September starts passing us by. I noticed some leaves on the trees in our front yard are changing already! Wooohoo! :) It will be fall before you know it!!! Warm wishes for a fantastic weekend ahead...and if you know me locally...stop by tomorrow or Saturday for our yard sale! We'd love to have you!


  1. I agree that from scratch is the best!

    I am glad that your little guy healed so well. I imagine that he is proud of his little scar. It seems to me that most boys like to show those off!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love from scratch cooking, but don't always have the time anymore. Those pretzels look and sound great, but where's the recipe? LOL!

    I hope your head-ache is gone. I know how awful they can be.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and I wish you lots of success at the yard sale!

  3. I just saqw a pretzel recipe in the Lancaster Farming Paper! Now I want to make them.
    Do you use a pasta roller to make your noodles or do you roll them out with a rolling pin?
    The only noodles I have ever made from scrath are pot pie noodles. Is it the same thing?

  4. Hi Katy,

    I saw that recipe on there but never tried them. Yours look wonderful. I'll have to try making them.

    Have a great evening


  5. Your post has officially made my stomach growl...there it goes again. Soft pretzels sound soooo good and my favorite meal is beef and noodles. If I was stranded on a deserted island I could live on them. Thank you for sharing and have a great garage sale this weekend!!

  6. We love soft pretzels - those look wonderful!

  7. Hi, Katy how are ya? sounds like you have been busy. Its been awhile since I got around so I wanted to stop in and say hello. Blessings,Karen

  8. Those pretzels look like fun to make. I love making egg noodles also. When my chickens get an abundance of eggs it is a must or I have to make an angel food cake. I have been selling most of my eggs though and with Farmer's Market and baked goods needing to be made doesn't give me to many extra eggs. Well it was nice coming over and seeing what is happening with you!!

  9. Yummy, those pretzels looks awesome...

    Look at you, and all those noodles, wow. I made homemade noodles once; it is finding time to do all that. I have been canning this week. Made Strawberry-Kiwi Jam (on my blog) and have done up some bread and butter pickles, plus some sweet relish.
    (still have plenty of cukes to do more)
    I agree, homemade (anything) is best...

    Best of luck on your yard sale.


  10. I just found your blog and it is so sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! =)

  11. Hi Katy, so nice to meet you, thank you for visiting me, and leaving such a sweet comment, and I am so happy to put your name in the hat for Sats.drawing, so good luck, and have a blessed Labor day weekend.
    I have read some of your posts and enjoyed them so much, I am always so blessed when I find women who have a heart for God and their family and you seem to be that, I love pretzels and those look great. I thought what your neighbors son said was so cute, you have really made a great impression on him. We never know who is watching our lives do we. Now he will know what kind of wife to look for, just keep living your life according to the Word of God, you will probably find a lot of people looking to you as an example.


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